My Morning Routine | Men's Healthy Lifestyle Tips 2018

hey guys my name is cold canard and welcome back to my youtube channel so my morning routine video from last year did so well I wanted to bring you my updated version for 2018 so here goes ID class myself as a morning person as I wake up every day around 6:00 a.m. one of the first things I like to do in the morning is check my social media to see what's been going on in the world something I've recently been doing is listening to ten minutes of an e-book every morning and I'm currently listening to the power of now which makes me feel strong and empowered the perfect way to start a day I also like to start my day by making a to-do list this makes sure any tasks I have for the day are complete and not forgotten about I'm getting much older so my memory is not what it used to be right time to get up and start with my morning routine first up at the bathroom I've really stepped it up with my grooming routine making small changes can make such big differences every day I like to start as a blank canvas so my first step is a good face wash this is then followed by a moisturizer I've recently been using Ulta for men's whiskey infused which is packed full of vitamins and essential oils a great way to start the day with a called fresh-faced feel my skin gets very dehydrated especially after six to eight hours in bed so the whiskey infusion helps skin actively and quickly absorb the goodness as I'm not the best sleeper a great product to apply in the morning is a cooling role on a gel this helps reenergize and brighter anti looking eyes so I don't leave the house looking like a zombie also not forgetting that morning breath that we need to get rid of I've been living in my new flat for around five months now and it's the best decision I've ever made it's giving me time to reflect on myself and the push I needed to grow up to stand on my own two feet if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen I've really stepped up my game in health and fitness these two things not only make you feel better in yourself they will also help with your overall skin care and grooming I like to start each day with some vitamins fish oil and flaxseed tablets which help boost your body and give you the best start of the day and not forgetting one of my favorite things in the morning which I couldn't live without a nice cup of coffee the gym is a really important part of my day it makes me feel more confident in myself and also is a great way to release stress as I'm such a morning person I like to get my workout done before most people are even awake so I can tick that off for the day before worrying about emails flying in and then it also makes me feel pumped in the morning ready to go and achieve great things once I'm back from the gym I head straight to the shower I'll be doing a shower routine video very soon so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for that regardless of where I'm going for the rest of the day this might be heading into London for events or meetings or even just sitting at home working I always make sure to complete my grooming routine so I'm feeling my best self after taking a shower I apply my second round of Ulta for men's moisturizer it's also contains sunscreen for protection throughout the day one of my favorite things about this product is its matte finish so it doesn't look greasy or oily on my skin I also apply a tinted moisturizer over the top to give me a even looking complexion now a new favorite product of mine is Ulta for men's face fix that comes in three different shades light/medium and also dark it is the perfect little tool for every guy to carry around with them to conceal any spots redness or dark circles under your eyes I take these products everywhere with me the packaging is subtle small and discreet so you don't need to worry about anyone judging you I go to a boot camp session twice a week my face after looks very tired of red which is not great for a to drive home this product gives me my confidence back and it helps hide those small imperfections with its blendable tones and it's so easy to apply as you can see some final touches with a bronzer and hair product and my grooming routine is nearly complete by the way I've linked the altar for men's products plus all the other products I've used in today's video down below I don't know why I have some kind of obsession with green smoothies and this one is great for detox in it's broccoli banana pineapple and a handful of spinach preferably in the curb and some ice cubes and water all mixed together and this will give you the perfect start to the day I call it my Hawk juice but that's it guys that is my updated morning routine for 2018 if you have any questions at all please pop them down in the comments box below and I'll be happy to help wherever I can and don't forget to please give me that thumbs up and I'll be seeing you very soon guys on my next video take care


  1. came from skinny because i'ma fuckin Louis girl and you have the same accent and voice. i can listen all day long..💙

  2. this is so cringy. like for real you need to stop, get yourself a boyfriend and stop making fake morning routines.

  3. we all love a FAKE sister ✨. this guy is so depressed and sad imagine if you feel forced to be perfect every single day. and this morning routine is a whole ass commercial.. i bet that he doesn’t have any friends lol what a softy

  4. Contact me if you are interested in pick 3 or 5. I have studyed it for a long time and have invented a great method.

  5. Well the first thing I do I wake up from a night of masturbating. Next I don't take a shower and cover up any smells with too much cologne. Then I run to school after spending way to much time on my phone. I usually make it to school just as the bell rings. What's your morning routine?

  6. I bet he’s sitting there right now eating s bag of crisps and farting and hasn’t took a shower in 2 days lol😂

  7. Think about just doing the coffee black bro,creme and sugar on an empty stomach ruin a good fast and its benefits.

  8. I notice eye rollers make my eyes look like I got hit kinda (they make them look Worse) do you notice that too?

  9. I don't see the problem with this video, everyone's making fun of it. Nothing wrong with a guy going through his morning routine, no one says this shit when woman do it, nice double standards. Sure his approach seems a little falsefied and fake but whatever I guess

  10. Stop being gay gayness is a disease it need to end please stop being a gay be real man and proud dont be ladyboy it is not good for health b man

  11. “Giorgio Armani lip balm” asgshkfd I-

    Also is he really gonna leave that apple like that? It’s gonna get dirty if you just leave it in the bag like that.

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