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what's up everyone welcome back to my channel if you're new my name is Alex Costa and you guys asked me to post a morning routine video while I'm home in Los Angeles so here it is this video is in partnership with Nokia body plus smart scale I'll make sure to tell you more about it later now I'm a really light sleeper so one alarm usually does it for me I wake up right away no time wasted here one of my favorite things in my apartment is my Google home hey Google turn my lights off okay turning on for lights I use this thing all day every day once I'm awake I like to check my phone to make sure nothing crazy happened while I was sleeping I checked the news I answer some comments on YouTube and Instagram and then when I'm ready I get out of bed skincare has become more and more important for me and nowadays I just don't mess around anymore you know I bring out the big guns every day and I make sure to wash and moisturize my face every morning right after I wake up I'll also usually apply some eye cream to make sure that I look fresh and awake in the mornings and I tend to try new products every month or so just to see what works best on my skin and I recommend you do the same right now these are the products that I've been using I'm gonna list all of them in a description below the video so you guys can go and check them out as you guys have probably seen on my Instagram stories I've been hitting the gym a lot lately to gain lean muscle and then to lose body fat and I'm always trying to better myself so the nokia body plus scale has been helping me along the way I always check my weight in the morning but it also shows me my body fat my muscle mass and everything else that I need and I'll be honest I'm not mad at all that it actually shows me the weather forecast while I'm at it it syncs up to the health made app on my phone automatically and then I can get all the information that I need as quickly as possible so it's more of a body analyzer than just a scale the health mate app helps me keep track of the complete history of my health including sleep activity weight trends etc plus it gives me suggestions on how to best achieve my goals you know it used to be a lot harder to get this type of information so it's really cool to see how far we've come and how easily accessible this data really is anytime I want to scan my body I can just stand on my scale right in my bathroom and it's right there in the design as you can see it's clean its modern so I don't mind leaving it out in my bathroom all the time if you guys want to get your own to help you achieve your goals it costs 99 bucks and it comes in black and white but you get a special discount if you click the link and use the code in my description go check it out and see everything else that it does as well it's really helpful and I definitely feel good being able to see how my body is changing day after I'm done I head downstairs to start my day sunlight is extremely important to me it wakes me up it gets me going so I make sure to get as much of it as possible right in the morning a lot of people don't eat right when they wake up I'm not sure how they do that because when I wake up I'm always starving so I need at least a light snack in the morning like a yogurt a banana or a protein bar just to get my body moving while I'm snacking I go back on my phone a little bit and either post a picture on Instagram or check comments and see what my friends are up to and basically just catch up on everything that's going on on social media I also like to start my to-do list at that time just to see what my days gonna look like so I'm ready to take on the day once I'm done I change into my workout gear and I get ready to leave to get a workout in sometimes it's just a run or a hike but I've been mostly hitting the gym lately just the lifts now when I get back home I go straight to the kitchen again to have my protein shake and let me show you how chef Alex makes the best smoothie in the universe all right you're gonna need one banana a handful of blueberries four or five strawberries spinach a spoon of peanut butter a scoop of whey protein some water and if you want I recommend two ice cubes as well trust me it's delicious and right about now I start working which is usually editing or answering emails getting my schedule ready and being as productive as possible I make sure to take my vitamins while I drink my smoothies so I don't forget to do it later in the day which tends to happen if I don't do it in the morning because I started doing something else and then I forget if you guys enjoyed this video don't forget to leave a thumbs up and subscribe we're getting closer and closer to 1 million in our family so I appreciate all the help you guys are giving me to reach our goal I'm gonna leave a link to Nokia's body plus CEO in the description of the video so you guys can go and check it out and I'm gonna be reading and answering your comments in this video so feel free to leave me a message below so we can chat all right thank you guys so much for watching and I'll see you again soon peace


  1. This is the biggest lie ever you cannot tell me that you don’t turn the alarm off and go back to sleep and you probably skip breakfast and go on your phone for an hour 😂.

  2. Hello Alex,
    Firstly Love from India…!
    You are a great motivation for Mens well being ..!
    I keep on adding your recommended products to my accessories.
    Want to know here which of the earphone you use for the GYM and vitamins you use.
    Warm Regards
    Ankur Saraf

  3. Show the world your true power,
    Show the world what you truly are,
    Go there and stand out like the shining star,
    Good luck!❤️

  4. Your a light sleeper because of all that wifi radiation your bathing in while you sleep! Get rid of that stuff. Put that phone on airplane mode when you sleep bro!

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