My Thoughts On Barnett International Training Courses

hey guys ecrg here back with another
episode today I’m gonna give my thoughts on Barnett’s internet Barnet
internationals training courses I’m sure you guys have heard about this company
before they’re a company that specializes in these training courses
they offer courses from anywhere from someone who’s interested in data
management study coordinator you know basically any position project
management CRA auditors they offer them across medical devices you know
regulatory affairs safety statistics they are pretty comprehensive with what
they offer and the type of courses that they do offer and I’m sure because of
the marketing I’m sure because you know there’s just not much information out
there on clinical research you have come across this company and the reason why
I’m doing this is because well this particular episode is they sent me a
kind of like a catalog of courses in the mail randomly I don’t know how I got it
but they sent me a catalog of courses for the 2019 to the 2020 Year of the
courses that they’re gonna be offering and I thought this was a great episode
topic because one I am going to you know of course I have the the course catalog
right here with me but I’ve gotten some questions about training courses that
people should take should they take these courses what situations should
they take them in so I’m gonna give my take on that here in a second but
particularly these courses are not cheap I mean I like to kind of talk about more
of this and later on in the episode but these courses are not cheap and they’re
taught by someone someone who has a whole bunch of letters and degrees
behind their name and so I could see how it’s easy for someone to think that okay
in order to get into clinical research I need to take one of these courses or
taking one of these courses is going to help me get into clinical research
faster and I’m gonna give my take on that too but before we get into that I
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did email me Ali clinical group at and now back to martinet
Barnett’s is probably the leader when it comes to training of course they have a
whole catalogue here well-done catalogue so clearly they are not hurting for
finances but one of the things that people talk about is you know wanting to
get ice HDCP experience and wanting to kind of learn about that where you go to
learn about that well one of the places is Barnett’s and you want to just learn
more about clinical research kind of put some ticks on your resume about you know
you know about these certain topics and clinical research and especially if you
want to you know you’re aiming to be a monitor or project manager it’d be a
good idea to go ahead and take these courses now so you have that experience
well I first want to dispel that myth that you need to do any training courses
beforehand other than self trained on Google you do not need to do that and if
you are new to clinical research or you are you know looking to break into
clinical research I would not spend my hard-earned money on any of these
courses now if you’re they’re offering a course for free or something like that
that’s a different story but when it comes to spending my hard-earned money
I’m not spending a dime on these courses now you might be saying ECR gee that’s
easy for you to say you know you’re been in the industry a long time now
and you’ve been in the industry a long time now and you may not you know feel
the burden of what it’s like to get into clinical research well that’s not true
because you know a few years ago when I was first trying to get into the
industry it was hard for me to get an industry to I talk about all the time
how many applications you should apply for I say shoot for 200 I’m not saying
that to be facetious I’m not saying that to be funny I’m saying that because I
actually applied for over 200 positions trying to get into the clinical research
field so I know how hard it is and I know how much effort it is and it’s
almost like a full-time job just trying to break into the industry it took me
months to do it so I know about that and I’m still saying I would not pay a dime
for any of these courses now reason number one is this industry is about
experience now know how no matter how much money these courses cost know how
no matter how many degrees the person teaching it has no matter how many
certifications that person has they are not able to give you experience or any
worthwhile experience in a matter of a day a week to week two weeks out of some
facility or something like that it does it doesn’t matter this industry is about
experience it does not matter what kind of fancy degrees you have or what kind
of you know whatever you may have this is experience so the most important
thing you can do for your success again the clinical research is get some
experience where that’s interning volunteering working you know a low a
low wage job at a clinic whatever it may be working at a Sierra you know as
whatever whatever it may be your best bet is to get experience now the reason
why and a lot of people may not realize this but the reason why these courses
are expensive now you’re thinking okay a course is and I was just looking at
thousand six hundred dollars but that’s just for one to two days of instruction
why is that expensive per person well you’ve got to think a lot of these
courses are for business professionals so that means that their company is
paying for these courses it’s not them so that’s who these courses are really
geared for most likely people are not gonna be paying for these courses
out-of-pocket like for myself the company I work for they
for a stipend you can use yearly to pay for any type of continuing education and
this is something that’s across the industry a lot of places will offer that
every year some some way for you to continue your education a lot of
companies will pay for you know your so core certification they’ll pay for your
membership in these organizations they’ll pay for that because they want
to make sure that you’re the best clinical researcher you can be and one
of the best ways to ensure that is to attend classes like this and to go to
conferences and things of that nature so most of the people companies are paying
for it so that’s why I would not spend my hard-earned money that’s one of the
reasons why I would not spend my hard-earned money on attending one of
these courses because your company should be paying for the company that
you’re going to be working for so I kind of mentioned two things there in one so
the first thing you got to think about is they don’t care about what kind of
courses you take and they want it they want experience so it’s not gonna help
you trying to get into the field – these are courses are expensive and companies
will pay for you to go to these courses so there’s no reason why you should
spend it pay for it when a company will pay for it and trust me that’s
tax-deductible that’s why they’re willing to pay for it so yeah that’s two
big things why I would not pay for these courses and you know those are pretty
big things because people are always looking for ways to you know expand
their knowledge base and really understand how they can get into
clinical research field and look and you know barnett is probably the industry
leader when it comes to these training things so that’s something to keep in
mind but you know they do have you know for study coordinators new study
coordinators are wondering alright how do I get these iceage GCP training well
one way to do it is do it through Barnett’s you’re the site will pay for
it you don’t to pay for it so you’ll get IAC HDCP another way how do you get i8a
training the shipping of dangerous goods I’m not sure if Barnett’s offers that
but it’s another company that offers that so that’s that’s that how do you
get all these different trainings if you go to a company like Barnett’s
and they’ll do it for you they have classes all the time doing this stuff I
just passed the ice HDCP course you know then they offer other courses too some
in-person some online they’ve got all types of stuff and you can kind of see
in the b-roll if you’re listening on YouTube that I just I just kind of shot
through the book different shots so you can kind of see all the different
courses that they have you know FDA GCP inspection findings et MF implementation
strategies esource document initiatives and things of that nature so
they’ve got all types of courses for you and once again these are really for
people that are going to that your company’s gonna pay for and you’re
already in the industry that’s another thing these are for people that are
already in the industry and I don’t know if you got that from what I was saying
earlier but that’s a big sticking point you should already be in the industry
before you’re taking these courses hence why your company would pay for it
because it’s really gonna benefit you so that’s my thoughts on that other than
that I really wanted to address the angle that should you do these courses
before you are actually in industry because a lot of people have been asking
and the answer is no you should not you should wait till you’re actually in the
industry to do these courses because they’re expensive and your company will
pay for it but also it’s not gonna really help you because one thing one
thing is if you go to the course and you and you learn something but then you’re
not in the industry so you’re not really using it on a day to day basis you’re
likely gonna forget and that knowledge is just gonna go out out your head
you’re not gonna be able applying it day in and day out to so it’s really not
beneficial and you know that’s that’s really why these that’s really who these
courses are geared for and of course they’ll accept you if you’re not with a
company if you’re not employed they’ll definitely take your money but that’s
really not who it’s geared for and who I think would get the best benefit out of
and you know I just want to let you guys know because a lot of people that listen
to this channel are people that are trying to get into the field
some people are are already in the field actually a lot of people
I don’t know the breakdown of the audience maybe fifty fifty or so but of
course a lot of people have come by Barnett
so I’ve never taken one of their courses before so I’m not I can’t really speak
on the quality of their courses I’m sure they’re great they’ve been around a long
time and they do offer a lot of them so I’m sure they’re good but I can say that
taking one of their courses likely will not benefit you in any positive way
unless the employer tells you that they want people that have taken a course or
something like that but even so well of course the thousand dollars over a
thousand dollars I would not pay I would definitely focus more on experience
particularly where you’re actually making money to then taking a course
because all the stuff that they’re teaching you’re gonna gain over time
anyway in your own profession or you’re gonna be able to have a company pay for
it for you to go so that’s something I would think about when you hear about
these training courses definitely if it’s free sure you’ll take anything
that’s free that could potentially help you but if it’s not free and you have to
pay I’d be wary of that so I just want to do this video since I got the catalog
thank you guys for listening as always if you’re interested in any resume
review linked in review any type of interview preparation elite clinical
group at peace you


  1. Thank you so much for this information,I'm crossing into my final year of med school,I'll begin applying for crc/cta position or possibly volunteer clinical research jobs in Europe or USA.

  2. I took BI back in 2016. Comprehensive Monitoring Medical Devices. Was 👍. But pretty expensive, I'd say….

  3. Hey ECR,
    I have a qq. I heard a lot about SOCRA. Do you think obtaining SOCRA certificate is worthwhile affair for CRA 6+? Curious your opinion.

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