My Anxiety Routine🍵My 10 Steps To Reducing Anxiety

hello if it's your girl cami Patton also knows a banana and today I'm here to share a video with you guys that is very important to me very close to my heart because I am a very anxious girl I have nothing xiety my whole life I remember being really young when my mom would go out and leave my sister and I with a babysitter and just like having a panic attack thinking like she has died or I'm gonna die or you know the overwhelming sense of impending doom and anxiety I had no idea what it was back then and then as I grew older I was like this feeling isn't going away even when I'm sitting in math class or I'm just like driving home and then at the age of 20 I went to my first therapist when she told me that's anxiety so today I'll be sharing my anxiety routine which means the routine I implement once an anxious anxiety episode comes about because I used to just like suffer through my anxiety I was like nothing will help I don't think anything will benefit my anxiety excited to experience it like here and there with a few things they didn't work so I gave up but that's not what you do recently in the last year I experimented with a lot more different things because I was like bro I am done letting my anxiety rule me and I finally came with about nine steps that actually helps me with my anxiety not only does it help when anxiety comes about but it also helps preventing it if you do it like almost daily or just implement it into your weekly life so I'll be sharing my personal ten steps how I reduce my anxiety and hopefully it can help you with yours too but before we get into that I would like to mention that this video is sponsored by possibly the best company possible for this type of video it is green roads which is the company for CBD which has absolutely transformed my life in terms of anxiety CBD is actually a compound found in the hemp plant it is not the marijuana it is not the weeds it will not get you a hi Chris so it's literally known for its therapeutic effects for like pain anxiety depression that's all natural comes from but I personally use it for stress and anxiety this is the 550 milligram CBD oil from green roads I also have okay this is so frickin cool guys CBD coffee and I also have these froggy gummies with CBD they're really cool I already ate the other two because I like to eat them before I go to bed like if you have insomnia CBD is fantastic before bed and if you guys use the link down below with my code you can get 15% off your order but okay I will explain how I use CBD later on in these steps so once I get anxious and like an anxiety episode comes about the first thing that's super important for me is just acknowledging that it's anxiety like I was mentioning in the beginning when I get anxiety I have this feeling of like impending doom I literally feel like I'm about to die something just catastrophic is about to happen and the thing is you can easily believe those thoughts and get into this spiral of like oh crap like someone's about to shoot me or something is gonna happen and you genuinely believe those thoughts so it's super important to just acknowledge like hey I am feeling anxiety right now the world is not actually going to explode the sky is actually not gonna fall I'm just feeling anxiety sometimes this can even be the hardest part because anxiety can really get into your brain and be like oh no the world is gonna collapse you are about to die please hide under your bed right now like it can genuinely convince you but I think if you really just sit with it and you know decipher what you're feeling are you feeling all the physical symptoms of anxiety along with like the mental symptoms like when you're dealing with anxiety a lot of times you know what it feels like so be honest with yourself step two is to close your eyes and closing your eyes is important I know sometimes I can feel a little funky closing your eyes I feel like you're in public or something I know I used to like be really nervous closing my eyes anywhere unless I was even like when I was by myself my anxiety literally would get into my head so much but this is only just for a few seconds so close your eyes and take three deep ass breaths not breaths with your ass just a regular breath so just like in through your nose like fill your lungs up to maximum capacity and then out through your mouth do that three times and immediately you will feel a little bit better breathing is so important because when you get anxious a lot of times you don't even notice you start breathing very shallow and you also also tend to hold your breath at least for me I will like completely hold my breath and take my breath only like little sips when I need be and when you do that it's telling your body that something is wrong so it like heightens the anxiety so breathing is so freaking important I used to completely dismiss this but please listen to me if you're feeling anxious even like upset or anything breathe deeply step 3 is another kind of difficult one because it's you know all mental and it is challenging the thoughts you are hearing because anxiety is gonna like throw off thoughts to you and reasons why you should feel anxious for example for me I'm like I'm about to die something bad is gonna happen or for other people can be like I'm not gonna get this project in on time I'm a failure or I don't know a lot of different reasons people feel anxiety so you really need to sit with those thoughts hear what you're even thinking because sometimes we don't even realize what we are thinking it took me a long time to realize that I was actually feeling impending doom because I was so caught up in it I was just like going with it so once we actually sit with it realize what you're thinking challenge those thoughts so for example if I'm like I'm about to die challenge it saying why are you thinking that because I feel that way but how would you know or a few driving anxiety and your thoughts are I'm getting the car accident I'm gonna get in the car accident challenge that saying why would you think you're gonna get in a car because I feel like it but I'm a safe driver I haven't gotten a car accident yet when I'm driving I am safe I can drive slow I have the ability to control my vehicle and you can just really challenge those thoughts because when you get to the very bottom of it you'll realize you literally have no actual reason for having these thoughts and sometimes I'll even find that the thoughts are just triggered from past events like for example I do have driving anxiety because I got in a car few car accidents and when I go down to those the root of those thoughts it's always like well my dad gone to Carson and I got into Carson at that one time and then you have to think about like but every single else time you drove you haven't gotten a car accident how do I know something's gonna happen I do not know something's gonna happen I cannot predict the future and just really work on challenging those thoughts step four is my go-to every time it's kind of just like ritualistic and it's just very important to me I make myself a cup of tea and I take some sort of supplement that helps me with anxiety I don't know what it is about tea but just having like a hot drink it's just very calming do not drink caffeine when you're anxious caffeine will make it worse I promise my favorite tea is kava tea kava good oh my god sorry coffee tea is actually meant for calming you down and I find that it works really well I even drink it before bed too so I'll make myself a cup of kava tea and then I'll take some kind of natural supplement that will help with my anxiety I have tried so many different supplements and some of them have worked well but like I said what has helped the most is CBD so I've been using this CBD oil I just put about like half of the dropper underneath my tongue and you want to let it sit there for like 30 seconds because then it like absorbs into your bloodstream much quicker and this really helps like you can feel like a little bit of an effect immediately and then like it'll just like kick in more I want to repeat this is not a drug this is not any kind of high it's simply just an herbal supplement basically and it really really helps with anxiety so once I've made my tea taken my CBD I then go to do like a very simple casual yoga flow now this does not have to be like actual professional yoga or anything it's basically stretching with deep breathing in closed eyes I don't know I find when I close my eyes it helps me relax more especially if I have my focus on my third eye which this isn't like any reasoning like any kind of spiritual we will reasoning other than it just helps me not focus on my thoughts so I like to close my eyes roll my eyes upward focus right here deep breathing and focusing on my breath and just stretching doing yoga poses while I'm doing it also just stretching your body releases a little bit of endorphins and it just really helps feeling better even if you like you need to just go like to the parking lot like if you're at work and just do a little bit of stretch it's like touching your toes or like putting your arms up or something with the deep breathing closed eyes it can be really really beneficial at this point I am definitely feeling at least a little more calm so then I move on to doing something productive because when you do something productive it releases dopamine in your brain so even if it's something a little like cleaning out the cat's litter box or replying to emails or even just like doing your work it can be big it can be small doing something productive and being able to check something off your list is huge it just makes me feel so much better so much more accomplished and it's great for like distracting you from those ridiculous thoughts so once I've done something productive I feel a little more accomplished a little more calm and happy I go eat something this is so important because sometimes you will feel anxious because if you haven't eaten enough you don't have good nourishment and also again when you eat certain hormones are released and it just makes you feel better I promise but eat something nourishing for your body that's really important because when you eat crappy foods it's gonna make you feel crappy and then it potentially can play more on your anxieties so go treat yourself to a really good healthy meal it doesn't have to be like some crazy kale salad it can be like just you know a wholesome meal with some greens some veggies and protein carbs all that jazz carbs are great don't forget your carbs and then music is so great when you're feeling anxious because a it can make you feel not alone be like there are certain musics that really actually play on your brain like by narrow beats incredible I love by narrow beats especially for 3-2 or Hertz which is a frequency of the music if you just listen to that it's very calming and it literally is meant to calm you down but if you don't want to listen to it it's kind of boring listen to your favorite music but I do recommend staying away from anything too heavy anxiety provoking like some heavy metal can actually give me a little bit of anxiety and then this step is just so so important to me it helps so much and it is doing something creative when I do something creative I get into the state of flow where I forget my surroundings I'm just so focused on what I'm doing even if you're not making anything like extraordinary or beautiful just doing it can be amazing like painting it really helps you get into that state of flow even if you like you're just painting like this like just nonsense like get that out like creativity really can help you just like get out those emotions I don't know what it is about it I think creativity is just like magic I like to practice my singing which i think is like a creative thing or like make up little songs and it'll help just so much or writing whatever you like to do and again it doesn't have to be anything amazing you are not doing this creativity for the sake of creating like a masterpiece it's for the sake of just letting yourself go and just relaxing and enjoying it and then very very lastly sometimes anxiety is just one hell of a mother bird and doesn't want to fully let go so at this point I'm like okay I'm gonna stop fighting and I'm just gonna take a nap or go to bed depending what time it is and of course I know not everyone has this ability to do so maybe you have kids maybe you're at work but if you have the ability this can really help sleep is incredible it literally can just like switch your mind you go to bed feeling one way you wake up feeling a brand new fricking person even a nap can help and sometimes just being tired can trigger anxiety being sleep-deprived especially so if you have the ability take a little bit of a nap relax give yourself that you know when you are in this anxiety mind states you need to be gentle on yourself so yes that was my 10 steps that I do once I'm feeling anxiety to help me relieve my anxiety this kind of routine has helped so so much like oh my gosh so much I need burp again I really recommend trying this out and then experimenting with other things too because like I said everybody is different everybody's anxieties different but there are some incredible powerful plants out there that really help like like a freaking CBD and of course yoga deep breathing meditation is so incredible for anxiety not only when you're feeling anxiety but like as a preventive measure that basically has helped me the most with not being anxious every day like now I barely feel anxiety because I have implemented so many of these things into my life and preventative measures and just really decided to tackle my anxiety instead of letting it tackle me and let me just repeat I used to be on antidepressants and I never ever ever thought I'd get off them and I never I'd be able to live without anxiety without some sort of pharmaceutical medication but Here I am you know never give up hope and keep trying I promise you will find your specific anxiety routine that will work for you and yeah thank you guys so much for watching I really hope this helped anyone out there and thank you to Green Road CVD for sponsoring this video like what the actual flip CBD coffee that's the coolest thing I have basically ever heard this would definitely be my favorite the oil just because you can like pop it in your purse super easy to take but these are also fun there's so many other products too I recommend taking a gander on their website and also doing a little more research on CVD so it's really interesting like how much it can help you in this just so much I am in awe of CBD and and don't forget to subscribe down below to some part of the supreme squad I would love to have you I also love your thumbs so please give them to me by giving me a thumbs up I love you guys don't forget to stay supreme and if you have any tips for dealing with anxieties that you use personally leave them down below in the comments so we can all help each other peace love rock and roll I will see you guys next time adios


  1. I have anxiety since a couple of months now but it's only getting worse. I'm so scared. I prefer having depression.

  2. what sucks is that my anxiety is triggered by my dad who’s a severe alcoholic and he doesn’t want to get help. I feel like it prevents me from getting better and get my life back on track, which makes me feel even worse on top of school and everything (I’m 16) is there anyone else sort of in the same situation ?

  3. Thank you for this. I was feeling particularly anxious today, and when I saw this video, I knew I should watch. I do many of these steps already, but it really just helps to know that there are others who are fighting the same fight : )

  4. Yoga, cbd, warm baths, hot tea yes goodbye anxiety also deep breathing is awesome!!! Big pharma can suck it!

  5. you're really the only person i will sit through a whole advertisement for when the option to skip it is right there. i really love your ass!

  6. 1.
    I can confirm: CBD (I prefer the oil but there are other ways to take it) really REALLY does help with anxiety.
    Here’s what helps my anxiety when it arises:
    (Sorry, a lot of these kinda repeat what Cami says but still) (not in any order)
    💠 acknowledge
    💠 cbd oil (doesn’t CoMpLeTeLy ease it but it DEF helps so much)
    💠 eat something (don’t binge on a whole bag of jalapeño chips [i regret] but DO eat a lil sumthin)
    💠 de-slouch. You’re probably super tense in your shoulders. Remember to un-slump. You can’t calm down if your body feels like “AGHHH”
    💠 write/draw it out. When I get anxious my eyes feel like they have glossed over and I feel like when I look around its all a blur. Instead of looking around at a blurry world focus your eyes on something small like writing in a notebook or in notes in your phone.

    I’m still learning to manage my own anxiety so I don’t have a solid list yet but these are just some things that help
    Much love and relief to whoever needs it! ❤️

  7. How about reading? I went through a period of extreme anxiety waiting for a medical appointment and the test results (because I’m a hypochondriac) and what helped the most was reading a book. It’s the only thing that occupied my mind. If I watch a show or movie my mind just wanders.

  8. I just started taking CBD oil, but I only take it before bed to help me sleep. I’m worried it will make me tired and lethargic during the day but I guess I can try it. I’m confused about the CBD coffee. Wouldn’t the caffeine and CBD work against each other?

  9. Yeah, but anxiety is what creates my sleep deprivation and insomnia. to than crash for 12 hours at a time a couple times a week. I smoke cbd bc the drops cost from 140 and up in Italy, and I just don't got the dindy 😋 gotta move my booty..!

  10. with my driving anxiety, I know I'm a safe driver. Someone else is gonna hit me, it happens to everyone. I've been in 3 accidents where it was the other car's fault. Like I know I'm gonna get in an accident sooner or later and its terrifying. Its stopped me from getting my permit but I'm almost 18 now and I have to be able to drive when I go to college. I even have friends who make fun of me for not driving..

  11. Things I'm going to try this week is cutting out caffeine and simple carbs completely and exercising daily.

  12. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you sooooo much, I‘ll definitely try your routine ♥️♥️ thanks for sharing ❤️

  13. got an anxiety attack on new years eve so now i'm even more anxious bc i am a believer that what happens on new years eve is how your year is gonna be.. yay 😅 gonna try some of these tips, thank you cami

  14. I personally tried to listen to binaural music and I felt worse…(I have OCD),I don't know if it was a coincidence…

  15. I am so excited to see you making so much progress with yourself. Been watching you for a while and you seem like you are growing so much more comfortable with yourself and I’m so glad you are sharing all of this knowledge you’re gaining. Your positivity is contagious and your experiences are moving. Please keep doing videos like this, they’re awesome. ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Hey, Cami! 🙂 If you don't mind me asking – are you still on Prozac? I just started it a week ago and would like to hear what your experience was. Love your vids <3 Keep up the great work.

  17. the only think thats helped my anxiety is making it a huge priority every day to minimize my stress. i have multiple routines throughout the day just for stress reduction.

  18. there were times i thought ihad my anxiety under control but i actually just learned to ignore myself and let anxiety take control. anxiety is a shape shifter.

  19. Ugh these tips are so wonderful, thank you for using your platform and experience to help people like me and many many others!! You the bomb😭😭😭

  20. Your so Cute!! Thank you for sharing,i love your tips!!i love the biannual beats ,i listen to them alot ❧❧💙❧❧

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