My AnXIeTy kit

hey guys today I'm going to be going through what's my anxiety kit and I actually did have a little bit more room on this SD card so the quality is going to be good and hopefully the focus holds out though but the quality comes you so first is a Vera Bradley little bags purse I think it's a makeup bag thing and I got it as a gift from one of my dance teachers and the first thing that I have in my anxiety kit is my lavender and peppermint essential oils and yes as you can see they are very small to fit to the palm of my hand that's how small it is and you can just take it in it's one of those safe bottles that push down in the twist hopefully and get that anywhere and this is the government so it smells like peppermint very strong peppermint but these are the essential oils I've been mentioning in every other video but have not yet shown you the lavender which I've used more of but it takes a while for these to run out because all you need is like one draw and it'll stay on your wrist for a few hours and honestly they help a lot so the next thing that I have in here I have some cough drops I don't know why I've crossed drops in here I just I do I have some Trident peppermint gum and some throat lozenges like I said before so these are literally like cough drops they look like cough drops they kind of take my cough drops just in a different way these are cherry flavored cherry flavored coffee shop but the true cough drops are more like candy these are not they are definitely they help so much so if your throat closes up like mine does definitely recommend getting those I don't know why the cameras up so high it looks like i'm swatching but I'm not then I also have some headphones in here just cheap headphones that I got free in New York on the tour bus things and I just keep these in there for when I have to listen to music and from a public place where I can't literally just walk around with my phone out here playing music or with a speaker so it allows me to listen to my music and calm down while I'm in public I also this is going to seem really strange but this is what I do when I have panic attack I haven't had one in a while thank God but this is what I do I take a sharpie and it's probably really bad but I will draw all myself I will write words like relax you're fine you're okay chill just normal words like breathe things that will help me with anxiety so that when I look down at my arm usually it'll be in a hitting type place with wearing long sleeves it will be like on my wrist or something and other stuff to like pull down my sleeve look at that remember breathe and okay it's also kind of like tattoos when I look at this tattoo I know my my youth is yours tattoo I know that I'm safe and it reminds of Troy and he is what my safe artist like I mentioned before my list of safes my safe place is the studio my fake song is blue by first on and taupe so this is my he's my safe artist so listening kids always calms me down so I just reminds me like show up it's Troy and I also have some voltaren gel which in early for anxiety it's for sore muscles but also sometimes when my throat or my getting anxiety we must wrote closed that sometimes it'll be hard free and my chest will hurt so I just put some of that on my chest it's prescription so you must ask ask your doctor for it I definitely recommend it but I'm not a doctor so I can't recommend something to you all right I know that video was very quick – my hair is totally losing curls since the first video I filmed this is the third anxiety video of filming in a row probably the last one I don't really know what else to talk about right now but that's all at the Seifert's video remember to like for more anxiety videos and comment down below some topics that you would like me to talk about with anxiety also subscribe to be notified whenever I upload and my email is always open just usually subject Kate mail whitey and I really came from YouTube and you can just say hi to me you can ask for some advice you can just tell me problems I will help you with them I will make everything seem nice and just like a little message from friends so that always helps with anxiety so yes I keep saying so I don't know what to say but this is my last video I'm filming today now I got to go edit the rear videos but thank you so much for watching I will see you next week bye


  1. How do you get diagnosed with anxiety? My mom knows it and my doctor knows I’m not myself but now I need to go to a psychiatrist but I’m scared they will not do anything….

  2. It’s crazy because I write on myself too whenever I get anxious

    This video is super helpful, I’m so glad you made it❤️

  3. This might not be the right place to ask but I want to know if I have anxiety?? I had an anxiety attack (that's what people called it) that scared the hecc outta me and was referred to my school counsellor and they said it's best if I get checked out if it's been happening for more than 2-3 months(It's been 1 1/2) my parents believe I'm overreacting so please help me

  4. This is awesome. I have like a anxiety box. I have been thinking of making a anxiety kit like yours since it’s smaller and easier to carry around. I have been diagnosed with anxiety since I was in elementary and I go to a councilor. It makes me feel better to know other people have it to and I’m not alone. anyway thank you so much for making this video!

  5. I have autism and anxiety. When I’m anxious I go into complete meltdown mode crying shutting down needing EA support and quite space

  6. thank you for this, i’ve suffered with severe anxiety and social anxiety for a while and i never knew these existed till now, so thank you for inspiring me to make one. great video and you just earned a new sub! 🙂

  7. I get so nervous when my teacher is taking the class register cause I’m afraid that people will like laugh if my throat sounds scratchy it’s sometimes hard to calm down I usually just ask to go to the bathroom and then I start breathing heavily feel a little sick and dizzy and I just wish to go home where no one can see or hear me idk if this is normal or not

  8. AT LEAST 1 out of every 10 people deal with #MentalHealth issues, so even if you don't it's a guarantee that you know someone who does. #YouAreNotAlone! 💓

  9. My mom understands I have anxiety and do you think I should ask her to help me make one (like buy maybe some stuff or take me to a store) and any advice on when ppl don’t believe you or you are starting to get anxious in public? X

  10. this video helps me a lot. i have horrible generalized anxiety and social anxiety along with depression and ptsd along with other mental disorders. this video helped me because I normally have the shittiest coping mechanisms but this video helped me find more better ones.

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