My HIV Medication/Side Effects

can't believe the messages I get about it well you're gonna die for this medication it's kind of ruin you inside it's gonna tear your liver apart hey guys what's up so today I'm doing a video on my medication that I take this is my HIV medication it's called try egg I know this is probably backwards maybe it's not maybe doesn't see that and so I wanted to do this video to talk about side-effects kisame people ask me about side-effects and I I do realize that HIV medication gets a super bad rap and a lot of people won't test for HIV for fear of the medication because they're they here out there in the world of whatever the you know HIV is it you know the medications deadly and it's gonna make you super sick and I just want to try to you know deal with some of those myths because you know I'm not sick I'm not a sick person I take this and I feel absolutely fine I will tell you I do have some little side effects from it and I will explain what they are and I am by no means trying to you know be the cheerleader for HIV that you should get HIV because it's so simple you just have to take this one pill of course we don't want to HIV we don't want to deal with a virus that's in our body that's attacking our immune system but this does keep it completely undetectable and you know you equals you hopefully you guys know about this undetectable equals n transmittable when you're I detect Abul I sound like a commercial you can't transmit the virus so and you know prevention access org if you want more information about that so a lot of people ask me about my medication and the side effects from it before I get to that I just want to give like just some perspective because in the United States alone 75 million people are living with hypertension and hypertension is high blood pressure I actually used to be a pharmaceutical sales rep and I used to sell medication for high blood pressure and so I'm pretty familiar with the condition and the diseases that can come from high blood pressure so heart disease and stroke the risk of those go up when you have high blood pressure and the number one killer in the u.s. is heart disease actually it's the number one killer in the world so and you know if you look at just overall in the u.s. what is killing people it's not HIV it's diabetes it's heart disease it's it's honestly it's accidents at work there's some really crazy things in the top 10 list I'll read them for you here top 12 things that people are dying from in the u.s. chronic liver disease is number 12 number 11 is septicemia number 10 is suicide number 9 is kidney disease number 8 is the flu and pneumonia number 7 is diabetes number 6 is Alzheimer's number 5 is stroke number 4 is chronic lower respiratory diseases number three is accidents and it says like unintentional injuries number 2 is cancer of course and number 1 is heart disease in the world globally and again this is just for perspective the top 10 things that are you know people are dying from around the world I don't have them all in total order because I know like number seven eight-nine around there was like diarrhea diarrhea tuberculosis diabetes number five is Alzheimer's number four is lower respiratory infections kind of these are repeating a bit so you a PD congestive obstructive no chronic obstructive pulmonary disease I did take some classes for nursing so I remember some of those stuff number two is stroke this is globally again number one it's heart disease so the the thing that increases heart disease is hypertension and 75 million Americans are living with hypertension in the u.s. you have to take medication for that and there's only 1 million living with HIV but for some reason hypertension medication doesn't get this bad rap that HIV medication gets they just it's just I can't believe the messages I get about it well you're gonna die from this medication it's kind of ruined you inside it's gonna tear your liver apart blah blah blah so I do know that when I was a pharmaceutical sales rep I also sold medication for hyperlipidemia so it was for or high cholesterol and they're called statins and I went around to the doctor's offices and I would bring them samples of this medication and we would talk to the doctors about that making sure that their patients were going in for liver function tests it's just part of the routine that happens when you are taking a statin and so they're checking your liver to make sure that everything's functioning correctly because the medications going through your liver same with HIV testing they're always checking that that's really typical for people who are taking regular medication there's a liver function tests that are done because everything's running through your liver so no difference for people taking medication for hypertension high blood pressure or hyperlipidemia which is high cholesterol so you know things are checked because these are medications that are running through our systems so in regards to side effects when I was a sales rep we would go into these doctor's offices we were bringing them samples of the medication and we'd always ask them how are your patients doing on these medications any adverse side effects that you can report if there was ever an adverse side effect from a patient it had to be reported we actually had a form that we had to fill out this is pre true internet days but we had like a form that we had to fill out and it was very important that the drug company was aware of any side effect even if only one person out of let's say a million that was taking this drug had that side effect that side effect would be put in the product information so when you get your medication there's typically a little piece of like folded up paper like a hundred times that's like stuck to the side of it if you open that up that's the product information you can find everything you need to know about this medication on that paperwork the type is super small but it will it will include every single type of adverse side effects so even if one person has it it has to be listed there and people think sometimes that they see a side effect that it caused you know something really horrific they think oh that's probably really typical but it's not necessarily true so the typical side effects and it will say rare side effects and it will list more common side effects so for Charlie Mac the common side effects are general ill feeling extreme tiredness body aches nausea vomiting and diarrhea stomach pain rash fever for hypertension medication some of the common side effects our nausea vomiting headache feeling tired weak drowsy lack of energy feeling nervous erection problems dizziness lightheadedness diarrhea or constipation in cough so a lot of similar side-effects with HIV medication you'll have some side effects in the beginning that seemed a little bit maybe unbearable that didn't happen with me with this one but I do know that people go through this where they have like the first like maybe week things will be more intense and then as your body adjusts they calm down so like if there's like nausea or vomiting like those things will mellow out if for some reason you have a rash that's typically an allergic reaction to medication and if it continues doctors will change your medications so with HIV medication there is so many different options out there and like I said with my with everybody with HIV we typically take three drugs so that mine has three drugs and one in this pill there's actually three different drugs in this one pill and I take a back of year deluded gurveer and let me give you Dean so those are the names of the drugs altogether this pills called try a MEK these drugs like abacavir is found in other three and ones or diluted Revere diluted Revere is actually tivac a and some people take two acade that's the brand name typica is the brand name so these medications can cause side effects if they are like affecting your life in a way that you can't function then your doctor would change you to something else nobody is supposed to be living with side effects that are like making it impossible to go to work or just go to the store so those things should not be happening and you know before you're prescribed these medications we do something called phenotyping genotyping they figure out through the phenotype in and genotyping in your blood what the best fit of medication is for you and it will say next to each kind it'll say whether you were resistant to or sensitive to it if you're sensitive to it I know that sounds weird it kind of doesn't make sense but that means that it would work for you if you're resistant to it it is not one that they're going to prescribe for you so they go through this process of checking your blood and seeing which ones would work just it's amazing like they go through and they sent to the lab in the lab test your blood with each kind of medication and it will say which one will work best so that's typically where they go with that and then they're able to prescribe from there so my side effects for this are I take it at five o'clock at night sometimes I will have I would say maybe I don't even know two times out of the week maybe three times out of the week an hour after I take this I will have a little queasiness and it's a kind of I always explain it it's kind of like a queasiness or and it's like one hour later I can take this with or without food also I have no restrictions with this medication I can drink a glass of wine with it if I want there's no but this is my medication I'm just telling you what I take so about an hour after I take it sometimes I feel a little queasy it's the kind of queasy where you're almost wondering if there's something you ate and oh god am i gonna be sick in another hour and then honestly within three minutes maybe it vanishes it's gone and I and I don't feel anything after that so I don't have anything beyond that sometimes a smidge of a headache but I feel like that hasn't happened in a long time the only other thing I can think of is for a while and then sometimes still every once in a while I'll wake up around 3:00 in the morning and be my instead of my brain being kind of groggy it's it's wanting to be a little bit awake when I feel like I just want to sleep but my brain feels a little bit awake and then I start thinking and then I eventually just go back to sleep I doesn't ever make me get up and you know walk around the house or whatever I mean it's not like full-blown insomnia or something but sometimes that does happen so on my Instagram story I decided to ask people if they would chime in anonymously and tell me what their medication was and what side effects they have and so this is what people shared with me I have two people that wrote in about Jen Moya and one said that they take Jen voya and there's no side effect they said they've been on it for the past nine years no side effects another person said with it with Jen boya that they feel dizziness but it usually goes away within the first hour yeah a lot of stuff kind of within the first hour a triplet I'm familiar with a triplet because I took this for the first four days after I was diagnosed and I was really sick at the time and I knew my doctor or nurse told me that that this actually this medication is sometimes sold on the street because it makes people feel a little high like if they were smoking pot and people liked that feeling but at the time I was really sick and that was the last thing I wanted to feel was a little high but yeah I definitely felt that when I took a trip low thankfully I only took it for four days it's kind of an older medication it's still more available in you know not like in the US but maybe like in Africa or other countries that don't have access to some of the newer medications but a trip Allah somebody reported that they had a little rash on their hands that lasted about three days and they used to feel like they were high that's that is because of the ingredient Ephron's I hope I'm saying that right and that medication apparently is the one that makes people feel a little bit you know whew death Scobie I feel like I'm saying that wrong and typically certificate is diluted gurveer that's one medication that's in my medication and disco B and they put those two together cuz I had two people write to me about that combination they say they have no side effects big tar B again these names I'm so sorry if I'm mispronouncing them I just I see them spelled out a lot but I don't say them out loud this person said that they have no side effects jalloo qey i had to look this one up I had never heard of this one before so this person says that they have a rash on their chin more times than not I actually spoke to this person and they are going to be meeting with their doctor soon because this side effect hasn't been going away and typically that's an allergic reaction when they're having a rash so I have a feeling that this person will be changed from their medication they said that they had an appointment soon with her doctor and they were going to talk about it this person says I take three combivir combivir Tiffa K and so they take three and there's one of each combivir Tiffa k and results da and they said i said i get some nausea and fast heartbeat for an hour like increased heart rate for about an hour I don't know how to say this one ella vir elta vir I'm not sure it's efference lamivudine and 10 of 1000 my god these are so hard to say Tonopah vir side effects dizziness diarrhea acidic so that's another one I'm not really totally sure if I'm not sure if that's in the US or not or that's common in the US might not be so those are some of the general side effects like I said with medications for hypertension and diabetes of course with cancer there's lots of side effects that's medication for you there's side effects for sure and but in general this is not affecting me at all like I'm you know I'm super thankful that I have it it's keeping me undetectable undetectable equals done transmittable and not transmitting the virus anybody who's undetectable is not going to transmit HIV you know this stuff is keeping me alive it's keeping the virus dormant and I I'm kind of like so stoked about my medication I'm so lucky this happened to me when it did in the early 90s and 80s this wasn't available this medication is what is saving people's lives today you know in 2016 I believe the year was there was roughly 6,000 to 7,000 deaths due to HIV and AIDS you know and a lot of that has to do with the social determinants of life and a lot of people and I know that's a whole another topic but it's not because they were taking medication and they died of AIDS that's not what it is it's for people that literally feel so upset about the fact that I have HIV that they're not going to the doctor to even get the medication it's people that live a homeless lifestyle and they have like their top priority is getting food or finding shelter not taking HIV medication there's people that have you know mental illness that have HIV and their top priority is not taking medication there's people that have drug and substance abuse problems that they're not taking their medication so it's not because people are taking medication and dying from HIV and AIDS today it's because of other things that prevent them from taking their medications that's about it I just really wanted to do this video on my side effects and I am NOT in any way afraid of this medication at all I'm super thankful for it it's keeping me alive it's keeping this virus totally suppressed I feel a hundred percent normal I don't feel sick you know that little queasy thing that I get after an hour honestly it's really weird but it's kind of comforting because it lets me know that it's there and it's working so I hope this was helpful for you anybody who's afraid to test don't be afraid of this medication if you end up being positive for HIV remember that this condition is a very manageable condition today at the medications out there it's available and you just need to go to the proper resources to get it that's through a doctor through a clinic and there's lots of programs out there to help people wherever you go for testing they're gonna help you with the next steps as far as how to get medication so that's it for now if you guys have any questions in regards to my medication please feel free to reach out I'm not paid by the pharmaceuticals to do this I do this because I just want people to understand what I'm living with and how manageable it is today I just want people to test I want people to know whether they have HIV so we can you know do everything that we can to stop the spread of this virus the virus is still continuing to affect you know almost 2 million new people every year anything that we can do to try to reduce that number it's worth doing and so that's why I do these videos hoping that you know people will become more educated and well you know go tests and hopefully the numbers will start somehow coming down I know I'm just a little piece of the pie but I'm just doing my part so ok guys have a great week and thanks for joining me from my Monday blog today and be well


  1. HIV/AIDS is not the death sentence it once was. Like she says, there are so many other diseases, etc., that are killing more ppl than HIV/AIDS. If I was diagnosed tomorrow, I wouldn't have the utter despair, end of the world feeling, that I would've had 10+ years ago. And that's because of ppl like Jen who have put themselves out there and helped to educate myself and others. I'd rather have HIV/AIDS than cancer, 100%.

  2. Hi great too see u so much motivated… Am taking Symfi M 152 from last 1 year but m losing weight about 2 kilos per month and feeling very sad and depressed Wat to do

  3. I was diagnosed HIV and my nurse gave me tenofovir, all the effects stopped except fever and constantly headache what's the problem just a month old need advice or is it gonna be fine

  4. It's not that you are undetectable making it unable to transmit. The real matter of the fact is that it still resides within the cells and the medication prevents it from replicating and spreading to new cells. Therefore the question is what if you pass a suppressed infected cell to your partner where they themselves have no suppression for it. Does the virus not start or begin to replicate then?

  5. I've been living with HIV for over 20+ years and advanced to AIDS and have had my share of OI's throughout these twenty years. Now I'm on Triumeq and my body is so messed up and not sure how longer I am gonna be around. Wishing you the best of luck.

  6. I'm on Biktarvy, I never had Triumeq I started back then with Stribild. From Stribild I had severe side effects, after a year and a half on Stribild I got Genvoya, and Genvoya didn't gave me side effects, after 2 and half years I got kidney stones a side effect from de booster cobicistat and then I got Biktarvy and from Biktarvy I didn't have any side effect. For me was the TAF better than the TDF and the TDF gave me the side effects.

  7. U painted sky in rose.. this medication is very dangerous and causes cancer.. A monthly or a year shot is a must.. a vaccine would be the ultimate solution. At 70 years old this medication is no longer effective coz CD4 won't interact with it any more..

  8. Hi Jennifer i have a question, I've been having a lot of breathing problems, weight loss, not much appetite, pain all over my body on and off for the past 3 weeks is that probably a sign of hiv infection?

  9. Question on life insurance? Back in the early days if you tested positive it is a no go for ever buying life insurance in the future. Have you attempted to buy life insurance since your diagnosis?

  10. Triumeq is probably one of the worst med for hiv. Especially if you have digestive issues. Atripla, compléra and stribild are slightly easier on the stomach. Then again, everyone is different. Diet and lifestyle can play a lot on all the side effects of any meds. There are also age related factors.

  11. I have hiv symptoms but tests till now negative diarrhea,fever and lack of concentration at the work place. In india we have dolutegravir that is our latest medication.We will get genvoya and biktaarvy soon as I suppose. Next week going for a viral load test for hiv after 6 months of chills,fever,illness feeling.))

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