1. “Lil’ salt, lil’ pepper. looks in pot I should probably add some food… WABAM! What’s up, what’s good, who says I can’t cook! I’m on fire ba- *chokes*” -Liza

  2. I remember showing this to my grandma sadly she passed away from cancer 3 months later :,) rip nanny 💖 (edit) she thought the video was funny btw

  3. … Lisa… how did u manage to keep ur kitchen so clean? My kitchen gets dirty just by me getting a drink from the fridge!!

  4. Liza: Do I want cereal of fruit?
    How bout cereal, fruit, a doughnut, pancakes and just a slice of butter!
    Had me dead!!!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  5. Lol when I eat I eat the entior thing till it’s de solved in my mouth and then I swallow lol and that’s why I’m so skinny

  6. Me: eats m&ms gains 19384756974738493739383648846381910010284756658 pounds
    My skinny friend: eats a whole chocolate cake gets skinner then before
    Me: yeets self to China

  7. The lie she tells " ring ring ring " 'hey I'm just going for a run' who exactly says that to get away from that 😕

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