hi guys welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to be talking to you about parental separation anxiety this is something that I have suffered with for the past seven years since I had my first son Fraser and I would say I've had it quite severely and I wanted to make a video on this because no one ever talks about it I didn't even know this was actually a thing until recently and lots of you will know about separation anxiety in terms of your children having it you know my 15 month old son at the moment definitely has separation anxiety whenever I leave the room he will cry this is like the other way around so I get very bad anxiety when I'm away from my children and so yes I wanted to talk to you about today and see if anyone else is feeling the same or you may have this anxiety and you may not even realize it you might feel the same things as me and think oh like that's what I had because I honestly didn't realize then it was a thing I just thought it was a bit crazy as a new mother because you know you're so hormonal and stuff and yeah no one ever talks about it the other way around parental separation anxiety because I think being a parent and the subject of parenting is a very sensitive subject you know we all want to come across as if we are coping very well we're good mums and I would say that lots of you think I am just from the messages and comments I get my videos you're like supermom and you know like you stopped organised and stuff like that and I think I can come across that way now as a mom of three but if I had had my vlog when I was a first-time mum 7 years ago you would have seen a very different Emily you would have seen a hot mess who was very emotional I feel mishel be thinking about it oh god it's gonna be one of those kind of videos where I cry I'm back but what I was saying is that coping with this type of anxiety has been extremely overwhelming and I have felt very alone so I wanted to share it with you so if you have it as well hopefully it will make you feel less alone and less like a complete psycho mum and a bit more normal I should probably also say that I'm obviously not a doctor or an expert I'm just a mum who has experienced this and if I'm honest it's probably something that I still need to get help with so I'm just sharing my story I am NOT an expert or anything like that I guess what parental separation anxiety is it is basically very strong overwhelming feelings of anxiety and also I've had panic attacks when I am away from my children that different things can trigger this so you might start experiencing this when your child first starts nursery or when they first start school for me though it started literally from the day Fraser was born I had overwhelming feelings that are actually making me cry again not for God's sake um yeah whenever he was out of my sight whenever I wasn't holding him I would never be away from him literally from the day he was born it was like no one cut the cord or that's what I would have wanted and I just had a huge amount of anxiety when he wasn't with me and it didn't matter if it was with my husband or my mother or anything if someone said to me Oh should I just take the buggy out you know around the block I would just be like oh no no I don't take him out of my sight so yeah it was very very overwhelming and I think for me I I know now why I was the way that I was if you've seen my draw my life video you may also be able to piece the pieces of the puzzle together you haven't seen it I will link it down below I will give a trigger warning here because it's not the happiest watch ever as a child I suffered child abuse and neglect at the hands of my father my parents lit up when I was very young while my mom ran away from him of pretty much when I was three and but we still had to visit him on the weekends and it was on those weekends that me and my sister would go we would experience abuse I won't go into it because I know I do have some quite young viewers so if you want to go ahead and watch that video you can but we suffered abuse and neglect like awful things physical abuse other abuse which was awful and just a neglect in fact for instance you know my mum said like once she sent us there on Halloween so like the Friday was Halloween so we had like face paint on and you know went trick-or-treating or whatever and we came back home to my mum on the Sunday still with the face paint on stuff like that so you know we were really good elected and I vividly remember my sister kind of raising but almost weekend for my sister would take care of me oh god sorry so on those weekends my sister would basically take care of me in like every way possible as much as like a six-year-old child can do and that's horrible because it makes me think of Fraser looking after Caleb um but my sister would like make me food we lived off of Kraft Dinner on the Canadians we'll know at Kraft Dinner is it's basically like it easy to make pasta so we lift off Crafton are in hot dogs and as weekend's were just all for like the worst thing ever maybe one day I'll write a book about it that no one will want to read but yeah so that happened to me as a child and I think that I will get through this video anyway so that happened and as a result I learned from a very young age that I was only ever safe with my mum and as I grew up I think actually considering everything that happened to us my sister and I have coped very well with growing up and in education and you know becoming you know part of society and like I think we've actually done really well and all this anxiety and the past in ever presented itself to me until I was a mother so as soon as a Fraser was born and the minute I looked him it was like all these feelings came flooding back to me of fear of worry and of knowing that I was only ever safe with my mum therefore Fraser is only safe with me that's obviously ridiculous to say out loud but my subconscious was screaming alarms like oh my gosh don't let him out of your sight no one can look after him like you can etc I will just say that I think that I personally have this anxiety quite severely because of all these things but you could also experience this anxiety if nothing bad has ever happened to you or if you don't even know why it's happening like my best friend also has this and she had a lovely childhood and everything it just it's happened to her as well so I would just say it's different for different people and the way that it's presented itself to me is I've experienced like general anxiety and the feelings that come with that of worry and just being very anxious panic attacks as I said but I've also experienced like feelings of depression anger so I'm just so frickin angry you know my dad's we're so crappy anyway and then to leave me with this it just makes me really angry and also I think one of the worst things for me is the horrible thoughts that come into my head because I think for most parents most mums you'll be able to rationalize like you'll have a horrible thought because I think when we love someone so much we have these horrible thoughts but for me because it was actually a reality like I did experience those harmful things I was even kidnapped by my dad and stuff like that a few times so for me it's like but it could happen all inside of my brain I'm like don't be ridiculous he'll be absolutely fine it's his dad or it's someone I trust it's a nursery that's amazing but then on the other side of my brain I'm like but it could happen because it happened to you and you know exactly what that felt like and it was awful so I think it's actually kind of made me a little bit crazy I can see how people go crazy because one side of my brain is like no and once brain is like what yes and even like if I was gonna like hand over my baby to like my husband hat I would feel it and it's like don't be ridiculous as his dad who loves them so much but then on the other side it's like like what did your dad do it's like I would describe the main ways that I feel as a huge amount of heavy guilt more than normal mum guilt I would say like just awful horrible guilt and also longing just longing to be with my children and then once I'm back with them a huge surge of relief and like who I've got them back things of being hot and worried and anxious and mainly fear just fear for my son and when he started nursery because I did have to go back to work when Fraser turned 10 months old like I tried to do everything in my power to not go back to work but apparently more we just don't pay themselves which is really annoying so I had to do it and I know Matt so awful that he couldn't say you know quit even a really hard time anyone I had to put him in nursery and I looked at every single nursery like in the world and I picked the most the best one that I could find and every time I went in and I had to hand him over he was like she's like as I was handing him over like I didn't want to and I had these huge alarms in my head like whoo do not do what you're about to do because something was gonna happen so if this video is all over the place I'm trying to get through it but yes with Fraser so he never left my side for the first five months since he was born I was very protective and lots of people around me did not understand that at all they thought I was being rude they thought I was being overprotective which I was but I never left his side ever until he got to five months old and I really needed my roots done and I didn't really want to take him into the hair salon with me because obviously I have some bleach and I thought I didn't want him here on me if I was having my hair done so I finally arranged with Matt that I would go and have my hair done two hours and that mat would come and he would sit in the Starbucks next door to the place where I was having it done he would sit there and I would sit there and I'd have my hair done this so that's what we agreed and likewise my husband he is amazing he's so supportive anyway that's another story but I wouldn't have my hair done and I'm not even kidding when I say I cried uncontrollably the whole time like my poor hairdresser must have been like what the heck is this basket case of a woman doing like because I was like I'm so sorry I've left my son for the first time and then I was just set board the whole time that she must have thought was completely insane um but yeah I suffered with it massively it has definitely got better over time time has been great and also I think I've got a bit better with each child cuz I've kind of taught myself that it is gonna be okay but nevertheless I still have it really badly to the point of I've missed out on opportunities work opportunities fun opportunities my best friends hen do um we've never had a weekend away Matt and I have never had a weekend away I've never had a night away really like I've actually been away now for an evening away from the boys but I will leave once I put them to bed my anxiety seems to be worse at night I hate the thought of someone else putting them to bed for some reason I'm actually okay once they're asleep I can go out for dinner with Matt and enjoy that and I'm less bothered about them waking up in the morning but anyway we've never been away for a weekend away and it's something that I know that I will need to sort out I think what I have very young children I've been able to to get away with it it's understandable that you don't want to leave a baby for a weekend or something but it's actually Mac's 40th birthday in three years time I know for three years but I'm already getting anxious about this he would love to go to New York for a weekend away and I'm already like cycling myself up for it like Jackson would be four by then Caleb seven and phrase of ten so I'm hoping I'll be able to do it I may have to seek out some help in the meantime like I feel like this video is probably not being that helpful because I haven't completely sorted out I do some things that help which I will tell you about but I might look at getting something like I don't really want counselling because I don't really want to talk about it all the time but I was thinking maybe hypnosis would help me because I responded so well to hypnosis for birth so that might be something that I look into and just like it's gonna be okay and it's gonna be fine I also really want to say that in my experience the way that I act and the way that I am is not because I don't trust the person I'm handing my child over to you know I used to have it even giving them over to Matt who is their dad who I know loves them more than anyone like he's literally as good as me and also the nursery I completely trust nursery or my mom or Matt's mom or anyone like that I completely was trusting them like I knew he was gonna be fine but then I think they would get the feeling of like I didn't think that because I would do little things to try and control the situation as much as I could so for instance I would like provide a packed lunch for Fraser going to nursery because I knew that's what he would like and I would like write notes of his routine and that might be why I'm so obsessed with routines I do love routine anyway but this might be also why because it was a way of me controlling the situation even when I wasn't there and that might be something that you see that you do as well it would be a way of coping is what I'm trying to say it was a way of managing things I was like if I can you know that Quinn phrase was baby in which nursery I would like spend weekends by cooking up all these batches of like food I even bought a second freezer to freeze it all so that he would be able to have this like healthy home cook organic food even when I wasn't there and so yeah those are like things and then you know me and my friends used to joke that I was like this psycho mum and a few of my friends are as well and actually looking back I think it's just this it's just this anxiety that I have and I don't think I'm over it I doubt I ever will be over it but I know it's something that I need to get hold of before it affects the boys or anything like that or experiences that they have I actually feel really proud of myself that they have not picked up on it I don't think they've picked up on it that's one of the hardest things about it it's being strong for them and putting on this show oh well you've got next week today you can have so much fun with your friends I bet you can't wait blue little up it's gonna be fine it's gonna be great and then like handing them over and they don't want to go because they've got separation anxiety and everything inside of you it's grabbing on to them like you don't want them to go either so it's like heightened everything is worse um you know I was like uncontrollably crying when Fraser first had his nursery taste a day without me I think it was like three hours long and I'm not even exaggerating when I say I cried the entire time also on his first day of school and Caleb's first day of school I was very very bad and then I thought or when phrases started year one I might be better nope cry my eyes out and you're – yeah promise' so I'm just it's something that I think I've always struggle with and I will definitely like trying to help but yeah I don't know if this video is actually being very helpful or not but I hope that it has been interesting for me to share my story and yeah just like I know most people suffer with anxiety so maybe I think it's like one in 12 people have anxiety of some kind so although I went through life never having it was I had a baby boom hit me like a ton of bricks so yes hopefully I'll be able to get over it one day my friends and I like they know what I'm like and we're planning a we're planning a spa night away because I think I'll be able to leave the boys with Matt in the first instance and maybe if I can get for leaving them with Matt and then they're okay then maybe one day Matt and I could have a night away or a day away yeah I feel very lucky to have such an amazing and supportive husband I know that's like blur but you've never ever pressured me I'm sure that other men might be like oh you know I really need some time would love a lion that you had like some time away from the kids something but he's never pressured me at all he's been amazing this is something that I want to sort out for myself and also for the boys like I don't want them to miss out on anything and I'm sure you know in their not so distant future there will be bad days sleepovers and stuff like that they'll want to go do school trips and stuff so you know I need to suck it up and like get it together but yes anyway I hope you liked this video and me sharing my very honest experience with parental separation anxiety thank you so much as always for watching and please comment below if you have felt the same because it'll make me feel better and also if you have any tips I would love to hear those as well and I think those kind of things really help everyone else watching because I know they'll read the comments as well so yes thank you so much and I will see you very soon bye


  1. I was an only child with an abusive father who has me on the weekends and I understand you completely. I even have separation anxiety being away from my husband and now we're having our first baby in one month. I'm sure everything is going to be ok, for you and me both ❤️

  2. All you tubers have anxiety it’s because you expose yourselves check out many you tubers they all have mental health issues I’m afraid . It’s because you expose yourselves to the world keep your own council a little more its not good for you all its like washing your dirty bits in public. That’s my take on it. Cheer up dear.

  3. Thank you for this video! I have a nearly 8 month old, I am the exact same, even towards my partner 🙁 Now theres a name! I thought it was just being a mum haha x

  4. Oh my god Emily, I’m sat here sobbing watching this video. I experience this anxiety myself and as sad as I feel for you experiencing it too, I’m relieved it’s not just me. The intrusive thoughts are the worst, they terrify me and control the things that I do. My eldest started school this year and it’s been 8 months since she started and I’m still not over it. Thank you so much for sharing this so openly, and for being so honest xxx

  5. My parents never had a weekend away till we were all in our 20s, and most of our friends families when i was growing up were the same, so dont feel like you have to leave the country. i never have plans to leave my kids for a weekend away.

  6. My very first baby girl will be born in a few weeks and I already feel separation anxiety! But all I heard over and over again from your video is just how much you LOVE your boys. Don’t ever be ashamed of that, you can NEVER love them too much. Stay strong, follow your instincts, trust in God. Those, at least, are a few things that give me peace. All my love <3

  7. Dear Emily, thank you for your story. You're such a beautiful person. I don't have bad childhood experiences, but I do feel this parental seperation anxiety towards my three daughters. It's so helpful to hear your story about it. Thanks a lot! Love, Judith

  8. Hello Emily, first of all I am so sorry that you suffer from this anxiety. I suffered from post-partum depression and developed separation anxiety after with my first and only child. Let me tell you, for a long time I also thought I was crazy for feeling the way I did. While watching your video, there was literally not one moment that I did not understand your feelings because I related to every single thing you felt. While I did not deal with neglect as a child, I had anxiety as a child because I never liked being separated from my mother when she would work. That anxiety disappeared in my teenage years and also came back rushing when I became a mother. I tried counseling and it personally did not work for me. But time and prayers have done a great deal of healing even though it has not gone away 100%. Unfortunately, like you I also feel that it will never go away and that I need to learn how to live with it and find myself in a place where I can work and not cry. I really wish you well and positive thoughts because life is crazy and we only have one life to live so with that thought I try and make the best of every day while trying to control my anxiety (even though I’m not so great with that).

  9. Thank you for sharing Emily! I am a new mum and it’s so reassuring to hear other mums feel like I am 🙏🏼😘

  10. Your such a sweet soul Emily.
    I had no idea this existed. I feel like I was just like you with my first born. You should be so proud of yourself, you've come a long way and such an inspiration to so many people. And above all your an awesome hands-on mum. Wishing you lots of love xx

  11. Hi Emily, I am 32 weeks pregnant and I already have thoughts like this. the thought of anyone looking after my little girl gives me the worst anxiety. I cant believe I have these feelings and she isn't even here yet. your story is moving, you are so positive you are such an amazing mother 🙂 xx

  12. I just found out you did this video. Now listening I have realized I have separation anxiety. I at first thought I just had crazy hormones after birth. But I have seriously quit my job because I felt my son could not be watched by anyone else. It was such a hard decision for me to leave my position. But the idea of leaving my son was even harder. My husband has been very supportive. But I did not know that separation anxiety was a thing for adults. I’m happy I’m not alone. My sister does think I need to start letting go and was shocked I left my position. But I felt like I didn’t have a choice because I couldn’t feel good about my son left with anyone . Even my Mother in law offered to retire to watch him and I could not let that happen either. I know people thought I was rude but I just. Couldn’t do it. I think my son is the same with me too. Which I hope is not my fault. But he does whine/cry or search for me if I leave a room. Thank you for this video! I didn’t know this was a thing.

  13. I know this video is quite old now but this is exactly what I'm going through right now and seeing this video has helped me realise why I get so anxious. I'd love it if you made an update video if you've done anything to help since making this video ❤️ xx

  14. How do you get through the anxiety when you guys go out on a date? My husband wants to go out and have a date night I’m just so stuck in the worry rut! Also how do you get to feel like your old identity comes back I feel like foggy like I am a whole new person I love my mom role it is the most amazing role I’ll ever have in life I’m just not feeling like I used to I feel like I’m constantly snippy and aggeivated at how certain people are expecially how they are around my 1yr old daughter I know I can’t control ever encounter and everything but I always want to protect my daughter to the very best of my ability sorry for unloading all my worries and stresses onto you just curious if you have any advice!

  15. This helped me so much tonight thank you so much I struggle with this sooooo badly it makes me fear everything and that all the what if’s or that could happen you never know kind of thoughts are so mind draining and so tiring love your videos this one spoke right to me

  16. Your story is so sad emily but you are such and amazing mum, wife and person watching this made me sad to think what you whent through at such a young age, you are AMAZING ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  17. I've just watched this again and think you were so brave for speaking about it. I'm exactly the same I can't bear to be away from my little girl so I totally understand xxx

  18. i was literally seperated from my daughter for the first few months of her life due to circumstances i had no control over- and i am experiencing the extreme end of the spectrum right now. ive had her back for 2 ans a half months and i thought i was all alone- and psycho. thank you for this

  19. I think it is because your childhood had unstable and fearful moments, so you know what CAN happen in the worst of circumstances. Even though your spouse seems very supportive and strong. I had a ton of anxiety for my own reasons and while it can rev up it is a lot less due to continued therapy.

  20. I’m so glad you made this video. I watched this while I was having a mental break down. I didn’t have the best childhood and my dad committed suicde when I was 16. I feel like that might have a lot to due with my separation anxiety leaving my child. It’s just so hard leaving something you love so much. I start nursing school next year and I had a break down just thinking about it… but watching your video made me feel as if I wasn’t alone. So glad I watched this! you are so brave and inspirational.

  21. Thank you so much for this video. I have to return to work in the upcoming months and I’m so anxious about it. It’s a comforting feeling knowing I’m not alone.

  22. Emily! I love you! Your so brave! Thanks for shedding some light on this subject. I'm a boy mom of 3 too! Love and light to you girl!

  23. Thank you for your bravery. I am so sorry for the trauma you experienced as a child. You should be proud of how far you have come!!!

  24. This was so amazing to watch, I am experiencing the same since having my first child and it’s good to know that I am not alone as it does feel that way sometimes. Currently in the process of getting help, hoping with time it gets easier

  25. aw Emily I want to give you a big hug. I have suffered with anxiety since I was little. I was about 7 when I remember feeling like this and it continues every day. I am almost 36. I have parental separation anxiety too but never knew what it was until I watched your last video on the subject. I thank you so much because now I know there is nothing wrong with me but it is a real thing! I have had stick from family members for not allowing my children to stay out when they were babies but I just couldn't let go. I can relate to you so much because a lot of what you go through I suffer with too. I had postnatal depression when my twins were 5 months old until they were about 15 months or so. I never got help but just used coping mechanisms like relaxing and doing things I enjoy.

  26. It is very difficult to not be anxious when you're handing over the most precious thing in your life to be taken care of by someone else… I'm really sad you took down the "Draw my life video", I didn't get the chance to watch it… I think it's important to share stories of coping successfully with the bad stuff in our lives, so I hope you put it up again to help other people that have similar experiences.

  27. Emily thank you for always being so honest and open. You seem like an amazing and loving mother. I don't think that you need to 'suck it up'. From your story it sounds like you went through a lot and you haven't healed yet. I hope for your sake that you do seek some form of mental help, I know that it changed my life for the better. All the best!

  28. Hello Emily, please be comforted that you are not alone with your feelings. As a child I never wanted leave my mom or dad even to go to school and it wasn't until a few years ago that I heard about separation anxiety. I also suffer with O.C.D which doesn't help. As my children grew up I used to got upset when taking them to school so would go to my parents house and I would feel a little better. I did let them go on trips etc but found it difficult to let them go. This is just a little bit of my story but I would like to say a big well done for sharing your's. I am no expert either but you have excepted that you have this anxiety which I think will make it easier for you in the future. Just take one step at a time with each child even it is going to the shops on your own and leaving the children with your lovely husband, Matt. Well I hope my message has helped a little bit for you to start a journey that you will enjoy and cherish. Love and hugs Jacque.

  29. Hi Emily you have all my sympathy. I know how you feel. I have 2 girls. They are now 27 and 25. Both married and my oldest gave me n little grandaughter. When my oldest went to nursery school I cried my eyes out, because had to go back to work. They thought that somebody died that's how much I was crying. My poor hubby just hugged me and told me she will be ok. When the 2nd baby girl came it was much worse because I didn't trust anybody. It took me 3 months to find the daycare persone to look after her. Then went the oldest went to pre school oh my gosh. I cried my eyes out. She just hugged me and said everything will be ok mommy. When the oldest went to highschool (we live in South Africa) she actually asked me, please mommy don't cry. It took everything not to burst into tears. It was really really hard. When they got married, just the thought made me bust into tears. Even now I sometimes just want to grab hold off them and hold onto them and never letting go. All my love Magda

  30. I’ve just watched this video and cannot believe how much it has resonated with me. I have had generalised anxiety and depression for 12 years and this was particularly triggered when I was pregnant. The anxiety was at its worst when my little one became mobile. Things like park trips etc. would fill me with such anxiety and now that he is six, that hasn’t really stopped. I’d never let him just run around the park, I need eyes on him at all times or else I feel panicky.

    I’ve had CBT in the past for my anxiety and I found it really useful for helping me manage my irrational thoughts and anxieties but I’m finding that with this anxiety my strategies aren’t specific enough- I guess because in my mind I don’t view these fears as irrational. I’m sure I’ll get there in the end but I’m dreading the anxiety and guilt that I know will come in September when my boy is back at school and I’m at work.

  31. Oh Emily, I would've never guessed you're such an amazing person, always cheerful and positive. You're absolutely right that becoming a mum was a trigger to your lying deep anxiety and safety issues; I 100% agree that hypnotherapy would be extremely useful for you. Thanks for sharing your story! You're super brave and awesome xx

  32. Hi Emily, it is so beautiful to see your videos. I have gotten to know your story and the way you are and I can relate very much so to the point to see you very emotional and feeling myself emotional.
    I am from Peru. I live in Australia 8 years now with the love of my life who is from here and our two gorgeous boys aged 5 and 4😍😍😍😍 thank you so much for being so inspiring and sharing as we mums and also dad have a very important and challenging duty with our children❤
    I feel for you and feel for my past as well. Life is so amazing because after the struggles that also beautiful moments we are now mums and have a family of our own!!!
    All the best darling and always alert of your videos😀😀 a lovely day for you and your beautiful family!

  33. I am so surprised and amazed! I came on YouTube because my daughter is starting Kindergarten soon & feeling increasingly anxious about separation. I came across your video & my situation was almost identical. I have an older sister, my parents got divorced at 2. I wasn't physically abused but I watched my Dad abuse people in front on me & I was abused by a male babysitter on several occasions and my Dad wasn't a positive influence at all and we were neglected including getting severe burns. I haven't seen him in years but the trauma lingers. I trust my Mum, sister & husband with my daughter but I hover with packing her bag and preparing her & making plans and specifying absolutely everything sigh. But with strangers/staff I am super anxious!

  34. Aaw, please stay strong Emily, I cried halfway through! You are a sweetheart, and such a titan to post this video! YOU A TRUE INSPIRATION and have helped so many people including myself and my sister who have children. I suffer from panic attacks and anxiety so from that perspective i totally undestand whta you are going through it's about time that we change the converation on mental health amd beautoful and brave people like you are doing just that! My love to you and your family Mareena xxx

  35. I know the feelings you’re feeling. William is my first child. But I have been through a lot. Unlike you though I couldn’t trust my mother. So my go to person with my grandmother. And now I am so worried to be away from my son too long. I worry about him even though I’m going on a dinner date with my husband alone. I don’t trust anybody to watch him. And as for staying the night away from him at all. I don’t think it’s ever going to happen. I’m too worried something bad will happen. Who knows what it could be but

  36. Hi Emily. I've had an abusive childhood and am similarly determined that it shouldn't define my life, however overwhelming that seems sometimes. My experience is quite different because I didn't have a safe parent so I think being triggered for me is more of a constant thing in most situations and with most people so this advice might not feel that relevant to you, but I'd still like to share what's helping me in case it is of use. In my experience EMDR therapy is really helpful for the intense fear, flashbacking and strong triggers that you can't rationalise away. It has similarities to hypnotherapy but does involve talking and going back into your experiences which I know you said you don't really like the idea of. It does really deal with the problems at the root, can give enormous substantial relief and can be done for just a fixed course of treatments for example 8 or 12 sessions so there would be an end in sight. Good luck with it.

  37. I need help please! If my parent is late to pick me up from school I start having panic attack which includes: crying, loss of breath, screaming and embarrassment.

  38. Im a mother and my son is with my dad until Wednesday (tomorrow) and im suffering from parental separation anxiety and it feels like im losing my mind being away from him and im always crying and panicking even though i know he's safe, being fed and bathed and cared for….is this normal?

  39. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am a childhood abuse survivor as well and I have experienced the same feelings with my son. Thanks to you I now understand what is happening to me! I can't believe I never put the two together. It makes so much sense now. You have helped me tremendously! 😢 Thank you so much! I can't express how grateful I am for you making this video. I cried the entire video. 😭😊 It's wonderful to not feel alone. I've felt alone with these feelings for a long time. You're amazing. Thank you so much. 💕

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