My Strange Addiction Compilation #14

Victor lives on cheeseburgers and cheeseburgers alone I love burgers he eats four burgers a day 28 each week which is nearly 1500 burgers every single year I don't eat salad my Toni's steak I stay away from chicken I don't eat any vegetables worth Ruth I love fishing but there is no way in hell I will eat a fish per Hertz are so good from his burgers Victor consumes over 88 pounds of fat every year and approximately 1.3 million milligrams of sodium the reason why I enjoy cheeseburgers so much is because I know exactly what's going on inside there simple I like it hold on Roberts daughter knows nothing of his secret life as a female mascar sherry emerges only when he is home alone I'm in a don't-ask-don't-tell situation with my daughter now safely concealed behind the walls of his courtyard Robert spends hours inside his silicon creation in contrast to her husband Victor's wife loves nothing more than to experiment with new foods I'm going to culinary school I love all food I don't need anything she makes 9 to 10 times I'll stop on the way home let me get a cheeseburger plain and get rid of the evidence and come in the house and then just kind of pick at what she made every time Victor doesn't eat something that I make I take it very personal I know it breaks her heart you know but I breaks my heart even more because you should see the spreads that she makes and I just don't touch it all done Victor's aversion to his wife's healthy dinners also makes an impression on the couple's two children it's difficult for me to push healthy eating habits on my children if Victor is sitting there with a hamburger eat healthy my name is Emily I'm 19 years old I live in Los Angeles and I am a living doll I usually have to start the day really early just because I have to do his contacts I have to do my makeup I need to find the dress that I want to wear and match it with the perfect wig and all of that I've only been like living doll for just a little over a year now some of the measures that I go to to look more like a doll I eat smaller portions of food and I weigh myself two to three times a day I've been like staying out of the Sun so I can maintain more porcelain skin and like using corsets just to get a smaller waist but I accidentally least one of my corsets too tight and one of my ribs is now pushed in a bit too much I'm in the means of beauty I suppose Robert has decided to appear in public as sherry at a gathering of fellow maskers in Minneapolis sherry we meet at last I am so glad you made it well look sensational in your picture twice a sensational in real real time very few people who who want to do this choose to go out the gang's all here now it's time for introductions what happens at the rendezvous stays at the mine you say your name sure this is my first time first time here in California got something to show you come with me okay I figured it wasn't gonna be good I assumed she was gonna show me or tell me something bad there's real burgers in there when the burgers fell out of the truck first thing I did is look over at Adriana so Victor what do you think all of this represents I'm assuming it represents the amount of burgers I eat in a five-year span try a one-year span Wow fourteen hundred and sixty burger boxes right here what's it like to see them all here it's just disgusting jobs empty looking like that and roasting like that looking for a job me being a doll often creates like friction in the house and I can't deal with stepmother constantly telling me to change I see your eyes judging me well just remember that people when you're looking for a job they always look at your parents so just keep that in mind yes well I'll stick in their memory for sure hi hello my name is Emily I'm here to inquire about a job I saw your assignment in the window hi hello my name is Emily I'm here to inquire about a job I saw your sign in the window other living girls have made a career of being a doll I want that but right now I'm just willing to take anything I really don't care what it is as long as it pays for my lifestyle how do you find a bordo job I saw your help on it Sam oh I see she just came in and she was asking for a job the first impression you get is like is she all right you know excuse me I have never met anybody it looks like like her I'm not trying to be mean by your appearance you don't think your appearance is holding other people to hire you like I should hope it's not a reason to not give me a job I'm still hard worker and everything you look like you like a Japanese doll oh thank you yeah I personally don't judge Emily by the way she looks but I have to think about the reaction of my customer when they see her coming in and they will think like what's going on okay it's nice to meet you nice to meet you hello hello how are you good thank you I've heard word you're looking for a receptionist and I'd like to apply for the job let's go in my office okay I went in just because I do have some knowledge about like old cars it's very much in my family's trade they all love old cars any experience being a receptionist um not yet but I could be and that's kind of the reason I've come here because I am aware of like the workings of cars and all that and even father he's like got lots and lots of old cars I was sound like a right fool but indeed this is why I've approached you on the matter thought she's coming in for a car repair and all of a sudden he was for interview for a job my first impression it was like wow I would have to get your information think about it let's see what kind of decision I can make the way she's dressing up it's now propriate for the shop that I'm running


  1. If his own child is saying that his father is unhealthy, shouldn’t that enough motivation to stop eating fucking cheeseburger!

  2. I’m just curious, like, the grown man who dresses up like a freaking doll in a silicone mask, has a daughter… which mean he has/had a wife?!?!
    Explain this to me….

  3. 1:55 this boi hits the jackpot and burns the fuckin ticket????
    That's easily the strangest thing in this vid

  4. You would think the doll girl would be able to get any job because she looks stunning but this proves that people, no matter how good you look or what fashion you prefer, will judge you negatively. I can see why some people wouldn't hire her base on her appearance. They think she would be a distraction from job or hell, cause unwarranted drama in the staff because she looks so good. Come on, some of those minimum wage women will try their hardest to break doll girl because she can pull of this lolita/disney girl look and they can't. Male workers, the straight ones, would be too distracted by her appearance to do their work properly.

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