My Experience with Anxiety


  1. This is exactly what I have been dealing with, and no one understood. This video really helped me, thank you.

  2. pretty cool how you've kinda overcame your anxiety without professional help

  3. oh my god, this is so helpful, im currently going through this, i just learned that cardiophobia is a thing now. thank you so much for this video, i appreciate everything you do, bud, keep up the great work!

  4. You have nothing to fear but fear itself. Years ago I had the heart thing you’re describing, and a psychologist fixed me in two visits with two concepts: 
    a) So – you’re having a heart attack and you’re dying? What happens then? You’re dead and you don’t have to worry about it.
    b) Next time it happens, go to a park and run and run as fast as you can and TRY to give yourself a heart attack. You won’t be able to. And if you do die … see “a”.

  5. Do someone know how to deal with this? I been fearing because of my health (and I’m not even sick) for the last three years and that’s terrible. I’m trying meditation, and I hope this will help, but well, it’s a long path…

  6. Just had a really bad panic attack after feeling something in my chest. I was nearly crying thinking it was time for me to die. I remembered your video and watched it again, and it calmed me down. Thank you

  7. I didn’t know Cardiophobia was a thing! I understand my self better, It thought I was just weird.

  8. My anxiety comes from the stress of not having enough time, and when I do have time, my anxiety feels so intense that I can't focus enough to get anything done…
    I also have phobias and hypochondria, and I used to have social anxiety (but that's gotten better), so I can understand exactly what you mean when you said you suffered from constant thoughts of having cancer, cause in the past few months that's all I've been able to tell myself (even though the likelihood of having 7 different types of cancer all at the exact time is like, highly improbable). Thank you for sharing your experience

  9. My anxiety isn't quite as intense as yours was, but it is intense enough that I get ill when I try to travel anywhere to far. It makes it almost impossible for me to do really anything without feeling like I'm gonna vomit or pass out. Once I settle down somewhere I don't think I'd be to keen on going somewhere and

  10. With depression and anxiety it's laying in your bed with the constant battle in your head that goes like I'm afraid of dying but I also wanna die ?

  11. ay fun fact, i sometimes feel something ticking the fuck out of my ear, eh, guess i won't go to the doctor

  12. That's me a few years ago, now I've already come to terms with death i think, it just feels like i don't care anymore about myself, so i don't have much fear of dying. What i fear a lot and keeps me awake at night are my parents getting sick and my pc dying. My savings aren't enough for these.

  13. This last year my anxiety morphed into the same exact fear you had. Any little pain on my chest or left arm will make me go into panic thinking I'm about the have a heart attack. A headache turns into an aneurism or a clot… And the amount of stress this put me in eventually turned into stomach pains and nausea… That ironically morphs into paranoia about pregnancy. It's tiring and feels like a neverending fight against my own mind. Seeing other's similar stories and how they manage their anxiety helps me get much calmer and gives me new tactics to work with. Thank you for working on this.

  14. I used to have fear about stuff like that but then I got into a fist fight in gym class in middle school got sent to the nurse with a black eye then I went back to gym class with an ice pack on my eye while I walked in everyone laughed and said "DAMMMMMN YOU GOT YO ASS BEAT" At that point the worst happened to me in my mind so I was never nervous around people or in social situations or speaking infront of crowds because I've already been laughed and ridiculed in front of a bunch of people

  15. I have anxiety, although mine is the opposite of yours; my own heartbeat irritates me (along with obnoxious sounds)

  16. Damn you made me realize that I had an anxiety problem just that I didn't think about it like this yet. One day I'd kept walking after argueing with my mom and after turning around without looking back for a while she disappeared and I had the biggest fear of my life for the next few hours until she returned back home telling me she just walked off to a store since she was pissed too. Ever since then I'd stay up until my mom is asleep just to check her breath to see if she still is alive. I couldn't hold back the fear that she might just be dead at the very moment because I could not know until I knew she was breathing .. nowadays I always brush it off with "that's insane just go to sleep". It really took a long time until I got to the point I could do that, if only I'd knowen I had a problem back then lol

  17. God dammit. You described me to the fucking dot. Especially with the fear of any small discomfort in your body being blown out of proportion. I thought i might have appendicitis for a few months and the doctor said nothing was wrong, so i just lived in fear wondering when i would self destruct. Turns out it was the toothpaste i was using upsetting my stomach for some reason. I ran out and was fine a few days later.


  19. Oh. Thank you for this video. This is so hard when Im feeling pain somewhere in my body and all of the sudden I start to worrying I've got a cancer and I'll die soon :/ when I was a kid I used to think I won't even grow up coz I'll be dead

  20. I've have never heard of people explaining the same thing I do every night. Most people say anxiety is caused by meeting new people or other things etc but you just described what I can't describe. That sharp pain in my chest, leg, or arm makes me think about anything. Every Night I just think "am I going to die" or ""Im scared i'm going to die. What's this feeling, am I going to have a heart attack?" No one has never understand me. Except You. This is what I actually think of. Every single detail you said is what I think and what I truly think about anxiety. As you said it takes time. I used to do medication because my anxiety was severe. I've chosen to do anxiety treatments naturally without medicine or anything. This video has helped me understand more about anxiety. Thank You Mattias. Thank you. I hope you see and read this comment. -BunnyHop33

  21. You’ve perfectly described how I’ve felt these past few months. Every little sensation. Laying awake at night thinking that I have an uncurable condition that will end my life. Thank you, this really brings me solace knowing you’ve gone through these same stresses as well.

  22. There is only one thing, how anxiety can be cured, for me at the moment, you have to build up your compassion! This helps you not to feel alone and isolated from the world. We can't come alone to the world, we can't grew up alone, we can't even work by alone and just live for us self. We all have to learn to live together and not.. You are getting the point `^_^, Cheers and lots of love, Prity

  23. Oh god I relate to this video soo much. My hands get sweaty during lectures bc I worried so much what my teachers think about me. I get so nervous when I ride in a public transportation to get to school cuz I didn't want to look weird so I try to stay stiff for 40 minutes lmfao. Right now I cope with my anxiety by thinking in a competitive mindset and talking to myself.

  24. Thank you so much for sharing your video just explain my anxiety my family and my friends think that is all in my head and I’m so tired of hearing them telling me to “distract myself “ I feel lonely like no one understand me and I’m walking scare that my anxiety can attack me at any time of the day, I want to cry loud and for someone just to hug me and hear me out without being judged

  25. I mainly get anxiety because im pushed too hard by my own self and when i see im failing my own standards I feel like im going to be a nobody that lives on the streets. I dont have anyone to support me except for my little friend group full of introverts. I was bullied a lot because I had high standards for myself and because im so skinny and small. I couldnt handle it and started a habit of beating myself up for the failure i was, but my friends showed me that they are there to support me and what other people said didn't matter. They also told me that in the future ill be the one to laugh at them because im the one that worked hard. I really connected to this video somehow, so I just wanted to share my little story. If you read this, thank you. I love you guys

  26. I want to know where I stand on this matter. I can shut off negative feelings very easily, I don’t (usually) think about stuff when I don’t have to, I don’t worry about things that aren’t a direct danger to me, but I am unable to socially function as a normal person. I barely have enough in me to add in to the conversation with 4 of my closest (and only) friends. I can never approach anyone, initiate or sustain a conversation, which has left me regretting not talking to a boy I liked and then never having the chance to again. Also, I can get very emotional very quickly; my friends will be making a joke about me and I’ll just start crying. I know it sounds stupid and it is. I know they’re just joking, and I’m probably finding it funny too, but for some reason I can’t control myself. I end up looking constipated from trying not to cry and then turn red and produce a stream of tears, leaving my teachers worried and confused. Now my friends think that I can’t take a joke, but i am not offended at all and I don’t know why my body reacts like that.(btw I’m 16 so it’s definitely not normal at this age to cry when someone makes a joke). At home I pretty much don’t have any social interactions at all, with my family living in another country. I live with my mum but I suspect she has some mental disorder that she doesn’t know about. She’s very shut off from the world and when I ask her something it takes her like half a minute to respond, she’s very irritable and always tired. On a typical week I’d say we exchange maybe 50 words. She tries to isolate me from my family, banning me from speaking to my dad (although I still do whenever I’m home alone) and tries to limit my contact with my grandparents (but she can’t ban me from talking to them because they help us so much and they’re her parents) financially I’m in a pretty bad place, eating rice and pasta for the second 2 weeks of every month. But I don’t know if that affects me that much. My physical health however has been very quickly degrading. I haven’t been getting enough nutrients nor doing enough exercise (because I’m always tired because I don’t eat enough) and although it’s not yet visible, I can feel myself getting weaker physically, get injured more easily. I spend all of my time on YouTube, trying to drown out real life, but I do think I am happy with my life, but I’m addicted to YouTube. I can’t give it up because whenever I try I feel so alone, the fake bond that I have with youtubers replaced real social connections. On a normal day I don’t know if I’m happy or neutral but I’m definitely not sad or worried. Does that mean that I’m really strong mentally or that I just avoid confrontation, avoiding thinking about my problems? How would my extreme emotional sensitivity (if it even is that)play into this? I’m sorry if you read all of that, it was pointless, i just wanted an output for my feelings and YouTube comments seems like the best place because I am anonymous.

  27. My experience was similar only the worries of dying, I was peer preasured just cuz some wanted me to ask out my crush and I personally couldnt do it, but someone kept insisting me to do it, but I noticed that he wanted me to look stupid if I got rejected so i stopped trying. But that person contined and kept saying "ask your crush out faggot, are u scared of her?" I wasnt scared of her, i feared on rejection,I got a panic attack 6 weeks ago. The cause of it was that person who disrespectfully cyberbullied me cuz i didnt answer my phone and couldnt ask my crush out. Ive been fighting it but Im gonna find help from a psycologist(i dont know how its spelled😂) because I cant overcome anxiety on my own, its best to have someone help you fight it and im hoping it pays off and can bring me back to my normal state

  28. Thank you for this video. I also have anxiety. My psychologist keeps pushing meditation, but it really isn't helping and I sometimes feel more stressed afterward. After hearing about your experience with anxiety and what helped you I feel a little more hopeful about overcoming anxiety. I can't count how many times I've thought I might have a brain tumour 😅

  29. Thanks for sharing. I didn't realized that I had anxiety until my doctor explained it to me in detail and then the management could begin. I wish I would have asked for helped so many years earlier.

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