My Strange Addiction- Davecat Still Loves His Doll

since the show our relationship it really hasn't changed to be honest I mean we are still extremely supportive of each other I love her completely and utterly and she's exactly the same way about me she chen actually really enjoys foot rubs that's probably one of her favorite things in the world she thinks her feet are like one of her best and cutest assets and I'm inclined to agree I think people think having a synthetic partner is strange because it's just so out of their realm of possibility that's for instance why I had the psychologist come around and I spoke with him for a bit is there a part of you that thinks this is peculiar I just think it's a matter of time before more people are choosing the synthetic option Dave she can't see yeah and she can't hear yes one of the most fundamental elements of an addiction is it provides relief from pain yes what's the pain here ah the pain I would have to say would be loneliness really it makes you feel good and and it's fulfilling for you exactly and it doesn't hurt anyone exactly so knock yourself out yes I get it the relationship I have with shachon is for my happiness you know if I play along and pretend that she can see she can hear that sort of thing well if that's what makes me happy you know that's what makes me happy so I really see no reason to change I place an order at the tail end of last year for a second doll her name is going to be Elena Elena Vostok rova she donates the wife Elena is the live-in girlfriend it'll be a Modern Family


  1. العالم لن يتكاثر هكذا ماذنب النساء جاد للزواج

  2. Why he is so careful handling he..why didnt he just drag her? she wont feel anything.
    I guess human women are treated more harshly than this doll.

  3. He:babe I love you
    She:holds the hand tightly
    She :giggles
    He:my love brought you to life
    Everybody:see a priest duh…

  4. I was about to start cheering for him and seeing him so confident and all, but then he said he's getting a second doll. Now I know, and this is a trend among doll owners. One will never be enough because the doll can't challenge you like a real woman can, so you will seek the excitement of something different, a new change…hence a new doll.

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