My 3 Most Debilitating Symptoms Of Anxiety And How I Crushed Them

warriors welcome to this video today I am giving it to the three most debilitating symptoms of anxiety the anxiety guy ever experienced throughout his anxiety disorder my friends I'm gonna get into these one by one I'm gonna share what they felt like and then I'm gonna share with you what I did to crush these symptoms of anxiety first and foremost let's understand something people come to me and say Dennis I want to better my relationships I want to gain joy in my life I want this feeling to go away from me I tell them all the time you know what you can't change your external world until you change your internal world mentally physically energetically your vibration my friends so if you're experiencing these symptoms of anxiety I want you guys to see them as a signal that there's a lesson that you haven't learned yet what's that lesson let me explain when you feel something in your body okay your subconscious mind and your body are one first and foremost let's understand that okay your body is like a massive storage system okay and it is your subconscious mind along with your actual mind when you hold on to information okay that you haven't taken care of from the past that information get stuck in some part of your body okay so you may be going about your day every single day feeling something in some area of your body and it's bewildering you're going why am I feeling this feeling all the time it's painful it's emotional I don't know what it is I'm scared of dying am I going crazy whatever it is my friends this is information that you haven't confronted and scraped out of your subconscious mind yet as soon as you understand that this information can be edited can be changed you can change the information that you currently have in your body and your subconscious mind and therefore you're gonna begin feeling differently it's really important to understand this connection between what's going on in the information that you're holding and the feelings in your body because in this world the greatest battle that you will ever partake in is the battle between you and your own mind okay and it's nothing external it's nothing you know out there that you you go and you say wow you know that person did this to me and I had a practical problem today and life's just horrible whatever that's the easy road okay that's the easy thing to do the easy thing to do is play the victim okay it's to go you know are you sure I'm okay you know asking for reassurance as health anxiety suffers going to the doctor and putting band-aids on the problem and this is a problem because with health anxiety what starts to happen okay we go to the counselor we go to the therapist and think about it like a big computer okay we go there and we talk about our anxiety we say help me doctor you know help me count so a healthy therapist I can't keep living this way a lot of times you know they may understand they may not understand but it's like you the more you talk about your anxiety and and you you you feel good for a certain amount of time after you you know gain the reassurance or put the band-aid on or whatever it is it says if you take a folder on your computer's desktop and you place that folder in the trash can all of a sudden you're like oh it's over there okay I'm alright right now you know I did something that made me feel better good it's over there the problem is is that with our computers and the same thing that goes with our minds and bodies is that that trash can okay the folder in that trash can is easily retrievable it's easily retrievable so anytime you're faced with another stimuli another threat okay you're gonna begin feeling those same things that same information is going to arise in your in your body and in your mind so I always tell people this I say you know what every anxious situation every anxious environment is an opportunity for growth you can grow past this as long as you have the mindset that just because I'm putting myself in a stimulating environment or I'm at home or whatever it is a place where it's not so safe that's an opportunity for me because the only way I can reprogram my subconscious mind and place different meanings in that environment and what things mean is in the moment of feeling that emotional pain and that physical discomfort in that moment is your opportunity my friends that's why it's so important to understand the three habits of an anxiety sufferer first before I get into my symptoms number one consistent internal dialogue okay anxiety sufferers are constantly rotating constantly non-stop non-stop internal dialogue this is a problem because the dialogue starts small and there's no conscious awareness of it and it gets worse and it gets worse and it gets worse and the conscious mind is up there going can i play can I join this I know I can help and you're not allowing it to help so let's understand that a thought the catastrophic thought a negative thought of pessimistic thought usually leads to something else then something else then something else then the snowball gets so big that you're at a point where you've got excessive amygdala activation excessive amygdala activation means that no matter what you're doing throughout the day your amygdala is firing off huge amounts of fear and symptoms and sensations throughout your entire body okay and that's very very difficult to deal with if the symptoms get too big and you leave things too long the longer a thought has been programmed in the subconscious mind and the longer you hold on to that thought the more difficult it's gonna be to overcome back ok the second habit of an anxiety sufferers this vivid imagery okay so with things IV suffers what starts to happen is they begin to imagine the worst possible scenario based round of feeling my friends it's just a feeling it's uncomfortable it's not life-threatening that felt good to say it's uncomfortable it's not life-threatening okay now if we can listen to one story we can listen to another story so those vivid images that you're continuing to play out in your mind we can change those and I'm gonna show you how to do that later on the third habit with anxiety sufferers is threat avoidance I picked on this earlier threat avoidance every anxiety sufferer says no I can't go on that plane no I can't meet that person no I can't do that whatever it is and this snowballs from being one thing to another thing to another thing and our minds group things based around what's familiar because that's how your mind works okay it works by grouping things and in placing meanings and associations behind everything I could pick something up and I could say you know what what is this cat this camera lens cap mean look at it I can look at it I can go oh you know I remember and and all of a sudden my unconscious kicks in and goes remember Dennis you had a panic attack the last time that cap was around and all of a sudden I feel kind of iffy I go oh yeah you're right and what do I do I throw the cap away okay so that's what most anxiety sufferers do as soon as they recognize the threats what they do is they run away from that threat they avoid it with everything they got and then that snowballs not the right approach and we can take a systematic approach guys you have unresolved emotional issues you have unresolved emotional issues that need tackling okay let's understand this because these unresolved emotional issues are playing out and they are manifesting physically through your body you have to resolve those in those unresolved emotional issues my friends the other thing is that me especially with a lot of people that I'm working with I realize that I was very very disconnected from my five senses okay I didn't even taste anything I never smelled anything I never saw anything I never focused on anything I never heard anything I never felt anything right so I realized that I was so disconnected from my five senses this is something that you need to put down and gain some clarity around when you begin to grab that tea and you begin to taste it you're training your executive functioning in your brain and you're eliminating the default mode Network which is based around internal chatter Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat that's all the dmn is good for okay your default mode Network and it doesn't help our anxiety recovery the best thing you can do is begin to practice ways that you can involve yourself and your senses more what can I taste right now what can I see what can I feel what can I hear what can I smell whatever it may be get involved get your senses involved in your everyday life now number one depersonalization and dizziness was the most debilitating symptom that I experienced okay number two lump in the throat globus hystericus was number two for me okay that feeling of something being jammed in your throat number three headaches headaches those were my top three my friends and the funny thing was is that as soon as I overcame the sensitivity based around one symptom another one came up and another one came up and my subconscious mind said look at him down there he's not learning from any of this so let's keep shooting him sensations and symptoms until he gains the lesson and I was like oh man I kept searching for band-aids I finally understood that I needed to go through temporary pain to gain long term pleasure that is more than anxiety I'm gonna say that again I finally understood that I needed to go through temporary pain to gain long term pleasure if I was going to overcome anxiety and I always tell people three months you gotta set a NLP CBT hypnosis what it is you need a program that takes care of the mental aspect the physical aspect and the energetic aspect when these three things are combined your nervous system is saying oh I see this is what he wants he wants change is it safe yeah that is safe good is it making him happy yeah it's making him happy double bonus that's what your unconscious mind does because you have the ability to change okay neuroplasticity means that you can alter your brain circuitry the neural pathways in your brain you know I used to have this this I used to listen to this quote that my dad used to say used to say you can't teach an old dog new tricks I was like you can't teach an old dog new tricks okay so if I attach the idea that old means 30 years old which you know back in my teens I was like 30 old you know I'm almost 40 right now but that's the connection I made so as soon as I hit 30 unconsciously I said Oh Dennis nothing new you can learn from here on right I started to go against that belief I started to retrain new belief systems through CBT and NLP and things started to change now with these symptoms my friends let's understand what can we do about it what can we do about it number one I'm gonna go through these three step processes I hope you're writing this down watch this video a couple times share it with people these are very very important okay number one prepare yourself to confront by understanding what it will feel like to overcome these sensations you have to prepare yourself to confront the way you do that is you gain pull whole is the drive in two years time I want my life to feel like this I want my life to look like this I want to taste this I want to smell this in sensory-based language I'm saying you know what this is the direction I want my life to go if I continue with these patterns right now it's not gonna work so the first step is to prepare yourself to confront whatever it is that we want to confront okay the information that causing these symptoms these sensations that's number one okay and if you don't have any poll then you're not gonna create the fuel and the drive to follow through with the actions that you need to take okay really important create the poll know why you're doing this okay and be reminded of that every single day through your vision okay number two find a calm place to sit or lay down and begin to bring up images of the first experience that you had when it came to these sensations what was the first time you began to feel what you're feeling close your eyes and begin to bring up those images now confront them okay and while you're doing this understand that you can okay yet vivid with this with this approach okay so the imagination when you imagine something in your mind your mind actually believes that it's happening in the physical world so when you go back to the very first moment of when you experience these symptoms of anxiety and change the movie they're through your imagination you're doing what's called reframing okay when you reframe every single time you look back at that same experience or connect the sensation to that experience you're gonna feel differently okay so number step number two is go back to the the place the very first instances of when you remember these symptoms began step number three and the most important step is edit the experience edit the movie in your mind based around sensory based language okay the sub modalities is what we call it in NLP so I could be closing my eyes okay and I've got the pole and I'm imagining that first experience I was walking down the street and a panic attack hit me the sensations I started to feel and I start to get curious of them and they led to catastrophic thoughts okay so now I'm closing my eyes and I'm imagining I'm examining the exact same moments as I'm walking down that same street but now I'm editing the movie now all of a sudden I can hear the birds chirp now all of a sudden I can see I can look at the cars that are going by hey look a Ferrari as I'm experiencing that symptom and then I can go you know what wow look at the flowers down there look at the flowers well I'm just gonna grab one in my mind movie I'm just gonna smell it whoo baby that smells good now I'm engaging in sensory based language I'm changing the movie I'm editing the movie and every time I replay that unconsciously I'm going hey I experienced the sensations yes in the first time but at the same time I was very very external okay I was look in here I was feeling this I was listening here I was tasting I was smelling these things and guess what I'm editing the movie now every single time you revisit again you're gonna come up with better and better feelings because you're gonna find that you begin to detach yourself from going external what is that symptom mean what could that sensation mean whatever it is do I need to run for danger you edit the movie you edit the the build-up to the movie you edit the actual experience to the movie and add things and take things away in your imagination and then you edit the exit the end of the movie it's done I still have certain adrenaline and my mind's eye I can still feel some sensations but I can't wait to actually go to work and meet my co-workers and such and I'm looking forward to that all of a sudden you're turning anxiety into excitement very very similar feelings and sensations my friends I love you so so very much you are more than anxiety guys share this video give it a like and make sure that you subscribe to the anxiety guy YouTube channel I'll be making these videos consistently for you for you so that you can get from a place of being a victim to a warrior and live the warrior lifestyle starting today I love you


  1. Yeah its stuck in my shoulder , have cbt therapy on 7th of may hope it helps been suffering since im 13 and keep relapsing on alchohol and drugs ✌

  2. I wish i die in my sleep every time i go to bed cuz i can't imagine killing myself , anxious and depressed af with hopelessness for A future , what makes it worse i live with a fking toxic family who talk shit about me in a daily basis without even knowing what im dealing with and me being so proud im not gonna share that with em ever so im dying slowly inside im like a body without a soul

  3. I get a terrible nausea due to my anxiety. And difficulty breathing, sweaty palms and cold feet but hotter upper body

  4. Just going through a lot of changes in my life and stress and I have developed sensitive sensory to loud noises and certain smells. And I am so young, only going to turn 30 years old this year. But I have other problems as well that I take something for them since the age of 18. I am a bookworm and I love to read books, it helps me relieve pain and relax. But if it gets too crowded in public places, then I move to a different table where it is less crowded. I am learning all I can on how to change to live a healthier lifestyle. Thanks. I also get headaches as well whenever I am in public from loud noises or if it is too stressful. so I usually do some exercises or guided meditative videos. Thank you. Peace.

  5. does anyone have constant pain in their body that travels from muscle to joints — kinda like a nerve shock but it comes and goes and youre still healthy?

  6. I get crippling anxiety.. happened to me recently at a wrestling show & something triggered it and I felt the numbness in my feet, my lips and tongue . my hands started to curl in so I put them in my front pockets and went to use the washroom to cool off and wipe my face with some cool tap water.. after that I felt like I was gonna be alright, then later on it happened again lol.. it gets really bad sometimes.

  7. Can somebody please help me. I have been going to the doctors and hospital now for about 7 years with the same symptoms. These are numb face, head shaking, arms and legs shaking and muscle twitches. Also constant pressure in my ears so I always feel off balance and dizzy. Can all this be related to anxiety? Or do I have an ongoing problem? It's a vicious circle because the more I worry about it the worse it gets.

  8. My anxiety give me high blood pressure when I am out in public, and I am scared I might die from a heart attack 😥😢😔 It goes back to normal as soon as I get home. Sigh

  9. I can't imagine, or visualize anything at all. I don't have any memory, I am totally blank. I am so disconnected from everything and Depersonalized it's unreal..

  10. Thank you so much. Your videos are helping me a lot. I have a question, my MRI of brain and CT of face came out normal. I still continue having chronic head aches. Weeks and weeks of non stop head aches. Doctors diagnosed me with chronic daily head aches due to stress and anxiety. Could you give me your thoughts on this please?
    Thank you

  11. Dizzy boat like feeling…. 3.5 years….had all the tests and scans… WTF !!! how do I beat it.. please help.

  12. I am 25. I've had severe anxiety since I was 12 or so.
    You absolutely nailed the physiological aspect of anxiety and how someone suffering from it thinks.
    The only thing I've found that really works is resolving the bigger problems in your life slowly.
    That and honestly I sometimes just have to force myself to laugh at the fact that I'm being brought to my knees by thoughts.
    Thank you and good luck all!

  13. I had never even thought about the 5 senses being partially responsible for getting rid of anxiety, but now that I think about it, it’s right. When I eat something, my mind begins to drift from anxiety, when I sit in classes, I focus on what the professor is saying, when I call my mom and listen to her talk, even if it’s about anxiety, I’m focused on what she’s saying. I had never even made this connection

  14. Repressed emotions?? My 6 year old has anxiety, so too my 4 year old. Don't bother telling me it was a past life. They both have a stable home with loving parents. If you miss the entire gut-brain connection, the low dopamine etc. you have missed it completely. More environmental and physiology factors at our surfaces (skin and eye) play the biggest part.

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