My 2 Mod Ross Medical Education Center Update!

hi everybody I know it's been a long time about 10 weeks well I am here and I have updates and a lot of good news and something pertaining to this let's get down to business so I've officially been enrolled in Ross Medical Education Centre for a total of too much with just ten weeks in between that we had Christmas break and New Year's and then just past Martin Luther King Junior's birthday so and the first thing my first MOT was I didn't mind I came in on mod 6 which was venipuncture interviewing skills and everything like that and it went awesome as a matter of fact it went so awesome that I am a 4.0 student yes I am something that I couldn't that wasn't even in my fights in high school I am a 4.0 student not once but twice because my second MA which was testing and we had to do stress testing and uh autoclaving our first mile which is my second mom because that's how it goes well I got all A's that time too I was asked on one of my last videos was how do you not let yourself get overwhelmed by the works it's just not letting it intimidate you when you get the work just do the work don't hesitate don't think about it just do the work the more time you give yourself to do the work so say for instance I got an assignment today well I'll start working on that assignment today so by the time next week is here it's already done and I don't have anything to worry about when you gives me more time to just study for my test I think it's a method that you have to put yourself in and the mindset when it comes to not only going to Ross but to going to any school period is that you come in with the mindset of I'm not gonna lie myself in any way I'm coming in here to get all A's and I'm coming here to make myself better and in making myself better bees are not acceptable I was a student who said all business these are fine it's not filling is passing so it's okay no you aim to be up here which means you put your goals up here you don't let them be here just because it's media not at all and I've gotten out of that mindset so it's hard work I'm not gonna lie and say it's not hard work it's hard work but when you sit up there and you get caught and you talk about your grades and nothing you see it's all ace you feel completely proud of yourself and you feel like oh yeah I could do this and this is your mindset if you only think you can get all A's and you do the work then you can get all AIDS if you going and saying I'm not just doing this just to get by just to get it over with and you accept see that's all you gonna get so work do the work I have learned over these past two months and going now into my Thurmont that studying is important the highlights and everything it's important I have found solace in flashcards especially for medical terminology I'm sorry you can't go wrong with flashcards from medical terminology because it's something that you can do take 10 minutes a day just to look overall and you're good because usually the test isn't until the end of the mine or somewhere in the middle depending on how it is but medical terminology is important and the thing is that if you study the medical terminology it's stuff that you learn that goes all off your books like see itis is inflammation so if you see something that says mastoid itis inflammation of the mastoid cells and II you'll see it something else conjunctivitis inflammation of the conjunctiva but you always know that if you see itís and the pain and the question in your homework says which one is conjunctivitis or which one means inflammation or thing you have to look for – but see if you don't study you won't know that these books do your best friend I know that a lot of people are like I'm telling you usual read your books read them because even if you glance over them in the forum while you're doing the homework when you still if there's homework and then when they have lecture guess what you already have an idea what the lecture is about why because you've looked over the book I think the thing is is to always have yourself going one step ahead not because you want to be ahead of the class know it's to give yourself leeway to give yourself little room to say okay I don't understand this then you can go back though okay I need help with this but allowing yourself to be one step ahead gives you one I know for me it gives me a peace of mind I think I don't I really don't have anything really negative to say about my experience so far I'm in the third MOT so after this might I'll be halfway through I'll be halfway done and then it's um externship but I do like the every to mod update I think I like this better because it's not only showing you guys that it can be done it can be kept up um whatever mod you go in as your first month with new people who are thinking about Roth's or going into Ross or nervous about it it's gonna seem intimidating I know I keep using that word off of this video it's gonna feel intimidating why it's because it's old and it's work and it's a lot of work because it's an accelerated program but get your get find your zone find your your nook find how you do your work and how it makes you comfortable to do your work um attendance is important I like that this mine I had life's tough going on but I learned that lesson this is a big deal don't miss no days don't miss any days because you miss a day you feel like you miss a week it's not just saying like we're gonna have a whole bunch where it's just that you feel like you kind of lost your footing a little bit because it's like people know that you haven't learned yet or people did highlight and you haven't done highlights yet and you don't want to feel behind so if you don't have to miss a day don't miss a day that's pretty much my update I'm very happy with my grades I'm very happy with the program I'm still excited to be there I haven't lost my drive and I don't see it going anywhere soon because I was like if it felt like it was leaving at the second mob then I don't know but it hasn't and it's still there I'm in my third mile like I said I'm halfway through the program and it still feels that exciting as we did the first mod well you know how it goes if you like this video gives it us nice green or blue whatever YouTube has it to color this time thumbs up um and subscribe and share because I know it's a lot of people who are thinking about I've seen people talk about Ross on their Facebook page and everything like that check it out and I'm Anna and I'm and I really mean it check it out um they have their Facebook page as well as their website and everything like that give it a give it a try give it a look and if you don't like that call I really mean it because I was somebody who was like I'm not wasting money I'm not not wasting money to do something that I'm not gonna be able to use and this right here I can see myself doing I'm in below if you have any questions or comments um make sure to check out my Instagram if you haven't my facebook is gonna be below on the same thing with my tumblr and I should be doing a tumblr post within a week or so probably this week about how free time but um like I said I will be seeing you guys and I hope you all I have is a wonderful day bye


  1. I am starting the dental assisting program in a few weeks, I am scared yet excited..I have so many questions lol

  2. Thank you so much for this video, I plan to go to Ross in Taylor MI for their Medical Assistant Program. Your advice and sharing your personal experience about the the program is really great! Again thank you! Keep up the great work!

  3. I am starting the medical assistant program next week and I'm really excited too, but the one question I have is about financial aid. I recall them saying something about paying back the loans while you're attending Ross… is that correct? If so, how much are you paying per month? Of course this depends on your financial aid, but in your case, how much are you paying?

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