My Strange Addiction | Vaping

hi my name is Jeff I'm 22 years old and I live in a suburb in Ontario Canada and I'm addicted to vaping actually is it cool if I rip a fat cloud real quick yeah cool I could make you what it was cool if you want vaping is just a way of life man like I feel like the vape is a part of me now yeah I vape on pretty much anything like sub ohm melt along pod systems you know pretty much any device that's on the market right now I've probably beeped it I like to have my supplies on me because you never know when you're gonna meet him you know what if I run down to the local Circle K and some dudes blowin gank clouds like he can't be showing me out yeah I come here like every day about an hour I just see who wants to come rep the nation clean like nine times out of ten nobody shows up but like you know you get a couple bites sometimes you know yeah I try to rep my niche pretty much anywhere I go hey man quick question oh is it okay if I wrap my nation here I don't want to intimidate anybody with my fat clouds either you want to check out these sick point to use that I built yeah you want some I give me for free just follow me on the gram hey man I was just wondering what Nick strength is this you don't know okay thanks anyway man if you like vaping is a really good icebreaker cuz girls are always interested once I show them the dopest build sup mom I'm taking these sick point twos I built seriously hey excuse me miss hey miss you want to check out these no okay vaping has definitely affected my life in a bit of a negative way like my ex-girlfriend broke up with me because she didn't want to wrap the nation with me so I had to kick her to the curb just wasn't gonna work out she didn't even know what a double-helix clos was so like you know we'd get them can you come here for a minute I need to talk to you I feel like you're drowning yourself in this whole vaping thing mom the only people drowning are the people in my dense clouds you really need to get yourself together so I'm three weeks clean from vaping and I feel great are we done here now okay Jeff you feed alright so Jesse and I just filmed the scene where we cloud up the car and Jeff gets caught long story short we're kind of nicking out right now anyways thank you so much for watching this we had a lot of fun making it if you want to see more videos like this hit the like button down below so that we know and also leave a comment down below letting us know what your favorite part was to stay up to date with our latest videos be sure you hit the subscribe button down below and until next time we probably be seeing this guy a lot more often apparently you guys like him in the videos so yeah I like doing the videos but yeah until next time I'm Dave from – beep so I'll see you in the next video please got full sender got full Senate I just broke the stool and I cut myself off to a fantastic start here we go alright beauty start here hey man you're just wondering to yourself beeps here you guys sell a juice here


  1. Im watching this while vaping😂😂who here still uses aegis legend 200w mod dead rabbit RDA dual coil.

  2. I'm addicted to vaping I always carry around 2 vapes 2 bottles of juce and a spare set of batteries.

  3. Exotic vaping is interesting to me because it requires you to learn some pretty critical things with Ohm's Law and electronics in general. I find it funny that even the dumbest of dudebros is still gonna end up becoming smarter than the average person if they venture into more exotic vaping.

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