MY FAVORITE BOOKS -Art & Mysticism

I made this bookshelf tour to share with you some of my all-time favorite books as well as some of my latest reads and inspirations alchemy and mysticism is a book that walks us through the different meanings of symbols words and ideas and different eras and cultures given us a vast idea of their uses of religion science and philosophy ayahuasca reader lets us learn more about the sacred plant from the Amazon through the eyes of shaman scientists and Rapala gists artists natives and more it is a great reader to learn more about the plants effects rituals visions therapy and how they are all related be here now is one of my favorite books it tells the story of how a Ramdas awakened changed his life forever this book has different parts his transformation story drawings with a spiritual lessons he learned and a cookbook guide from conscious being bye stop the mail is another book by him which I really recommend heaven on earth is a compilation by Faden and the one they have images from the smallest things on earth to the farthest a camera has been able to capture in space from atoms and snowflakes to planets and comets this compilation by Taschen is a reprint of the natural historian Albert to serve as prints from the 18th century I love seeing all these exotic and rare animals plants and mythical beasts I wish I could live in the past and have a job like so busted by Ophelia means love for living systems and Wilson suggests that our love for nature is due to our biology now Paul La Folie he’s one of my favorite visionary artists his work mixes a variety of concepts that entertain the cosmic origins of mankind he touches both an intellectual scientific and spiritual ideas you can kokorin carla Louis or woman who run with wolves by Gladys a pink Ola is a must read for anyone tapping into their female force I can’t recommend this book enough blue mind is a recent book that I read it’s about the diverse forms and the ones water can affect us from being inside water to drinking it or just hearing it it seems water cankerous Ernst tackle one of my all-time favorite artists as a natural scientist Hackl explores the geometric shapes presenting nature from seashells to microscopic organisms this book juxtaposes them and shows us the relationship in between all living creatures my two favorites are art forms in nature and art forms from the ocean he’s a huge inspiration to me destroyed my dazzling amoxil and la serpiente cosmic ax two of my favorite reads were looking for stories of line changing passages due to the intake of plant medicine botany coupe was a Christmas present and one of the best is planned encyclopedia with illustrations by Katie Scott shares with us so much about plant life and helps us understand their different sections and what each of them does it’s a magical book with explanations very easy to follow the Brotherhood of this human abyss by Dennis McKenna is an insight to how terence mckenna’s concepts were built through the years in emphasis to the time they spent together in the Amazon get an insight on the jungles psychedelics the little prince is a book I come back to all the time for me it holds the secrets of why we are alive the way it’s narrated the illustrations by the author everything reminds me of my objective in life this version of the book is a bubble Blanca Adela uncork Eduardo Yeltsin are two of my favorite Peruvian poets I am drawn to short poems that say a lot I am quite interested in eating smarter and healthy and this book gives me a great insight to the scientific aspect of mushrooms how specific types can benefit our health heal us or give us a great energy boost the book of symbols by Titian is a completion of the most used archetypes in human history throughout the years and cultures I love that the symbols are divided in between the cosmic animal human and natural world’s it is a great source of information when starting a new painting a Solaris maps of heavens publication by Taschen is the most inspirational encyclopedia I have about humans understanding of our solar system it takes us through the heavens before and after Copernicus meaning it shows us maps from when the world was believed to be the center of our system or the universe and how it’s time the Sun became the center of our system how soon is now by daniel pinchbeck gives us a great insight to where is the world nowadays regarding our governments climate change and collective consciousness the red book by Carl Jung shares with us Jung’s self explorations into his own psyche it also shares some of his mandala cloaking artwork that was a mean for him to meditate this Tasha edition of claims work shows most of his work throughout time and as you can see he is one of my favorite artists I love this edition as it gives high quality photography of very tiny details of his paintings thank you so much for watching I hope this video inspired you and gives you some insight to my favorite books out there


  1. I am amazed at how our libraries coincide so much as I guess our interests do as well. Bonus points for Haeckel. I got "Be Here Now" when I was a young and have since lost my copy. Fun book. I find alchemical symbolism, old maps and charts of the heavens, fascinating. Lovely library reflects a lovely mind! Cheers!

  2. I was just thinking about you today, anticipating a new video of yours! Your book collection is an exciting source to dig for inspiration. It's amazing to see how you transform those inspirational elements into your art. I also love Haeckel, mystic symbolism and the fascinating world of creatures. So naturally I will spend some time with your recommendations. Thank you in advance. 🙂

  3. You have the most amazing bookshelf!!! Such wonderful book collection!! The only books I know are The little prince and Gustav Klimt, but your versions, the pop up Prince and the close up Klimt I have never seen before. Oh, I want to read and see all of these books, especially all the ones of botany and Heckel and and, yes all of them! Thank you so much for sharing! Such a beautiful video again from you. It made everything better. I was feeling a bit down, but now after watching this little glimpse of the beautiful world of yours, I feel uplifted, curious and happy again! Thank you!!! : ) Lol, your cute cat, wanted to give the big book a cuddle ^..^ : )

  4. I love love love your book collection 🙂 Somehow I envisaged you would have such a collection and that you would not only use books to learn from but as a means for inspiration to. Thanks to my daughter I have her amazing collection from paganism, the Kabbalah, Celtic history, herbalism, to mystical creatures and more. I have found that books are a beautiful never ending source of inspiration and look through second hand books shops and market stalls for new additions all the time now. Thankyou so much for reminding us to be more open to forms of inspiration at our finger tips that we can sometimes take for granted. Peaceful blessings x

  5. Carolina, I'd like to share a book with you.

    It is the core book of Falun Dafa entitled 'Zhuan Falun'. It talks about spiritual things from a scientific perspective. It talks about other dimensions, the soul, the cosmos in the microcosm and the macrocosm, supernatural abilities, karma, healing, the true history of mankind, transcending the 5 elements and leaving the 3 realms and many many other fascinating things.

    It is a spiritual science of the highest order. I'll give you a copy and you can take a look if you like, totally up to you ofcourse:

  6. You look so young,but so wise! Awesome collection! The beauty of nature is what inspires myself!

  7. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful book collection and for the quick insight into your favourite books 🙂 I have already very carefully play-paused through the bookshelves (your studio tour video), but this — this is even more inspiring! (PS. "Women who run with the wolves" has been on my reading list for some time but now it is an imperative for me to read it asap! PPS. I love your love of plants!)

  8. I am going to find a copy of Blue Mind right away. I’m interested in nearly all these books. Thank you for sharing your inspiring collection!

  9. Yesterday I discovered this channel, but now it is officially my new favorite. 🌿🧡 Thanks for being so inspiring.

  10. Omgosh tytytyty! I've always been huge into symbolism and you've given me many paths to explore. Thank you thank you thank you

  11. Hi Caro, Among Erich Fromm's books "The Art of Loving" and "The Art Of Being" would be a good addition to your library. I would add that Ken Wilber, who is regarded as the Einstein of consciousness, has a lot to say about what it means to be human and in ways you never thought possible.True, he is not without his critics but they agree that he still offers a theory of consciousness that is truly revolutionary. Your exceptional art work also reminds me of Ken Wilber's map on the stages of human development.
    (click on the AQAL image to see it up close)

    You can see Ken on the link below, sharing his thought provoking ideas on the means by which we can rise above our limited awareness.

  12. Noooooo!!!!! Son maravillosos tus libros😍😍😍😍😍
    Además tenes el Libro Rojo de Jung!!!!! Sos una genia Caro.
    Estoy alucinada con tu canal.
    No se mucho inglés, pero créeme q tu magia supera el idioma.

  13. I love your collections of books… some of them are really rare.. I searched for those in amazon, but couldn't find… I wish I could meet you in person… i love your works <3

  14. Me encantann tus recomendaciones, definitivamente usaré tus sugerencias para empezar a llenar mi nuevo librero

  15. Wonderful book tour! Thanks for sharing, I really want to read Alchemy & Mysticism and the Book of symbols, they look fascinating!

  16. Why aren’t more young women interested an informative videos? I don’t understand… If Caro’s content was based on makeup she’d had hundreds of thousands of videos.

  17. I loved this video so much! Especially siince lately my art has been veering towards plants/ocean creatures I really resonated with these books! (May o r may not have ordered a bunch of them from the library oops)

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