good morning everyone and welcome to my healthy morning routine I start my day by waking up using a lumi alarm clock and no I'm not talking about that looming it's one of those alarm clocks that wakes you up with a little light and it's a lot gentler I dragged myself out of bed and into my slippers and dressing-gown and then I open the blinds and I always always make my bed it's really important to me that I always make my bed once I get out of it even if there is a little furry thing sat on it then it's off downstairs to get her some breakfast at the moment we're feeding her kanigan which is a grain free pet food and apparently the Queen's corgis eat it as well so if it's good enough for them it's good enough for princess Lumi but then it's on to me and I like to kick start my day with a hot lemon and Himalayan pink salt water I just like to kickstart my immune system and especially in these cold mornings it's a nice way to warm up that's for sure to ensure that I'm as time efficient as possible in the mornings I like to get my active we're ready of the night before and at the moment I am wearing the USA Pro and Matthew Williamson at collaboration which for me is very very exciting I have been a fan of Matthew Williamson and his bold and intricate prints for as long as I can remember so being able to wear this now in the gym is a bit of a treat this super exciting collaboration is available exclusively at one of my favorite stores which is flannels so I will have made sure that I've linked all of the beautiful items in the description box below then it's time for my healthy morning beauty routine and I start by brushing my teeth using the Braun oral-b smartseries toothbrush with the Pell drops whitening treatment and for my mouthwash I just use coarse adil daily then it's on to my skin care routine and currently I'm using the Elemis biotech skin energizing cleanser which just lasts forever I can't believe how long at this cleanser lasts and it feels super soft on my skin and it doesn't feel like drying in any way whatsoever so I'm really enjoying using this I do love to really massage this in probably a little bit longer than I should but finally I rinse it off using lukewarm water and pat dry with a towel then it's time to moisturize and I'm using the la Mer moisturizing soft cream this has always been a bit of a favorite of mine it's just really hydrating and I do suffer with dry skin a lot of the time so this just works really well and I follow up with the sk2 a facial treatment oil which is just stunning I've fallen in love with this brand at the moment so I'm loving using that in the morning then to wake up my eyes slightly I just pop in any old eyedrops that I've got of course to give my skin a healthy glow i'm using the by terry selling a rose serum in sunny flash and this is one of my favorite products ever so as you can see it makes me look a little bit more awake then for under my eyes i'm using the daiquiri or or absolute intense glow for eyes and this just takes away any dark circles and just kind of light reflect that away I'm just popping a quick slathering of the by Terry Baume De Rose on my lips because this is just beautiful and who doesn't love this product so that is my beauty routine finished and now it's time to pop on my favorite item from the Matthew Williamson and USA Pro collaboration it's the zipped track top and it fits like a glove this is so so beautiful I love the colors of it I love the print and I love the fact that it's got gold hardware as well and it does just fit so nicely look at the color and the way that it just clings in all of the right places then it's time for my pre workout before I run out the door and I just have a quick espresso this is just a natural pre-workout that I like to have in the morning and it's super quick and easy so it's just nice to enjoy it that's the thing I like to take five minutes after rushing around all morning and just have a coffee before I head out of the door I then got to quickly pop all of my essential items in my gym bag which is like my water bottle and headphones and towel and gloves and all of that stuff and then I quickly put on my USA Pro trainers which I really like and they're very very comfortable and they're also black and white so they don't kind of detract from the really beautiful prints from the Matthew Williamson and USA Pro collaboration it just kind of lets it do its thing and I really like that now my gym is only a short drive from my house but I don't really like to run it because I can't run because of my knee so this gives me some valuable singing time and at the moment I'm just loving singing to Justin Bieber which is usually just enough time for me to arrive at my gym which is the David Lloyd and has kind of just become my second home over the years I've been going here for over two years now and it's just I just love it hit so to start my workout off I like to use the cross trainer and I run about 5k every time I come to the gym I run on the cross trainer because obviously I have a knee injury so it's really important for me to not have that impact on my knee I run my 5k in about 15 minutes and I know that a lot of people think that's very good but I do think it's slightly easier on the cross trainer once I finished my 5k I am definitely warmed up I mean look at that pink face so I make sure that I rehydrate a lot I drink a lot of water anyway so it's really important I rehydrate after I run but it's also in preparation for the next part of my workout now most days I don't have a lot of time to spend in the gym so I tried to get in frequently but not spend too long whilst I'm there and today I'm doing a bit of a mini body blitz this is just a bit of a circuit where I try to work the main muscle groups that I train when I'm in the gym so that's my legs my arms and my abs and for this I always want to wear my gloves because I don't like to get calluses on my hands so I just pop those on quickly for when I'm using the weights now I start off using this chubby thing and because I'm not professional I don't know the technical term and I do these kind of kettlebell swing things and these usually leave me so that I can't walk for the rest of the week and I actually really enjoy that feeling but I do those for one minute and then without resting I move on to doing these for another minute and then again without resting I move on to the mat and I do these kind of walkout things which work my arms and my abs and as you can see I'm not very good at push-ups but I do my best I repeat those three exercises about three or four times and I rest two minutes in between each set of those three if that makes sense I hope that makes sense I'll pop it in the description box just so that you know for definite but that's my little mini workout finished you can add in other exercises I sometimes do as well but it is time for me to get showered and on with my day so I'm using the Clarins shower mousse and it's probably the most luxurious thing I own but I think that every day should start with a little bit of luxury and then I get changed into a snuggly jumper and some leggings because I like to be snuggly whilst I get to work but my post-workout protein smoothie I have the super elixir nourishing protein which is like vegan and organic and just the tastiest thing I've ever tasted and I have that with a whole ripe banana and some almond milk and what I do is I just shove it all in my nutribullet and wizard in there quickly for about a minute but other than it being really healthy the main reason I have this is that I'm not always ready to eat just after being in the gym so I have this protein shake within 30 minutes of training and it just kind of repairs my muscles and gives them a big shot of protein but I will no doubt have a proper breakfast later on this is just the perfect thing to take to my desk with me and start replying to the hundreds of emails in my inbox so that is my healthy morning routine I hope that you have enjoyed this video if you did please do let me know in the comments below and give this a thumbs up if you enjoyed it and also don't forget to hit the subscribe button thank you so much for watching bye


  1. She put on all that on her face to go to the gym????!!!!๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜ฎ she then sweated all that in her workout

  2. Lot's of make up to just go work out. LeMer cream is very expensive. Why not brush teeth, wash face, sunscreen then just go.

  3. One should not just โ€œpopโ€ in eyedrops into oneโ€™s eyes. They should be used only on a super special occasion. One can experience a rebound effect from eyedrops, as well as nasal spray, where they can do more harm than good if used too often.

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  6. This was Great! Awesome Work as always! I will be putting up week 84 this week myself too. Hope y'all enjoy! Much love everyone!

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