My Health Record: Enhancing interactions with patient care

[Chris] Hi, I'm Dr Chris Moy, I am a GP at
the Arkaba Centre. I see a normal general practice population but I also do quite a
lot of work in Aged care and Palliative Care. [Meredith] I'm Meredith Makeham, I'm a general practitioner in Lindfield. We're a large group practice with about 10 doctors. We're paperless
and a lot of us work part-time and do a lot of sharing of records so it's important that
we're good when it comes to the quality of the record. We all have patients who, for whatever reason,
we weren't sent a copy of some important piece of information and we might spend a lot of
time chasing that. People often cannot even recall where they were and when something
happened, so we don't even know where to begin looking. The advantage of My Health Record
is that it's a place where I can go and look and see that information immediately. [Chris] My Health Record allows me to extract
that data into a thing called a Shared Health Summary which is a summary of mainly what's
happened to the patient before, their allergies and medications, which somebody else can look
at. [Meredith] It's not designed to replace point-to-point
communication as we call it, it's not a vehicle to communicate immediately with someone else.
It's a repository of health information that should be used as supplementary bonus information
that you wouldn't otherwise have access to.

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