My Sex Addiction Almost Killed Me


  1. Wow.. I'm sad that happened to her. And that had to happen to her the devil never sleeps. I'm happy she has her bf and he understands her pass situation.

  2. I got sexually abuse by my elder brother when i was 8 I did not understand it till i reached 11 yrs old , I'm now 23 yrs old i hate men I don't trust them I don't want to merry but I'm trying to change myself and focussing on how I adore children to let my heart open for a male partner someday. That is the scar that left in me, in case you are wondering why I didn't tell my parents coz they abused me physically not sexually and yeah I'm in Arabic society where your parents is your God. I'm writing this here for someone have a scar deep inside to tell them : YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE HURTING SO DON'T BE THE ONLY ONE WHO NOT MOVING AND PROGRESSING.

  3. Jace if you ever see this you're amazing and strong! The fact that you're putting your story out there to help others is so incredible. I wish you the absolute best in life! You can help so many people with your strength. 💕💕💕

  4. You probably don’t read these comments and I probably wouldn’t either .. but if you do just know you’re gorgeous, articulate, intelligent and courageous. You are worthy. Please know that. ❤️

  5. I'm angry and heartbroken for this woman i hope she finds peace I honestly do this tore me hearing her and i hope to god that piece of crap burns in hell 😭😭😭

  6. Oh no this is so sad, I feel very sorry for her. Bless her I hope she will live a happy life from now on, I’m glad she found help

  7. I know this, but he shouldnt have did that to her, but i understand, because i was abused mainly my whole life in foster care and before i was in it my cousin almost raped me, i was three he wouldve succeded if my sister didnt walk in, and then multiple times after that i was almost raped by different people, and i've been masturbating since i was 4, i didnt even remember almost being raped until i was 6 or 7 and then i learnt the reason i think like this is because i was almost raped and it was my way of coping with it, and yeah. I drew sex scences at the sweet age of 6 in my art book, i didnt know it was wrong to show people, because no one taught me, im the way i am from what ive been through and she is the way she is from what she went through and if anything it made her stronger. Because now she can also share her story with the world.

  8. I’m stationed in wyn I ve met alitof women who have been sexually abuse as kids by family for reason… there white women

  9. You seem to be suffering from PTSD or some kind of emotional trauma, I wouldn’t call it addiction, you were just led into a bad situation, you didn’t know anything different, so you were simply just not raised well, and I mean that in the kindest, least offensive way possible. I wish the best for you.

  10. Her story is appalling, but she tells it with such integrity and honesty. What an astounding woman.

  11. This is very important. Many people, myself included, just thought a sex addict is just that, someone that just can’t get enough sex. I never would have guessed it was sprung out of abuse. Lesson learned, don’t judge unless you’re educated enough to have an opinion.

  12. You are so strong and beautiful thank you for sharing your story to help others. Xxxx the world was a terrible place for you, but you lived through it now trying to make it better for others. God bless you xxx

  13. It's a sad story girl! But there is hope on the other way round. I wish you the greatest in your life.

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