1. My therapist is the exact opposite, we will just sit in silence like a scene straight out of Good Will Hunting because he’s trying to force me to talk and actually like work on my issues

  2. What I did disturbing is that I just "watched you posted that?" from smosh and Steven and mark were both there.

  3. out of adderall? look at those pupils. fake vids. this is so fake. that guy looks like markiplier too you dumass

  4. The person in the beginning is my therapist she is ugh i hate her because she says that i need to be more active ugh 😡😠😣.

  5. The ending line reminds me of when I asked my psychiatrist if I qualified for an emotional support animal and she laughed and said “of coURSE.” And I just kind of awkwardly laughed

  6. Anyone else notice in the first scene, His hair was trimmed down, the scene with Mark his hair was grown lol

  7. Wanted to take the time out to say well job, Markiplier. I’m not a 9 year old girl so naturally I hate your acting but this was really good!

  8. "It makes you weak at the worst of times,
    keeps you safe and keeps you fine.
    Makes your hands sweat and your heart grow cold,
    it visits you when you're weak,
    but never when you're bold.
    … your fears."

    ~Markiplier 2k18

  9. I think that's precisely how Dr. Plier got his doctorate: a ten-year filibuster on stories, puns, and thinly disguised money-making scheme generation.

  10. I saw an ad here about a shopping app showing that they deliver without expoaing their privacy and the girl said people always look at her juggaluggs and then she went online shopping and the product she bought is blurred and she was happy

  11. I will always see therapist as the rapist….always….I don't know why, I always read it that way. Not that I have a thing against therapists, I think they are very important, I just read it as the rapist.

  12. Mark's that aggressive, annoying gay guy you can tell is out there killing sentient beings for amusement, then you find out one of his parents spies for imperialism and the other drank the koolaid. Seriously, though, when's the autopsy of this freak happening? I want to see what plugins the other smaller slant that rides inside him like a mech uses to get that voice

  13. Oh yes. When i hear Marks voice. I get very excited. its all a very exciting event. i just get very excited.

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