My Nerd Sis Stabbed Me In The Back To Steal My Bf

Hi everybody! My name is Joanne and I am 16 years old. I will tell you the story about how I was
betrayed by my younger sister and my boyfriend. Even though they probably think that I got
what I deserved.But this is for you to decide. I had a boyfriend who helped me with my studies. And now both my sister and him say that I
just used him to do my homework for me and help me to cheat during my school tests. And they are partly right. My younger sister Laurie has been studying
day and night, but she has the determination. She is one year younger than me, but she already
knows that she wants to work in pharmaceuticals and to help find a cure for cancer. And she gets good grades in school. But I’m different – I don’t like studying
at all. And there’s a reason behind this, I really
have no need for all this ma-a-a-th and che-e-e-m. I want to be a model. And I would rather spend my time working out
or learning various beauty tips and tricks, than doing labs and tests. But I realize that I need to pass tests, at
least to make my parents feel happy. My family is not rich and my parents don’t
give me enough pocket money to build up a savings for the things I need. Speaking of needs, this summer I am planning
to go to a summer modeling camp, where girls like me learn the basics of the modeling business
and, more importantly, build a portfolio. Also, the most successful models have a chance
at getting a modeling contract with a brand or a fashion magazine right away! But this camp costs money, and my parents
agreed to pay for it only if… only if I get good grades in school. Well, that’s easier said than done. For such a long time I was sure that D was
good enough for me, so I didn’t study well for a whole year. I basically only did the bare minimum needed
to pass my tests. But my parents clearly stated: GOOD grades! So how was I supposed to make up for all the
months I had already missed? Well, I had an idea. I am a beautiful girl — everybody says it,
and a lot of the boys at school would die to go out with me. Especially Mike. And Mike likes to study almost as much as
my sister does. He likes chemistry and he always talked about
the fact that he had a mini lab at home. And, well, it was not that difficult for me
to get him to invite me over. I told him that I was really interested in
chemistry and always wanted to see his lab. Mike is shy and, to be honest, pretty ridiculous,
and at first he did not believe that a girl like me would be interested in him or whatever
he was doing.But I was very convincing. His mother was also really happy that Mike
had finally gotten himself a girlfriend, and she brought us some homemade lemonade and
cookies, and while we were sitting comfortably at a table with dozens of flasks and bottles
and boxes with chemical reagents, I confessed that I was not very strong in science and
that I had big problems with chemistry …and also with math. Mike hesitated for a couple of days, and finally
invited me on a first date. For a few hours I was pretending that I was
interested in his conversation about his studies. I just imagined that I was an actress playing
the role of somebody else. Why not? A lot of models become actresses and maybe
this was something I was good at? And you know what? I think I did an awesome job, and in less
than a week Mike and I began to see each other as boyfriend and girlfriend.I even kissed
him a couple of times! But as much as he enjoyed that he was kissing
a girl, possibly for the first time in his life, Mike took my problem very seriously. He started by testing my knowledge of every
subject, and at first was horrified, but quickly became optimistic. He made a schedule for our studying which,
in his opinion, would help me to pass all the intermediate tests and prepare for my
final exams. Then we started to study. We studied every day, alternating the subjects
that I had the biggest problems with – chemistry and mathematics, with the ones that I was
a little bit better at – like Spanish and English. The problem was that Mike was really eager
to help me with both math and chemistry, and, at first, I was really eager to study, but
it was so hard for me to concentrate! All I wanted was to pass the tests and go
to summer modeling camp. But Mike was very determined to help me understand
the subject, and I was trying hard… but the more we studied the worse the outcome
was. The only thing I could think of was that I
was losing my precious time doing something I did not need at all, I made stupid mistakes
with the simplest tasks, and, finally, Mike just gave up, too. We both agreed that we did not have enough
time to catch up with a whole year’s worth of school work and it would be better if he
just did my homework for me… I also made him believe that I would rather
do something else with him than listen to his explanations and he gradually surrendered. He followed me everywhere I needed to go (mostly
shopping or to the gym) and did my homework at night. It definitely felt like he was my boyfriend
and I did want to disappoint him. He was nice and the most important thing was,
he was doing my homework for me. Yes, Mike turned out to be a really nice guy. But, first, I liked boys who were a completely
different type – physically fit, who look like they’re from the covers of magazines,
and second, I did not have time for all this nonsense. But as I have told you already, I did not
want to disappoint him or to lose somebody who was helping me get rid of this boring
homework routine. So I even posted some pictures of Mike and
I together on Instagram. But when my friends asked me if I really had
a boyfriend like THIS ONE, I had to write a reply and explain to them what I really
thought about Mike, and why I really needed him. I even made a funny picture from one of our
photos, adding a pair of rabbit ears to Mike’s head. “In the meantime, Mike was making plans for
how he would help me with my tests. And he came up with a really good idea. On the day before the test, he came to visit
me, but I was not at home – my sister Laurie told me that they chatted for a while and
then he left, but I didn’t even think to ask her what they had been talking about. What other topic could Mike have chosen while
talking to my sister, but how happy and lucky he was that a girl like me picked him?” On the next day Mike and I met before the
test, and discussed his plan. It was risky and complicated, but safe from
the point of view of me getting answers for my tests. Everything went as planned and I got all the
answers from Mike. But when I received the results, it turned
out that I… failed! I just could not believe my eyes! How could this have happened! This test was very important for me and for
my grades. With a little help from Mike, (well, Okay,
with A LOT OF help from Mike!) I somehow pulled my grades up over the course
of the semester to be passing, but nothing more. In order to satisfy my parents and to get
at least tolerable grades for the semester, I had to get a perfect score on the final! But as it turned out, I totally failed it! I was furious and I called Mike immediately,
but he did not answer, so I rushed to his house. And guess what I saw? Mike and Laurie sitting together in his stupid
lab, doing something! “And you know what? Judging by how they sat, head to head, so
close to each other that Mike’s cheek almost touched my sister’s hair… my younger sister,
who, with her stupid tediousness and obsession with studying, was always in the shadow of
my beauty and charm! And I heard Mike, talking tenderly to her
and explaining something from the school program of our semester – which she was not going
to have to do in her school program for at least a year. And by the way, she nodded her head, understanding
everything that he was telling her, (or pretending to understand, it didn’t really matter)… I realized that something was happening between
them! But this seriously could not be happening! Mike had fallen for my sister, and to such
extent that he gave me the wrong answers? Of course, I made my presence clear and demanded
immediate explanations.” And then they told me the story of how my
younger sister showed Mike the screenshots of my replies to my friends and my drawings
on Mike’s picture, and how she also told him everything about my plans to go to a summer
modeling school. Laurie added that I broke Mike’s heart,
but that SHE really LOVED him and I that now I had gotten what I deserved for hurting such
a wonderful person. Now, of course, I am not going to the summer
modeling camp and I will have to study all summer and take the tests again. Needless to say, I also failed the rest of
my exams – in subjects that Mike had helped me with. Of course, I really wanted to go to that summer
camp, but since I already failed one of the tests, nothing mattered after that. Yes I did have enough pride to not communicate
with the traitor, even if he was the only one who could’ve helped me. So I did not ask Mike to help me with my other
exams. And, of course, even though I still live in
the same house with Lori, every time I see her, I pretend that she simply does not exist. And as you can probably guess, she treats
me exactly the same way. Please tell me what you think about my story. Have you ever been betrayed by people you


  1. Yea you got what u deserved bcz he truly liked u.instead of playing with his heart you should have just asked him to tutor u

  2. What you did was very uncool. Thats all i can say. But yeah i have been back stabbed aswell and i know what it feels like.

  3. Studing is stupid? Looks like you are stupid. She wants to have future unlike you. You just want to be famous you got wht you deserved.

  4. Even if this Is 'betrayal' (its not) Mike has the right to choose. He found an intelectual person that stimulates him and he stimulates back as well he gets true love from.

  5. first of all, you used mike, and he really cared about you, also you should have gotten a tutor to help you with the school work since you were having trouble, but instead all you seem to care about is being a model, which is people dropping out of school to model based on youth, and looks, which they say are inevitably declared over by age 25, lmao, and your sister is in the wrong as well for doing what she did, because you don't screw over family no matter what, and two wrongs don't make a right, mike also should have just refused to give you the answers instead of the wrong ones, so you all are backstabbers in my opinion.

  6. Okay, two things. Do NOT judge people based on their body type, or how they look. That is a cruel, malicious thing to do. Also, the fact that he is doing your homework for you IS NOT more important than the fact that he is nice. You were NOT betrayed. You betrayed HIM.

  7. Girl you really are stubborn aren't you? can't even think for a moment,i mean what did you expect? You betrayed someone and you believed that he wouldn't be disappointed after finding out that he was fooled by you damn where is your insanity

  8. what mike did was right but her sister shouldn’t have gotten involved in the situation because it is still betrayal and her dating him after also isn’t right either as a sibling but she deserves what happened to her

  9. I get that MIke was never your type but that was mean, what you did to him. You totally deserved what happened but I suggest you apologize to both your sister and MIke

  10. Just because your pretty doesn't mean you can use people. You don't even regret it. He found someone who likes him, for him. Leave it alone.

  11. If she really paid attention when Mike was trying to help her study she would’ve caught those mistakes herself and she totally used him too.

  12. I hate your tattle tale little sister!! Ugh, why would Mike gave you the wrong answers?!! Mike could simply just talked it out to you about the problem!!

  13. We all make mistakes girl,big or small, but as long as we admit them and apologize it's ok I think! Mike helped you because he liked you and even though he did betray you badly just try to put yourself in his shoes and what you would have done. Our looks don't define us as people and must try to see beyond them despite being so difficult. I f I were you I would apologize to Mike and then try to live my life on again!

  14. I'm sorry everybody knows on some scale if they're being used or not there was no hiding it it wasn't a secret yeah she's self-absorbed but little sister is someone at fall to and doesn't matter who used to at the end of the day you're going to have to deal with each other at all the major holidays and the family most likely is going to get sick out while she still my boyfriend you were just using him and no one wants to be around that and the guy is two years older than the little sister chances are he's going to meet somebody in a week or a month or a year and the little sister is going to be old news and then the older sister is going to hold that over her or out of hatred Spite and resentment they'll get married and mom and dad had to go to two separate everything weddings future grandkids birthday party over a boy and a pretty girl being self-absorbed this is just way too close to home. # sisters before misters

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