My strange addiction!

all right so this is my strange addiction it started about five years ago I'm actually pretty surprised but I haven't been arrested yet because I've eaten over five million children but let's get this interview on hello my strange addition is eating small children my name is Jennifer flaw pilobolus and I small children and here comes a child now hey puppy lucky I eat approximately 75 in 1/2 squared my strange addiction only happens at midnight of every Sunday but every day at the same time because every day Sunday knowledge approximately I see 25 out there right now in their houses hello my name is Bob canal and I've been addicted to eating shirts for eight years I had I just like the way the leather tastes it tastes like strawberries to eat like a strawberry smoothie yeah hello my name is Paul cram and life in the kitchen you didn't shout I eat rocks meant like 28 now 9000 shirt kooky shirts so my name is ASEAN Oh Jones and I have an addiction of licking the ground for me it tastes like s'mores on to the interview Oh sir sir aren't you aren't you gonna talk sorry sir there's an interview sir an interview hey guys thank you so much for watching the video my actors in it were Austin and Brandon thank you guys so much between the video hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did like and give us some comments for what our next video should be all right describe yep subscribe to the channel bye bye


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