not a part of me you can never bring me down ain't no bitch inside of me nigga Oh yo fuck run for me they narrow a lot of me I know they would die for me yeah I do this for my family what your role is a boy little beanbag in the video everybody wants to know high deal with so in this video you know I get a lot of like DM snaps etc of people who go through depression anxiety deep sadness feeling alone etc and this is my story to it well that is a story but just feeling y'all in a me there's a lot of people here my songs and you know they're like do you go through this tooling I feel your pain and I'll go through this can you give any advice excetera like that how are you able to just talk about how you feel like that I'm saying you know just give mine I can put on it I guess mmm-hmm but we'll see alright so with me um I don't necessarily I started but I know that I used to always feel so lonely in general you know I got it I got it to the family I got a mom that cares about family that cares about stuff like that but it was just felt like someone was missing and always felt isolated from everybody else for my friends I just felt different like I didn't feel you know saying the same as everybody else I just felt like an outcast regardless and you know that's how I was from growing up like only way I made friends was through basketball but if it wasn't if it was never for basketball I don't think I actually would have friends bro and it's kind of sad to think but there's people out there right now who currently just don't have friends who are isolated from the world who feel alone and you know who gets bullied etcetera etcetera the uncertain ain't no nigga don't trying like at me I'm saying like I was I was younger but you know I started feeling depression after like my first heartbreak with a girl oh girl I know a girl I start feeling the pressure at the heartbreak I can't necessarily say this next one because I know this person there's not a girl but I don't miss somebody who's very close to me and I can't put them out there like that so I'm not even gonna get into like but that was a big reason why I was getting into depression oh I'm gonna start shit whatever but I was one of the reasons but you know I understand like you know you feel like you don't you don't matter you might feel like you don't exist to anybody else like you might feel like you try to get somebody else attention you know you just want somebody to care the way you care see the type of person I am is that you know I get love to people you know I'm there for people I care for people I'm a helper I'm gonna give him say I already give a fuck about receiving and that's just my personality like oh I could give I'm not gonna respect I mean expect nothing in return and that's just the type of person on earth as it stuck in there I don't really give a fuck you know I'm saying I feel like I should be doing good you know I'm saying home fuck I need to receive I'm sounding very honest others and you know have no problem with that you know my biggest joy honestly is just seeing my brother sister smile I'm saying yeah you know and you don't seen other people smile making them smile you know you know such as like you guys you know I've seen you guys in the comments like how I make you guys in a day how you know I'm making guys feel good you guys laugh you know how we make you laugh you know that brings joy at me and I'm saying but you know there is a part of me who still feels like I'm isolated from everybody I do feel like sometimes I don't belong here I do feel like sometimes you know no white people people do this YouTube thing and I well people look at these people like as youtubers like we don't have feelings or like we don't have a separate life other than YouTube where people who see is just what something YouTube but they don't see what's behind the curtain you know I'm saying and people don't know what people go through mentally like we're all human it's not like we're fucking robots I'm saying it's like we got feelings too and this is deeper than what people think you know like I learn like I'm like no I'm saying I'm making money off you two good money you know I'm not gonna lie and just be like the money makes me happy it doesn't I look at my bank account I look at it I look at the money that's getting put into my you know my YouTube account I'm looking at it but I don't feel joy from it it's like it's crazy that what I just realized you know love is a big impact on human beings life like love is so important boat and like I feel like if you don't have that you're not happy but you remember people who could go without it but I believe you know love is a strong strong thing that people need but anyways you know I I get hella anxiety I don't like being around people I don't like associating with people I don't want talking to people I don't I'm not that type of person I rather just be alone stay stay in the house all day and not fuck with nobody that's my personal you don't give a damn about making like new friends all that shit and sending stuff like that but like I said you know I'm a good person like I'm not just gonna block up nice people that are nice to me and say I ain't no fucking young get you feeling the pressure to take you to a really dark place you know I can't even imagine you know those that are gonna bully you know I'm sayin and then they you know plus they had depression and they get a deep sadness and you're saying there's people at the end talking about the problems on Maidan it's fucked up and like it makes me mad like let me say especially the ones that DM you about them getting bullied by people stuff like that makes you wanna go to fuck who you know anybody nobody I don't own condone it I go crazy that I ever had to my brother's sister never say hello to Joe for won't care I'll do all that for me but depressing all that that's not that's nothing I wish upon anybody because it's like depression as I so learn only bro like you don't know what to do to fix it one day you just wake up happy and the middle of the day or know where your whole mood just changes I can just don't know why you just sitting there and in your whole mood change and then you're just left yeah the rest of the day you're blocking out people you don't want to talk to nobody your noises and it's so fucked up that this depression has this fucking unison this thing that gets you that you can't necessarily do anything about and you just sit in there like why am I like this why can't I be happy why can't nobody love me except I'm saying I'm not gonna say I said nobody loves me because I do have people that love me I got a brother and sister I got I got parents I got family I do love me but at the same time you do kind of feel like you don't relate you know you don't matter this is what it is it sucks but that's just what it is and you know with me you know from what I went through even with my exes you know I got bit heartbroken bro lights it's like cheated on like messed up type of cheating like catch don't even see any messages Cheney getting told I can't shit you're getting told that honey gonna be shit that you know music ain't shit for me I'm not good at it you should just stick to school that's the only thing you gonna matter you know I told him no shit before it's like you know oh I understand bro imma do you feel me for my dad you say hey turn the rapping you can't live like this you know I'm family you know I'm saying it's like people would just treat other people as if they're not human like we like we don't have failure this fucking pissed me off cuz I always hope like like we don't not feeling it I just can't just be a dick to somebody bro like that unless I unless they give me a reason to and you can reasonably be a fuckin asshole to you that's what I'm gonna be I'm gonna be exactly that to you but if you don't give me a reason to do that then I'm gonna do it I'm gonna be polite gonna be as nice as I can you know respectful etc I'm not just gonna walk around I can let you feel me but you know so for those who like talk to me you do me about you know the depression I go through to these days I just don't feel like doing them those days I just don't feel like shit these days I just don't feel like how magic I feel like I don't deserve I feel like yeah I don't deserve to live I felt like I shouldn't be here I feel like I'm sad I've been doing suicidal thoughts you know and that's what my piece called suicidal thoughts like I've had so much so that before ever understand and you know I'm saying attempted to do it and it sucks is is not nothing I wish upon anybody but it's just this is something that nobody wants to talk about because they're scared cuz they don't want to be judged they don't want to be they don't want to be I don't wanna be made fun of you serving like bro I promise like right now I'm Sam older you know I could give a fuck with somebody thinks about me in there I don't give a damn what you think about me you know but you know like I'm Robert depression was used to be worse my anxiety used to be worse my you know fellas sagacity works like I'm done way far I'm Way better I do still s and depression I do still go down sometimes but you know I find ways to pick myself back up you know something I have to motivate myself in saying you know I got people that care about one got people that love me like if I did some to myself then I'm affecting others that love me and you know that's the big message people gotta understand like if you have somebody that cares about you in your life that's all that should matter that's all that should motivate you to want to stay alive to keep yourself afloat to keep yourself above the water but you know nobody nobody wants to see that you know I'm saying all these people have bullied people for like amuse me and all that shit bro y'all y'all y'all you bro yeah now you know even like how can you do that to somebody like oh I have a good heart son and you know that's just the type of nigga I am I'm saying I'll do anything for my family for my brother sister I would do anything for my bros like my brothers I know they are my brothers I'll do anything for them I'm saying I'm only down four people you know that care about me you care about me I care about you but if you do some fake city do some snake shit you do some wild shit you do some trifling shit all right type of like anything that got some don't see that community I'm not I'm not associating with known any lucky women people Excel but look man more the story I go through the same thing you guys go through for those who do this is to you this message to you if you go to depression you go through sadness anxiety you know feeling a feeling lonely you're not alone I'm a youtuber I go through it too I go through that and you know my best advice to give to you is to just not give up it's not worth it taking a life over stings like this is it's not gonna be worth it in the end like you look at me like I was down I didn't know what else to do I didn't feel like I was gonna be shit like I didn't feel like I was gonna do any in my life I didn't feel like I was gonna go anywhere like my life is basketball at the time and then that shit went straight out the window I went to college I dropped out I don't know what I'm opposed to do I started getting some music why are you telling I was gonna take off but then you know I got I've seen a little bit improvement like last year to this year I'm gonna being as a proving that's because I had to keep motivating myself that I can be somebody I could do something I can make a difference I could have fluence people I can inspire people and that's what I've been doing lately and you know it makes me happy to make other people happy if I bring you up if I bring you joy and I make you feel good then that makes me happy that's all that matters this money shit that I get from saying that doesn't necessarily matter to us our joy like Leung is all like that's all about I'm about that love shit and that's all I'm gonna be about but it is of course I got a provider my family of course you know I'm saying that's how we survive out here so of course need money but you know I'm saying like my thing is to get to people that aren't hurt or to speak for people that can't be heard speak for people that can't speak if you go to it I I learned that I'm not a man once I started making my music and put it out about like oh when I started writing him you know once I put out my suicidal thoughts EP my dealings got flooded of people that were just like me but they were looking up to me because I was speaking out on so saying you know one person that you got a really look up to he younger than me but you were a brother I fucked him so happy cuz that man is so true shit bro he's speaking about the pain credit oh fuck we ain't doing the drugs shit I'm saying I think he's like that go but but he's speaking awesome he's speaking for people that can't be heard no so that's that's you know that's my story that's mine upon you know the pressure and anxiety feeling lonely etc if you feel it alone you're not you know I got do it there's other people that goes through it like if you need advice I'm saying just hit me my dear sir AIG and there are bands dot-com alright G a little bit you know why G a little bit worse Anatomy if I don't get to you I promise I'll do my best to get to you if you want me to hear your story which was going through etc hit me up our got you I'll give you the best advice I can I don't want to see nobody take that like we have so many people this year looks like their life of a suicide awful bullying I'm a felon you know me alone died all that stuff just I'm saying even kids even though kids taking their lives kids shouldn't even be thinking about stuff like that man when I was a kid I was pure happy bro and I wish I could be a kid again so y'all like all Americans wouldn't get out of high school like teach you about nigga when light hits you oh god I wish she was a kid again Oh God even when she was a freshman in high school I sweat it up you're not going to fuck with this like shit but unless you it was you really like I'm saying thank you guys leave a like come and subscribe to my channel let's get this out there listen let's help the people let's get this I'm not saying this mingo fire but let's get this out there for people to know what I'm saying they're not alone so it's just all about a call about a change so as y'all know y'all know what gang y'all are with a man's family a little being a family so y'all need to leave a like comment subscribe to know your post notifications don't worry I'm good don't think that I'm over here thinking like negative accepted like that I'm just speaking on something that I go through but I got a handled I handled myself you know I got people that support me that loves me behind me so you know people got my back and y'all know you guys got my back you guys motivate me to keep pushing and I


  1. I go through this everyday and the only way I vent is the prayer and music ❤️ I understand it’s good to know others go through it too!😕

  2. Actually, I have depression, anxiety, etc. I even take pills for it. I know it's hard not to kill yourself, and hold it, but you know, you only have one life..

  3. I’m real late watching this video and it makes me mad 😂 but I fr cried because I hate how true this is and it’s so hard to recover and try to get your mind off of it. Thank you for this video bro it dead ass made me happy, much love

  4. That's why you have us, we're always here for you💖💖💖😊😊😊😊😊 And I'm glad you could talk to us about these kinds of things:)

  5. I kinda relate cus sometimes I can be pretty happy and calm and the next minute I just wanna start a fight with somebody for no reason. And sometimes I feel alone for no reason and I don't know why.😖Btw, I wouldn't have a boyfriend cus I am in year 7 ( 6th grade in America,I think). So yeah I get what u mean

  6. I feel you and I'm sorry for you I've got cheated on anf played half of the boys I dated wanted one thing and left me because I refused anyway we are all human and lately I dont even wanna eat but do but i hope things get better i support you and it's rough love you and keep pushing

  7. I try not to express my feelings so hard but sometimes I just let it go in the bathroom. I’m here

  8. My family doesn't have any electricity rn, my little bro moving to Atlanta, my cousin died, I'm shutting myself off from everyone and my friends little brother died I loved that kid man. My biggest pet peeve people saying they know how I feel when they don't. So it feels good seeing videos like this knowing that someone went through like I did to. Love you❤️🚫🧢

  9. I know perfectly how you feel, the best advice that I can give to all is talking with someone about yours pain. Keep all the shit inside you will destroyed you, nobody has to prove shame for ask some help to the psychologist because nobody can go through some shit by himself, the psychologist will help you so much. And then all the pain will help you to know yourself better, before I wanted to kill myself but when I started to go to the psychologist I started to feel lucky, because with the hard work I am finding myself and im getting stronger. Sorry if my English is bad❤️🙏

  10. I also like being by myself all the time. I kind of push myself away from people and society. But every once in a while it is nice to go have fun with somebody but I don’t have friends in my life to do that.

  11. just remember to breathe. one day, youre gonna make it big *big*. tbh, youre one of my favorite yters and im constantly rewatching old videos. 🙂

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