it's just so scary I wanted this video to be real war and so I thought what a better way to be vulnerable than to do it a kid I feel like it's time time to talk about my food addiction recently I've made quite a lot of new friends at YouTube and we all watch each other's videos their channels are not their strengths like prisons we have one guide as a travel vlog one guy who does music one guy who does comedy and they're all of their strengths and mine is focused on my weakness which I've turned into my strength – food food is about the way food has affected my body my life how I've turned my life around but at the moment oh god here we go at the moment food is winning is making me feel awful and I don't mean know how to snap myself out of it I know that I go through times of being like this and I say to myself one time out of it like oh you just have to ride the wave and you know you get out of it but it's just so scary I literally feel like I even put notes around my house like focus what do you want I had this the other day on my side in the morning I came downstairs no sore focus what do you want and I benched Aida's or the no and I thought I want to look great did I do something did I have my berries did I have my own no I didn't okay I mean we're gonna tell you I ate the other day I ate uh I've got a George Foreman which generally is meant to be lived cooking healthy things so I grilled a muffin I got a whole pack of halloumi I was slicing it and grilling it ate that then I had a wrap like three tortilla wraps with cheese in it with mayonnaise that this is breakfast by the way oh I'm sorry come three crumpets and that was in like within an IKE an hour I think it's because I have I got so big because I secretly ate I like secretly eating I just do it I just do and I don't know why it's so weird I don't want to be I don't want to eat in secret as they say what you eat in secret you wear in public and right now I feel absolutely like so embarrassed but when I stand at combat at the front I feel like everyone can see and I feel like people notice and they might be like saying oh look she's gaining the weight back we all knew it would happen I don't I want to be strong I don't want to be weak and I don't know how to get my strength back so because I want to say to you I want to say to you yeah it's great when you get to go it's amazing and it is don't get me wrong when I feel better that when I've been on her track for a few days and I am going out for instance with the girls and I put on my skinny jeans my high heels my makeup and I walk out the house like yes I have earned every single ounce of this feeling I feel like I anything I thought I could do absolutely anything in the world but then I have flip side where I'm this I'm I'm slutty I'm tearing and I'm just wonderful and that's human nature and I feel like I needed to do this video just to say it's okay to feel like a fucking mad I'm the support network for everyone that watches me and that is exactly why I'm here but at the same time I need help too I just feel incredibly vulnerable an incredibly fragile so that was the other day two days ago three days ago and I'm over it I thought I'd do an update I wasn't even gonna post up for teacher I thought I'd do an update I'm going to do these new videos called minute motivation where it's just a literally a snippet of Smee just saying something to inspire everything in life is a choice every single day starts off fresh so if you want to make it a bad day then it'll be a bad day if you wanna make it a good day then it'll be a good day you can choose good options you can choose bad options you can choose to sit on the sofa or you can choose to put your trainers on and work out your future is in your hands which future do you choose I chose to kick myself up the butt stop standing in the hall naked and to do something about it what's your choice for more motivation and inspiration or follow me on Instagram lose it like Lauren subscribe here on YouTube lose it like Lauren and what is it like Lauren on Facebook too so I hope you had a great day choose well make today a step closer to your goal keep losing keep smiling and I'll see you soon


  1. Hi Lauren, i know this is an old video, but i am struggling with food addiction & wanted to know do you seek proffesional help or deal with it yourself. I am trying to lose weight but can't seem to get throu 1 day of going off track. Any advice? X

  2. Love the comments how we can choose to have a good day or bad day depending on our choices. So many times I've felt trapped in bi ge eating…thank you for the reminder that there is a way to break free if I keep trying. Love your videos😊

  3. This is literally how I am feeling at this very moment. I started my journey a few months ago and within three weeks I lost 3.3kg. Exams came up and for the past two weeks I have been eating absolutely crap, generally I struggle to bring myself to exercise because I am so concerned with what people think of me. Thank you for posting this. Tomorrow is a new day and a new start. You are amazing.

  4. Hello. I just subscribed. Struggling with food obsession. I like videos that are raw and talk about struggles which I can relate to

  5. People don't often realise that food is a drug and it's soooo easy to get hooked. We must work on the psychological as well as the physical

  6. Even though this is obviously an old video – Thank you for posting this. This really hit home for me and was real af…
    Hope you are feeling better. <3

  7. I have a trouble with eating in secret too. You have a lovely voice with lovely words to say! I wanna be inspired, so I'm gonna sub to you. ❤️ Keep on keepin' on

  8. wow your just like the rest of us Lauren. I binge because of what I went through when younger, living with an abusive controlling step dad and mum. when I binge I feel like I deserve it and stick two fingers up to them. It wasn't until I watched your videos that i realised that was my reason. I was 15 when I was thrown out of my home and now I'm 45. thank You Lauren and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You take as much time as you need to recoup and find yourself…you are my inspiration but that's a big burden to have on your fragile shoulders ❤

  9. I don't closet eat but, I openly overeat and I feel exactly the same way you do. feeling peoples eyes, feeling my own body. it's back and forth highs and lows. this is getting me out my low as I sit here on the couch crying. I love your videos. I can relate to you beyond words. thank you, from the bottom of my heart

  10. thank you for this video. I know its quite an old video.. but anyway, im in the same situation right now, but i feel a little better after this video. Im going to subscribe because your videos really motivate me. thank u again :')

  11. thank you so so much for sharing this 💜 this is so me!! I have my goals and have made accomplishments but then I have phases where I completely binge.

  12. Oh my gooooooooooood you are so beautiful….fcckkkkkk ….damn

    I'm addicted to food to and it's tough because it turned into drugs and I kick the drugs and go back to food and it gets exhausting…fuck man . But yeah your awesome and hot and and I think I'm in love ….shit .o yeah I'm not currently in active use of either at the moment…man I wanna like be your boyfriend so bad . Im a cool guy I swear you should maybe just say fuck it and say hi cuz I bet it would be worth it for us…., not kidding I'm puttin it out there spur of the moment random
    "hey I like you"and I have an awesome beard . Ok I'm done now.

  13. I know how you feel and I have the same problems as you are saying. So you are not alone and not everyone is judging you. I hope you are doing well

  14. this video resonated with me. Thank you Lauren. I go through that exact cycle of thoughts. But yes we get over it and never give up

  15. I can relate to you SO much… I wish you were closer to me I'd love to chat with you over a coffee – I have an addiction to food too and I'm a binge eater. It's such a difficult thing to learn to live with

  16. I need help too…. 🙁 been dealing with this off/ on for 17 years. I'm not even in the overweight category though so doctors won't even help me let alone believe that I'm a food addict.   Thank you for your fresh attitude , you are an inspiration and a beautiful girl.

  17. I love how genuine you are…not many people in this lifetime can accept their weaknesses/vulnerabilities… it only makes you stronger. Love you mama, want to hug you and make you feel better!

  18. I just watched this and cried because for the first time in my life I feel understood when it comes to food addiction. I thought it was only me, that I was a freak for loving to eat in secret. Your video helped me so much. Thank you! You are amazing!

  19. Thank you for posting this video. I'm sure it wasn't easy, but you've helped me and countless others by doing so. I've felt the despair and frustration you showed at the beginning more times than I can count. Thank you for reminding me I am not alone in that. Thank you even more for reminding us all that these feelings are temporary, they will pass, and we do have a choice (although often not an easy one) as to whether to make it a good day or a bad day. I can't wait to watch more of your videos. Keep up the good work!

  20. the shit thing is a don't eat bad i just don't lose weight with out killing myself… and it sucks that I'm eating well and gaining for no reason and it makes me cry. stupid pcos

  21. You are allowed to feel exactly as you feel, give yourself a break, remember you are worthy and very very loved

  22. I've always eaten my bad foods in secret too. We milk cows, and I remember back when, when we were first married, with no kids, that my husband would go out to the barn for the last feeding of the cows, and I'd go to the freezer and scarf down ice cream bars!! As a kid too, I bought a bag of Doritoes and instead of bringing them through the house and upstairs to my room, I had my older sister throw it up to me from outside, while I was catching it at the window. I know my Mom must've smelled them in the room and on my breath, but she never said a word. Yes, I am addicted to food too!! I must turn my life around and get some motivation again, and that's why I turn to good, inspiring videos like yours. I'm glad you got back up, but for how low we can get!! It's part of the transformation! You're still transforming, with the struggles that are normal and the changing of your mind!!!! Vent out all you want. We all love you!!

    ps…..Have you heard of It's a free nutritional, fitness tracker, with all sorts of motivation and with all sorts of people at different weights, trying for the same thing. People are on there from all over the world. It's really cool!

  23. This video really spoke to me. Im in the middle of my journey and I was having one of these moments. I was looking up motivation videos all over youtube and then ran across this one. Thank you for this and keep inspiring!

  24. After becoming vegan and realising we NEED carbs, this is why we binge….the animal fat you ate will make fat but don't beat yourself up for eating carbs which is what your body needs it is a need, lovely raw emotional video…you aren't doing it you have done it….acceptance, love to you.

  25. Your vulnerability and honesty made me feel like I am not alone. I started a YouTube channel and have been watching some people like Gracie's Journey and your video popped up and I am extremely grateful to have "met" you…I'm inspired by you and ready to move on my journey. Thank you and now I will binge watch your videos LoL

  26. Wish I'd come across your video before eating everything that wasn't nailed down. I'll never understand why I do it. Anyway, enough of the tears, I'll try again tomorrow…

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