My Crohn's Disease Journey | my battle with an autoimmune disease

but I'm actually gonna say that this was the hardest the hardest I am I've struggled in my entire life hey you guys and welcome back to my channel today I have a very different style video as you can tell by the title and today I'm going to be sharing with you my Crohn's disease journey basically my whole health journey so as a little disclaimer before I start this video is not an advice video by any means I'm not telling any way to go out and do anything that I've done for my help but I'm just simply sharing my whole story this is presently for me been actually up there and one of my most requested videos or just something people want me to talk about ever since I shared my experience earlier this year which I'm gonna get to obviously but ever since I shared that so many of you reached out to me and I was so like shocked by how many of you felt like you were dealing with something similar and wanted to know more just you know they didn't feel all alone so I thought I'd share this today and hopefully help other people understand that they're not alone with this disease so probably to me one of my most personal videos yet I actually wrote a few notes in the earlier part of the timeline of those trying to remember everything but yeah so I'm gonna get right into it and this is kind of a little warning here there's gonna be a long video so grab a snack or a drink or something because it's gonna be kind of long so it all started in 2012 right here like the end like fall on winter of 2012 before I start I want to give a quick overview on what Crohn's disease is some of you may not even know but I personally didn't know when I was first diagnosed it's an autoimmune disease where basically your body thinks that your intestinal tract is foreign so it attacks it and in return and basically in flames certain areas and for me that's in my small intestine so it could be very painful like when your food is passing through that area of inflammation it could be super painful get so much like nausea and just so many other symptoms which I'm not going to get too much into you can google all about it but I'm gonna talk about my symptoms exactly were because it didn't have the classic symptoms we're gonna go back to 2012 and I'm right near the end like fall and winter time so basically as I started getting like like pain after like near my belly button whenever I ate and I didn't really think much obviously of it yeah I just I was away at college and I just didn't really know had you I didn't really say too much to anybody about it so I just let it go for a while and it was until about like the beginning of 2013 it was actually like Christmastime in New Year's like daytime like that timeframe when I really started to notice like something was not right like I would eat breakfast and I would be in so much pain I would try to go to bed at night I would be so uncomfortable and pain in my stomach I would be severely nauseous and right in the beginning of the year I lost an extreme amount of weight especially for me I think I lost at least about 10 pounds and I now was under 100 pounds so it was super unhealthy for me I eat something was so wrong I just felt so sick after every time I ate I was just so severely nauseous I had loss of appetite so I said my three main symptoms were severe abdominal pain mine always in my belly button area I had severe nausea off and on throughout the day and then I also had severe weight loss I know another main symptom of Crohn's and having silly run to the bathroom thankfully thankfully I did not have that symptom and I did not have to deal with that so my three were that so which me my doctor is very confused they were thinking it was Crohn's because I didn't have the classic symptoms of Crohn's disease so I just had severe pain they kept texting me so Albany different tests like all these scans and I had to drink all this terrible tasting drinks and just to get these scans and so they I had a cat scan on eventually after a couple weeks I Wasi was like January like 20 something I actually vividly remember this he was around January 20th I had a cat scammer was like a really like snowy day I had a cat scan that day and I remember I was just so sick that I was desperate for an answer as to what was wrong with me so I found out a few days after the scan came back that they found inflammation in my small intestine my ileum so basically they did more testing within another a week or so they confirmed that was Crohn's disease I remember actually getting the phone call from the doctor and when they told me Crohn's disease I had no idea like I googled it and I don't even know how to like spell it like I had no idea what it was so I just thought oh I'll just take some medicine and it'll get better thank goodness I know what it is I had no idea like what this disease entail then when I was about like what journey I was about to go on so basically they put me on a level like there's three levels of medications the level one was the lowest that's where they started me I took pen tassa and I took budesonide which is a steroid and took a high dose of the steroids just to get the information down as quick as possible and I went to so many different doctors for so many different opinions but I stayed on that also another major factor in which I still to this day recommend is diet is everything no I'm not taking a diet like you would think to like lose weight I'm talking like watching what you eat and listening to your body on how it responds to certain foods so for me I became like all of a sudden like lactose-intolerant my body could not tolerate the air anymore so I dairy was cut out for me and then I tried to low-fat diet I noticed a high fatty foods really irritated the inflammation for me and I got severe pain from high-fat foods so I've learned high-fat foods I avoided a red meat which was major for me like I said I don't want anyone to like eliminate these as I said I eliminated these I want you to like try like on your own – on your own specific diet but this was what works for me and I did not have any like raw fruits or vegetables because my body just couldn't process them at that time so and my diet has changed ever since but this was around this time and so that my diet consisted of so pretty much it was a really like I could almost like right now it's a really tough struggle for me just just going out places I felt so left out even think I was gonna grab it but I felt so left out and um thank you I couldn't do what my friends were doing it and date I couldn't do it and it was extremely frustrating for me okay trying to stop the tears but um so for quite some time for quite a few months I felt I actually I want to say for about a good year it was very very hard for me to adjust to the guy didn't allow my basically for one thing level on this and the only thing I was helping was the diet and so I just wouldn't let myself eat so much stuff because my body wouldn't tolerate it I couldn't eat salad I couldn't eat red meat I clean a burger or so it was really tough for me to go out to eat I couldn't order off the menu I felt like such a burden to like ask for certain things or tell my friends you know hey we can't go to this restaurant cuz there was nothing on the menu for me and I felt so bad about it so it was a very bad trouble I missed out on quite a bit I had to actually leave college for a semester because it was just so bad so pretty much I was never that great in 2013 and 2014 I just I did have probably some good days but I it was a really tough battle for quite some time around 2013 I want to say the end of 2013 and beginning of 2014 that's when I started a drug called Emir on it was a level 2 medication because I knew I needed something more than what I was taking it just wasn't working and the inflammation wasn't going away it still was very much inflamed since the day one since I was you know diagnosed so my this is now a new doctor and she put me on emiram and it basically really suppresses your immune system so you get sick very easily on this drug and it's it's not a bug and drugs made me very nauseous my white count would always drop very low which means then your at risk for so much infection in your body so it wasn't that great of a drug I was not happy to be on it and a lot of the Crohn's drugs actually are very terrifying to be on because they're know if you read any of the side effects or if you see any of those commercials like that's you know what that is basically I just stayed on even for a while and I actually did have some days where I did see some times where I had better days so which was really nice I actually felt pretty decent but all my scans I still showing inflammation and my doctor even told me that you could have inflammation and not even have symptoms at times so the information was still in my body but yet I felt like decent I didn't have abdominal pain I didn't have as much knowledge as oh and another thing too I haven't even mentioned but fatigue with another major thing it's just like this disease pretty much all a lot of diseases as well you get very fatigued so this was another battle for me but I think I say a beginning of 2015 was pretty decent for me I was doing pretty well in the a in 2015 and so at the May of 2015 then things took a turn for the worst so basically it was walking around on May 12th I had a trip planned to Florida I had so much plans for the summer and the one morning I just woke up I just felt so sick I just felt like something was happening to me and I didn't know at first so I just like let it go for a few hours and as the day went on I just felt so just like sick is the word I had very bad abdominal pain and I had such severe nausea and so I ended up going to the emergency room because I could not handle it anymore and yeah so I went to the emergency room I waited many many hours of course you know how that goes most of the time so after a few hours they did a cat scan and it showed that my appendix was inflamed having an inflammatory disease it could cause other organs in your body to inflame as well so I'm not sure was exactly due to Crohn's disease but my appendix was inflamed so they told me I had to get surgery but they waited until the next morning to do the surgery which I know I was in a state of not even knowing I was on so much pain medicine I didn't even know what was really going on I just was so out of it because I was just so sick and it showed you give me a nacho medication I just kept throwing up from the medication so I was so weakened at that point I didn't even care I might just give me the surgery I need something to feel better because I don't want this pain the pain eventually might move down to my right lower quadrant so that's like what told them it was appendicitis as well so basically I had surgery and then they told me when I got out of surgery that my appendix ruptured which was you know that's not a good thing because in your body could go septic so basically they told me they washed out like they wash everything out after it ruptured and so I was on my way home of course it's the tough recovery any surgery to me I think is not that Pleasant so um my very first surgery ever and yeah so I went home I was in so much pain from the surgery and then like two days later I want to say it was and I just didn't feel right I just felt really sick I just didn't know what to do at that point and so I said you know what something's wrong I need to go to the emergency room again so I went to the emergency room again and then did another cat scan and they told me I had an abscess from the surgery which was like a pocket of infection basically so it was like right under my liver I wanted to say I might even I'm hot like I don't know Anatomy that well but Monta was like right under my liver and between my lungs so it was a very very tough location to have an abscess and there was actually like a piece of my appendix like watch Jimmy Dean there and so they wanted to just watch it for a while so I think that little week I was in the hospital they just watched it and they actually aspirated it in a procedure like they stuck the needle and I actually like punctured through my long list of my long list slightly collapsed it was just a pretty rough procedure and yeah so after that I went home and then they wanted to give me a PICC line I had to go back to the ER to get the pick line place because they weren't there was a whole line mixed up and wandered off there wanted to like discharging from the hospital another doctor wanted me to stay in selling all the PICC line in but they discharged me that time and then I went back and I got a PICC line which was not fun if you ever had one you know they're horrible to have it's like basically you know how you have an IV well it's a like more like a permanent IV that is placed for a longer period of time they put it like right here in my arm and threads right up through to your heart so that was a very tough procedure to go through as well because it was just my whole arm went numb for like a couple hours I I like lost all the feeling in my arm but after that it was pretty much just the pain because you couldn't like shower the right way you had to put like this thing around like a garbage bag around your like area but you couldn't get it wet and was just like a whole process if I even sleeping on it was like sore and he just wasn't fun so I'm had to have an IV antibiotics through that very very powerful antibiotics like very strong for a long period of time and that wasn't touching it because the the abscess kind of just like loculated itself so kind of like section itself off so the a my office wouldn't touch it so they wanted to do they found a surgeon that was able to do a laparoscopic surgery to lift up my liver and get in between the area so they did that they did that surgery and in the end actually they still have a piece of like my appendix stuck up there they thought they bought it and with a different section I have no idea so I still have a piece of my appendix like in between that area which is really weird but yeah so so yeah they get rid of that infection and the infection went away and I ended up in the hospital for a total of 20 days not at once it was forty day whole debacle but it was twenty days total in hospital which was really tough for me again I was supposed to go to on vacation to Florida I was supposed to go to a Taylor Swift concert couldn't do that I was supposed to go to multiple friends like graduation parties and family parties I just missed that one a whole my whole summer was just rude I mean I can't even go to my students dance recital had to watch on FaceTime because thankful for the Bayside because I just couldn't see them I was so sad so I just missed out on so much that summer and so um we'll all fast forward a little bit this is pretty much now a year later August the 2016 I was time to like I was on mu ran a couple weeks now like after all that surgery I was on Adriana for quite some time on my white count just kept lowering so it wasn't safe to keep being on that so they told me they wanted to try Humera so you love you may have even if you don't want chrome to may have heard that commercial it's pretty like scary side effect so I was pretty hesitant at first about it but I just went ahead and did it and you know you have to self inject so I was pretty hesitant about that too but you learned through all this you're stronger than you think so I got through and I pushed through it and I went on Humera and I actually felt pretty decent on Humera and it wasn't until beginning of January of 2017 that I got drug-induced lupus from this drug so I was very frustrating cuz my Crohn's was actually like there was no inflammation it actually brought the inflammation down and but then I got this terrible side effect I had severe severe joint pain like ten joint pain I felt so awful I couldn't even like fall asleep that night because I would just be in so much pain so it was really rough because I just couldn't believe you know again I finally found a drug that works for me and then it just wouldn't allow me to keep taking it so obviously I had to get off of that you don't want that so actually thankfully after a couple months the other news loop is just like resolved itself so so I gave my body I think I want to say I wasn't even really on anything but like pentad which is like level one medicine I want to say I was just on that for a while and my doctor just said just give your body a break from medicine so I'm why was every mission I get like a small amount of remission I think that it was a nice time for me to just like not have any medication but these eyes obviously depend heavily but to me that was a global one it was barely to me I feel like that's like the least scary of them all but then my doctor said we need to try something else so cos your body's not gonna you know they'll possibly go out every mission again you want to keep it you know you want to stay ahead of the disease so in September of 2017 so this is now you know about nine months later from when I had the drug-induced lupus and I had that break we're gonna try the drug Sims II which is very similar to humor it's a biologic draw this is same thing you have to inject yourself I wasn't too happy about I got such severe headaches from that drug and the drugs did nothing for my symptoms at all and my symptoms started to actually slowly come back at the end of last year 2017 it started to slowly come back I remember actually Thanksgiving time when my friends came in I'd say I got quoting unis at certain places because I was just so bad like I was starting to get well I wasn't so bad I was starting to get pretty bad I noticed my symptoms off and on I started feeling extremely fatigued I start feeling severe nausea more and more so I just remember even Christmastime it was awful so now we're getting to the most recent of my disease and so I'm actually gonna say that this was the hardest the hardest I am I've struggled in my entire life at this point so basically especially in January my pain was on another level I thought I knew severe pain but this was on another level of pain so basically I told my doctor and she prescribed e prednisone so I was on a pretty high dose of prednisone 60 milligrams and it just wouldn't do anything for me I mean I was on her for quite some time like two weeks I want to say at least two to three weeks and it still was not I'm starting to do like the taper and it still was not doing anything for me so I just said to her eyes like I need something else because this isn't working we need to do something you need to do something for me so I had a cat scan I wanted an MRI and they just revealed she said they reveal mild inflammation so she told me that the prednisone should be working and you know your inflammation is just mild which I I know my body and I knew that something was seriously wrong yet again I knew something was not right I would call and call and say like please like I would message I'm saying like I can't even sleep and I had to sleep sitting up because the pain would come so like high up on my belly button and then when I was live back it was just so extremely exertion a ting pain I could even fall asleep most nights I'm asleep and I like lost so much sleep at this point I started to lose a ton of weight because anything I ate I just caught like I had to bend over in pain because I was so sick so my doctor then says you know we'll put you in the hospital try to try IV prednisone like IV steroids just because maybe my body is just not responding to the oral steroids so we I go into the hospital for seven days which is not fun but seven days they just give me the IV steroids and I do one more test something was not right and at that point I could not have like right before I thought at the hospital I could not have any amount of like solid food I had a limo solid food I could have was soup and soup was extremely painful for me to have like I just couldn't even function on eating anything and I remember like trying to go teach dance and I was just so weak I just because I was barely eating and for me like not eating then put me my symptoms more at bay which was obviously not healthy at all but I was starting to lose so much weight I was in the hospital for the 7 days I met with a surgeon and he actually talked about getting possibly surgery just to cut out anything that was you know and all in flames and possibly maybe there then he was scarred which mean that no amount of medicine would help so they discussed the surgery and I really wasn't sure what to do they were telling me they wanted to do it like during that time I was in the hospital I was like I don't know I didn't even get it's time to think about what what all this is gonna be like so my phone's off you're actually then like recommended that I just wait and like make a decision so I left the hospital they discharged me and my symptoms started to get severely worse so they're like okay then we need to do the surgery I said yeah I need the surgery I just can't like wait anymore I just can't you to live my life I don't want to keep being sick for so long I just want to get this over with so they recommended surgery so I know the surgeon you know the day before surgery again and they reviewed everything and I think it's around February like 20-something of this year I had a bowel resection so they cut out all the bad areas that were all inflamed so yeah I was like end of February kind of that I had this surgery and I went in for the surgery and B you have to do a prep before the antibiotics and everything and oh my goodness it was like the worst prep of my life I was never so nauseous in my entire life I was so sick so the antibiotics just made me so sick so I had the surgery they were able to do it laparoscopically which I was so lingual warmoth I was so worried in her have to open me up because of my past surgeries and they were able to do it I remember when I woke up like the first thing I said to them was like were you able to do laparoscopically and they're like yes I was just like so excited and so happy that they didn't have to make a big incision so I just have three Asians from that surgery like one of my belly bottom like two at my sides here which I was just so thankful they're pretty small so my belly button there was a little larger but it was just like a miracle appeared we'll do it that way so I was so happy and they actually told me that my bowel is completely collapsed down it was so compressed down so um he said you know you needed that surgery there was no way medicine was gonna help you I don't know why my bail collapsed but it was pretty scary like the think that I I waited in Long Island I could have died because if my bowels collapsed like you wouldn't really pass anything through and then you could have you could get a perforation so which could lead to being septic and yeah so I was very thankful about my decision because I was a little worried about getting the surgery that if it was the right decision or not I was thinking should I be just taking you kind of different medicine like but since I've had all these terrible side effects a lot of doctors just suggested you know just go for the surgery so I went for the surgery I'm so happy I did do I feel like 100% from the surgery right now no but I don't have the severe pain after eating I get actually I've been able to expand my diet to eat raw fruits and vegetables I could eat you know a lot more meats and I could just enjoy a little bit more food which is really nice and I get off salads so I'm just so available to be able to eat a lot more food and I've been able to gain my weight back because back in the beginning this year I lost 10 pounds and to think that I gained it all back I think I'm like eight eight pounds I want to say I have it back so I am really trying hard to gain the weight and I'm pretty have to say proud of myself for you know gaining it all almost back and yeah it's very tough to gain weight when your body you know isn't healthy so yeah I don't have any abdominal pain but I am suffering from still I don't know why I'm having very severe nausea and severe like severe fatigue but I'm not gonna lie like if any of you have ever considering a bowel resection like it's a pretty intense recovery and not obviously on the level of many other surgeries but compared to my epithet to be compared to I had a gallbladder removal as well and my abscess removal surgeries are three surgeries total before this I have to say this was the hardest one to recover from and I don't know but my doctor was minimally invasive yeah I didn't go into every single detail but that's like kind of like an overview of my Crohn's disease journey I hope this I don't know how long this is gonna be but yeah I hope this is helpful to some of you and you have some insight into you know my life for the past five years before that I lived a normally healthy life and it just like I wasn't used to this life of being sick so I just feel like so they've all to be alive right now because I had a few close calls so I just I'm just so thankful like I learned to live in the moment and learned to just take everyday as a gift and because you don't know what each day is going to bring in this lifetime so yeah I just hope you guys enjoy this video and please give it a thumbs up I would really appreciate it and I really want to thank you have you stay until the end to watch this because I know this is very very long but this is a I'm not used to being this personal but I really wanted to share my story cuz I just had so many people asked me about it and they're so interested to know more so I wanted to this could help some even one person it's totally worth it to me so yeah I hope you guys enjoyed it feel free to converse below if you have any questions at all even if you want to personally DM me on my Instagram I will leave it below if you want to do a more personal message and have any more questions you could certainly do that I love chatting with you guys I'm always loving your comments and messages it's always so sweet and thank you so much for watching and I hope you're all having a great day I'll see you in my next video bye


  1. It's very easy to feel alone and like a burden. I just found out I have ileitis and feel that way too. You live day to day rather than just living. To know what the issue is, is one less thing to worry about but keep your chin up you are definitely not alone. Hearing your story brought tears to my eyes, you are ridiculously strong.

  2. Everybody has their own problem. Everybody not perfect. Everybody have own disease to battle. Let support n cheering each other. Be happy n keep survive. Wish the best.

  3. I'm certainly not in your age bracket I'm 71 and I have had Crohn's disease since I was 14 years old . I have had numerous visits to the hospital and 3 resections over the years . I still suffer but diet is the key. I have always stayed positive and faith plays a big part . Many times I never thought I would see this age and be able to watch all you girls on YouTube . I love that you keep busy .I still work 2 days a week because it is good to get your mind on other things. I have my own business Electrolysis for 37 years and it has been a life saver. I love the beauty industry . Thank you for sharing your story and to all you young girls who have been diagnosed with this disease. You can still have a life , marriage, and children . My husband is the best . Prayers to you all!

  4. Wow, God bless you. I will keep you in my prayers. Everyone has their struggle—a great reminder never to judge! You look like the picture of health. Take care. You are an inspiration ❤️🙏💪!

  5. OMG! I’ve been watching you and I had no idea! I’ve had Crohn’s since I was 11 (diagnosed at 13) and I’m 50! now. I just thought you were thin because you’re a dance teacher, haha! I love your videos! Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re amazing! ❤️. If you want to message me privately feel free to do so. I’ve got almost 40 years of Crohn’s experience.

  6. I believe I have Crohn's. I got diagnosed with IBS. A lot of people don't really understand it. I feel I have to push myself to go places because I don't want to cancel on people, but my body doesn't cooperate.

  7. I’m soooo sorry about all that you’ve been through! I just love your channel and never would’ve guessed that you were struggling with all of this! I pray that you and your doctors will be able to figure out what steps are needed to bring about maximum health for you! Thank you for sharing this! I think there are so many misconceptions about the severity of auto-immune diseases. I’m sure this has helped educate and encouraged more compassion for those suffering! Many prayers for you on your path to health!🙏

  8. Hope your Crohn's is in complete remission and you cure yourself completely soon (if you haven't already). I'd like to help everyone reading this to heal themselves by offering this quick tip.

    Low stomach acid is a very likely factor in causing gut disease. Stomach acid kills pathogens and digests proteins. It also stimulates the liver, gallbladder and pancreas to release bile and digestive enzymes to digest fat, carbohydrates and proteins. Undigested food is toxic and causes nutrient deficiencies which makes you sick and stops you from healing. Digest your food properly and kill the infection. Restore your stomach acids ASAP.

    Check out these links for more information:

  9. I have crohns and I agree that it’s extremely draining with the thought that has to go into simple things such as going out to dinner for someone’s birthday without having to plan to go home early after from the pain, I’ve backed out of so many opportunities and days from just being scared about what people will think when I look pregnant r when I undo the button on my jeans as I’m only 16. I’ve had it since I was 11 but it wasn’t diagnosed then.

  10. It sucks. I have had crohns since I was 11. U THINK YOUR A NORMAL KID AND THEN ONE DAY U WAKE UP SICK AND NEVER GET BETTER

  11. Hi i liked your video so far (i haven't watched all of it ) and i was also diagnosed with chrone's disease in 8th grade about but the thing is my sympthoms are opposite ..there not the usual symptoms.. i had pain in beginning but i don't have the very phisycal symptoms ,like their quite :/ i was in hospital for a week an they end give me medication an now im in remission ,i think since that's what the doctor said.. i also have HFA/ Aspergers' syndrome and Depression so i don't know if it's different for me or stuff.. sometimes i feel like i don't even have it idk ..thankyou for sharing your video , From Simba

  12. I have Crohn’s disease too and was diagnosed as a freshman in high-school! I understand feeling left out because one of my biggest symptoms is being non stop exhausted, so I don’t have the energy to do what a lot of people my age do. I hope you are in remission❤️ I am working on getting in remission’s been a long road and I’m on my 4th biologic, but I think I’m finally getting there 😊

  13. This was very interesting thank you for sharing I've already had three feet taken out of my small intestines my colon some taken from that and now they're telling me I may have Crohn's anyway I had a ileostomy bag for year I do have a big scar down my stomach it's huge and that was the hardest thing I ever went through in my life God bless you

  14. I have Crohn's disease as well, it all started in the spring of 2017(I was 24 years old then), for about a year and a half I was not giving the necessary attention to it, thankfully it didnt get any worse and after a few frustrating and terryfing months, I am on Humira now and I feel good. I quit smoking of course and found out what is bad for me to eat, so I dont eat these foods / drinks and it's all good. The thing is that I had not other symptoms other than diarrhea, so I guess I was lucky, I know for a fact Crohn's disease is a very difficult thing to live with, but I have faith in God and in our times; who knows we might have a cure for this in a few years, keep fighting guys all over the world!

  15. I have UC and it’s a complete roller coaster . I get so down some days and just wish it was over but I know there’s people that have it way worse . I hope you’re doing okay at the moment 🙂

  16. I just had a colonoscopy done and I’m waiting for the results. I don’t know how to feel about this and it is scary. I’m so tired of hurting.

  17. I was diagnosed with Crohn's when I was 9 years old. I am now 19 and being on Pentasa was the worst experience. It didn't seem to do much for me even though I was on it for years. I eventually stopped getting my blood drawn as frequently as I was supposed to and right before I left for college, I had found out that the Pentasa was affecting my kidney function. I needed a kidney biopsy and was on prednisone for weeks. My kidney function and creatinine level are slowly going back to normal, but it will likely never be the same. Be cautious of the medication you take and never skip blood work! I hope you're doing well!

  18. Jesus loves u, because you shouldn't b here!!
    Same for me 16 surgeries and Jesus loves me!!
    Dr. Wexner @ Cleveland Clinic SAVED MY LIFE so I can work for the "BIG " GUY!!"❤

  19. I found out I had Crohn's a week ago.. Lost a lot of weight ( 171lbs to 115lbs ) in two months… Doctors. Thought I had HIV. Tested negative for HIV, test showed I had Crohn's and was ten days from dying….

  20. I have just recently been diagnosed with Crohn's disease but I have had all the symptoms since I was 5 or 6 now I'm 14 the only reason they discovered is my hair was falling out and I started passing out, now we know the cause its weird because I have all of the genetic markers for the disease and yet it took a while to figure out but I'm happy we know the cause

  21. I have chrons disease too! I've been through two surgeries and lots of hospital visits ( I was diagnosed at 9, and I am now 15)…..I am now getting remicade through a iv every 5 weeks. My symptoms and pain are getting better and I'm eating a little more too! Stay strong things will get easier 😊😊😊

  22. I tried Kratom and it really helps and takes away the pain but !! doesn't make you go to the bathroom at 1st and taste like crap but it works

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