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hi guys and welcome to my healthy morning routine video so this is what I get up to you on the weekends and I like to do a shortened version of this on the weekdays too so my days start bright and early I seem to have chained my body to wake up at around 7 a.m. and naturally and the first thing that I do is make the bed I feel a whole lot more organized and less stress if my bedroom is tidy so making the bed is a key part of this then I'm popping on my dressing-gown this pajama and dressing-gown combination is my favorite at the moment it's so lovely and cozy and snuggly which is also important on those cheat January mornings giving my little chat a kiss and you'll be pleased to know that if you features quite a lot in this video I even have sausage dog slippers these ones are from Jules and I just absolutely love them then I'm heading downstairs followed by my little shadow and into the kitchen where I'm pouring myself a glass of water I like to put a little bit of salt in my water as well as you might remember from my mindful morning routine so this really helps to kickstart the digestive system and then also I'm making myself a cup of tea this one is a lemon and ginger tea this is really good at just two toxifying the body and really helping to kick-start the immune system too so while I'm drinking those I'm going to do my skincare routine this morning I'm cleansing and toning starting off with my Liz Earle cleanse and polish this one is an all-time favorite of mine I actually love this particular one it is the sweet orange and clove Christmas edition that I'm still absolutely loving it so I must wash that all over my face including over my eye area and it really helps to just gently cleanse the skin and then I remove it using a warm damp Channel then I'm just going to spritz my face with a trilogy rosehip toner and then it's into the bedroom where I continue my skincare routine with the dolphin Lumiere essential oil serum love this one and then I follow that with the live of Cooper skin under eye cream this one is really great for hydrating and B puffing the under eye area then I'm using the tidal moisturizer from Sunday Riley this is incredibly hydrating which I find that my skin's needs at this time of year in particular and while that sinks in I'm going through a little bit of meditation I've been really good at sticking to my resolution of meditating every day so far and I'm using a couple of different apps just to kick in the morning I use the calm app just to meditate calm the mind for about 10 minutes and then I'm going to be popping on my gym gear ready to do my workout as always my whole dream outfit is from a threatened Betty now I'm going to be applying a little bit of makeup I do like to wear some light makeup for the gym I'm puffing on my vibes Harry sell euros CC cream just to even out my complexion and then I'm popping on some benefit for our gel Justin even out those brows really look a little bit less scary I need to moisturize my lips with a Clarins lip oil this also adds a little hint of color too and I'm packing my gym bag with my ipod my wireless earphones the nails yars remedies natural deodorants and hair bubbles and my water bottle tube and then this sweaty Betty lookup workout top just helps to keep me a little bit warmer and poppin on my trainers and we're ready to go then it's out the house and I walk to the gym it's about a 10 to 12 minute walk from my house I like to power walk and think of this as my warm-up to my gym routine I'm a member of the Virgin active gym and I come here three or four times a week and I have a personal trainer on two days too which is a really great help today I'm working out by myself and I'm going to start by getting my heart rate up by doing some high-low sprints on the treadmill so I do one minute as fast as I can and then a minute of walking just to recover then I'm moving on to the Roman chair as charleen I like to call it not sure if that's your official name I work on my abs using my own body weight doing these body curls and I like to do about 5 sets of 15 if I can manage it then I'm working on my legs toning and building while using the leg curling machine and again I like to do four or five repetitions of this then is on two squats working on those glutes and I'd like to use a kettlebell so I also training the arms at the same time and then it's really important that I stretch and I cooldown I like to make sure that my muscles are nicely stretched out so I'm not eating too much the next day when I get back home there's always someone there to greet me it's just the best welcome seeing this little chap so I give him a few kisses and then I head into the kitchen to make a breakfast smoothie these little sachets which I keep in the freezer are ones I made earlier a mixture of frozen berries I add these to my thermomix it's a mix of frozen bananas blueberries strawberries raspberries and then I'm adding in the good guru good oats and berries I've been adding a scoop or two of this into my smoothies for the past few months and I find that the oats not only do they taste really good that also organic and gluten-free and a really good source of fiber which means that I get that slow-releasing energy throughout the day it means I'm not snacking which is absolutely great they're also full of amino acids this mixture also contains antioxidant rich freeze-dried berries which makes it taste absolutely delicious and it's also got whey protein in there as well which is great for helping to rebuild that muscle mass after your workout I'm also adding in the good guru good berry superfood powder I want to get the goodness from the berries but it can be quite expensive if I buy them fresh every single week so within these little sachets they are freeze dried berries which means that I get all the antioxidants and vitamins and minerals all in one handy little pouch then I'm adding in from our pro vanilla milk this obviously is the liquid which makes it into a smoothie and also a teaspoon of chia seeds which are loaded with fiber protein omega-3 fatty acids and also lots of other micronutrients then I whiz it all up for a few minutes so that it's all perfectly blended into smoothing at this point I also take my supplements as well starting with the good guru good hair skin and nails tablets these particular ones really help to support my beauty routine they contain vitamin C which contributes to the skin collagen formulation as well as nutrients to prevent hair loss and ingredients that help healthy nail growth and stop you from getting any dry brittle nails things like that then I'm taking some good turmeric capsules these are really great at helping any potential joint pain and inflammation as well as being antioxidant rich it's no surprise that turmeric has been used as part of Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years then I'll enjoy my smoothie because of the oats inside it means I won't be feeling peckish for quite some time I head upstairs and enjoy a nice hot shower then get changed in something really comfy and cozy then it's into my office ready to get started on some work yes you heard that right even on the weekend I do have a little bit of work to do the joys of being your own boss so I settle in to my office room and I usually start by making a little to-do list not too many tasks as it is the weekend after all while I'm working I enjoy the rest of my breakfast smoothie and that will really keep me going for the rest of the morning so that is my healthy morning routine I really hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know what you involve in your healthy morning routine down in the comments below thanks so much for watching and I'll see you next time bye


  1. My healthy morning routine :
    Wakeup at 12 pm
    Brush teeth and wash face then put moisturize
    Go on phone
    Check medications and take medication 💉
    Go on phone all day #couch potato 🥔📱 #Lol

    Pintrest : reema alsharekh💗💦
    Snapchat : ريما الشارخ /reema alsharekh 👻

  2. Why all the hate people? No she's not a mom or married so maybe she has more time on her hands and this routine is Her routine. It might not work for you. Goodness! Trying to make someone feel bad for being attentive to her life. Go get your own life. Sick people

  3. Wow. I always wonder how you keep your body so healthy and now I know why. Your body is in such a good posture. Could you tell me where to find those vitamins. Iam really in need of them. I want to keep my body as healthy as yours

  4. People stop fucking complaining just because you can’t fucking live the same luxurious life
    Admit it we all want this life

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