This is what motherhood looks like you guys no makeup dirty hair a t-shirt that was my husband’s butt shrunk in the wash and Having one of those morning’s where I feel pretty shit feeling like I’m not doing good enough, but that’s okay I really think it is I think it’s normal to have those days where you just feel like a bad mom, and honestly I think having those moments where you question yourself I really just proves that you’re a good mom because you care a lot I don’t think enough real moments of motherhood like this are available On social media in one breath people always thank me for being real and raw about motherhood on social media and in another breath I know that I put on makeup and a lot of the videos that I put out There are about positive things the hurdles that I’ve overcome But I’m not documenting the hurdles when they’re happening all of the time if I’m gonna do this Then I’ve got to make sure that I’m not just doing this I’ve got to make sure that I actually am putting out content That is raw and real and it doesn’t get any more raw than those guys put so much of that positive stuff out there on my platforms because I want to inspire you and I want to Share with you the lessons that I’ve learned along the way lessons that I’ve learned Usually the hard way myself so that hopefully you can avoid making the same mistakes that I have or lessons that I’ve learned from professionals and various, baby Fields because I’ve been so lucky enough to have them as resources to me on my motherhood journey And I know how blessed I am to have those resources So ultimately I just want to share the knowledge that I’ve gained from them with other moms I don’t think the perfect mom really exists. I don’t think any of us really know what we’re doing We certainly do not know everything at all every day presents new challenges New triumphs to be honest, I actually just woke up from another nap because I was so exhausted I’ve been so exhausted and this morning I just kind of like waved the white flag and My husband look after Bowie because I needed to get an extra hour because I really started feeling myself Hitting a low point that I don’t ever Want to allow myself to hit having that little bit of sleep did make me feel a lot better I forgot what sleep deprivation can do to your mood is insane. I did sleep trained Bowie at around six months So she’s been sleeping like a rock star ever since then 11 to 12 hours through the night. No problems but She has recently been Teething and whenever she’s teething whenever any baby is teething their sleep patterns can be thrown off so she hasn’t been napping Well, she hasn’t been sleeping. Well, and for those few days that the teeth were cutting through You indulge your baby obviously because they need you, you know Like they’re crying and they’re obviously in pain and they need comforting So you do that and then when you do that whenever they’re sick or teething or something like that It sets those old bad habits Back up so quickly like it’s amazing how quickly you can kind of erase any sleep training that you did now She’s kind of past the point of being uncomfortable or in any pain at all But she’s still waking up at like five am crying. She’s not napping at all And it’s it’s been rough And I don’t really know what to do because I set myself up for that by indulging her when she was Uncomfortable and in pain and that’s okay. Obviously, of course, that’s okay But now I don’t know where that line is And yeah, I’ve got to figure it out because something’s got to give you know We can’t go back to these old bad habits again, but in the same breath Like I hate hearing my baby cry it literally just makes a little piece of my heart like die in the side It’s a weird fine line You’ve kind of got to do you’ve got to do for the right results for her benefit in the long term But at the same time you want to be there for her I’m figuring it out and ultimately That’s why I’m doing this video because I think a lot of time because I do try and stay positive on my social channels, and because I Want to be encouraging? Provide useful information for other moms out there. I don’t I don’t want that to be misconstrued For like me having my shit 100% together. I don’t like people that are pretending their way through life I want to be real with you guys and Say I am just figuring it out and I’m not the perfect mom and that is okay Like you can have your moments where that makes you want to cry for sure Don’t get me wrong there all morning, but then you’ve got to come out the other side and be like no, that’s okay. That’s normal None of us are perfect We’re all figuring it out and it’s important that we share these moments with each other so that we know that it’s all okay We’re doing okay. We got this mama. I say that all the time to the women in my facebook group I say that all the time on Instagram and all this channel and it’s because it’s so important that we hear that Ringing through our brains when we’re having those mornings or those afternoons or those Late-night we have to remind ourselves. We got this mama This is totally foreign content for my channeling never post anything like this This is not what you’re normally gonna find on here But I did think it was important to share because I’m having a rough one today. I’m having a rough morning I’m feeling like a shitty mom today and I want to put this out there for Every other mom who is finding themselves feeling like a shitty mom in this moment Just as much as I needed to do this and put this out there for me To remind myself that it’s okay to feel like this and that it is totally normal because that’s what we do in the mom life community and I’m reminded of that so many times when I go to this growing community page on Facebook and when I’m dialoguing with you guys by email for my email list like we are all human and We are all on this journey full of like the highest highs that like if you don’t have kids I don’t think you can even fathom what those highs feel like and full of some seriously difficult moments to so if you feel me on this if you have had On your motherhood journey where you just feel like a shitty mom, and that’s okay give this video a thumbs Give me a thumbs up because I’m right there with you. We are all right there with you I do post a lot of really useful information I provide a lot of free downloads that contain a lot of really helpful information And the reason why I do those things I just want to make other people’s mom life journeys a little bit Easier in any way that I can cuz I know it’s hard So I hope you stay tuned to my channel and subscribe and are enjoying the content that I’m putting out there for you guys if there are any Topics that I haven’t covered and you want information on that. I may have information about them Please always send me an email. If you’re on my email list already, then, you know, you’re gonna get more and more helpful information You’re gonna get discount codes for brands that I use in my household every day Just because because I want to save you some money and a long life is expensive to all I’m trying to do Within this community is connect Connect on a human level other people and I think an important part of doing that really and truly is putting myself out there Raw unfiltered. This is what real mouth life looks like it’s not like Instagram horny all the time This is the truth. And I think that’s what ultimately social media is like best used for is like Connecting other human beings not connecting other like or fide Pinterest pages. Don’t get me wrong I love a pretty filter too I’m gonna do all of that and I’m gonna say what I say about wanting to connect other people then I think it’s also Important that I share moments like these with you guys I’m gonna leave all the links below for the free downloads that I’m talking about I know I didn’t mention any of them specifically You can look in the video description for all of the free downloads that I have available for moms out there they are really helpful resources and I have collaborated with a few of the experts that I’ve worked with in my mom life journey on these so, you know You’re getting not just my peer advice but also some professional advice in these free downloads if you want to sign up for my email list just because And you like the idea of you know connecting with me and getting exclusive discounts every month and whatever being a part of the mom life community will also leave information about how to Involved in the modeling community down below in the video description last thing I’m gonna say before I sign off and pick myself up and have a much better rest of my day than I did this morning is Everything is all relative You are entitled and valid and feeling low when you feel low and you are entitled and valid and feeling high when you feel high We all need to stop comparing ourselves to other moms and other people in general because that does not serve us in any way in saying that is also important to have a lot of perspective in those tough moments and Remember how blessed you are how lucky you are? You’ve been given one of the greatest gifts ever and that is not to be taken for granted But it’s still okay to have moments where you just feel a little shit You are still rocking this and remember always always always You got this mama. Thanks for letting me vent it always makes me feel so much better when I do and it always makes me feel better that there is this digital community of Badass real human. Mom SiC each other up pick me up that I can hopefully help pick up every now and then and That’s a beautiful thing. So, thank you. What?


  1. I’m there right now I have a 2 1/2 year old and a 2 month old and my 2 month old of course isn’t sleeping through the night and it’s throwing off my oldest one in so many ways and I feel like an absolute shit mom most days and like I don’t deserve these children but they have brought so much good to my life and I can’t imagine my life without them but sometimes man the feelings are rough.

  2. My baby is 10 months old and has never slept through the night. She doesn't nurse at all during the day because she likes food better 😅 so she still wakes up every 2h at night to nurse not even because she is hungry but for soothing and when she is teething she sometimes wakes every hour. Its tough and some days I just want to crack my skull in the wall 🤣🤣
    But then I keep reminding myself that it won't last forever. Keep your head up mama we got this 💪🏼

  3. My son will turn 4 this year and I still have those days. Days when I feel like I'm failing as a mom. Days when I feel like I'm not having anything under control. Days when I feel totally overwhelmed. Days when I just don't feel like myself. Those days are hard to handle but I guess it's totally normal. And I also feel like it's good to question myself and the things I do. I really think that what's helping me to be a good mom.

  4. I understand everything your saying!
    I just became a stay at home mom, two months ago. It is the hardest job in the world, working a full time job is so much easier.
    The isolation is the hardest not seeing coworkers and friends, you can feel alone a lot of the time. Having a baby changes your whole life, for the good but you have hard times too. There are good days, and also bad but you just do it everyday. No one prepares you for the sudden change in your life, after baby. Everyone says it gets better when they get older, I hope it does, because it’s tough.

  5. THIS!!!! This is exactly what I say all the time and I loooooove how real you keep it! Mom life is a shit show on a regular basis and THATS OK!!! You got this mama!

  6. Loved this!! But man I wish I could look as good as you when I’m having a shitty day! These kinda videos are awesome x

  7. Girl you’re not alone …
    I’m literally the walking dead 💀 here two kids under 2/5 years
    if I use the word tired before I had kids or when I had just one then
    I honestly had no idea what the fuck I was talking about.

  8. Tips on breastfeeding, my baby is 3 weeks old and in a breastfeeding mom and she’s breastfeeds pretty good but it’s still struggling

  9. You know, I just think that as long as you are loving your precious baby with your whole heart and trying your best, then you are a great Mom!! And from all of the glimpses that we've gotten at Bowie thanks to your family vlogs, I think it's safe to say the angel adores you and sees you as the best Mom, Shenae.

  10. Cried through the video because today is a bad mom day… But so appreciative of your honesty… And I totally feel my heart breaking when my babies cry – two under two -… Ouff…that was a good cry!! Yes…we got this!!

  11. I love this! You are so real and its refreshing to see. It's so hard sometimes to admit you just need to step back so you don't lose your shit but ya gotta do it. Mamas need some time to themselves too!

  12. 13 months and starting a full time job next week. Feeling so anxious and guilty leaving my baby in a nursery most of the day without me being there for her. Just gotta remind myself I’m doing what’s necessary to take care of her ❤️

  13. I definitely have a moment's like this. Last night was a hard night for us. my daughter is teething too. Love your mom group and your videos.

  14. love this video. it always gives me a bit more comfort when other mums are actually real about parenthood. because its ok to say its tough sometimes, for some reason mums don't say or talk about it enough. love your channel! x

  15. I just gave birth and it’s been a ride. It was a wake up call that I can’t be selfish anymore. And mom guilt is real. Thanks for this! I needed to hear this today.

  16. My son is 3 weeks today. This is my first baby.
    All I want is the best for him and I want to give him the world. But having a crying baby through out the night because he's hungry, uncomfortable or its diaper changing time And on top of that trying to get your breast feeding supply down so you can store nd feed him gets exhausting. Him and i are still learning together .

    This video was a perfect reflection of those bad days feeling like we sent doing enough. But we Moms Are doing it All.

    Thank you !❣

  17. Just remind yourself that everything is a phase. My daughter didn't sleep through the night until 20 months (so you're already winning haha) but she's 27 months now and kicks ME out of her room at night and gets in bed her own and falls asleep within 10 minutes completely on her own. I read to her, then she runs to her bed and just yells "nigh night!" until I leave hahaha. They GET there. Sleep training, not sleep training, regressions… whatever. They ALL get there. This stage won't last.

  18. This is so inspirational. I dont have kids and never want any but your mom videos are really motivational because you have such a genuine, enthusiastic attitude. Even when discussing a difficult topic you’re passionate about sharing your experience and that’s very admirable!!

  19. Hi Shenae, im not a mum and your right I definitely have no idea what that is like but just wanted to say that im a huge fan of yours (have all original 90210 and the second 90210 on dvd) and to see you be so raw in this video is refreshing! Im sure all the mums watching are very grateful! I just subscribed yo your channel and will be catching up on the videos I haven't seen yet! Sending lots of love from Melbourne , Australia

  20. First four months of my daughters life I absolutely sucked. She was very colicky, crying all the time and I have a four year old that I needed to take care of as well. It left me with massive anxiety and postpartum depression. She is now almost 8 months old and I finally feel like I am rocking this mum of two thing !! Live your channel ! #momlife

  21. My boys are in their 20s now and I still have the occasional bad mom day!! Still sorry about them and hope I gave them the best childhood & upbringing that I possibly could!!!

  22. Holy crap i just found your channel, i swear you look a lot like Anna Silk! But yes you got this, I'm a first time *older mom, i made it through somehow, it'll only get better and worse! It's all worth it 🥰

  23. Thank you! I so needed this, I have a bad fever and coughing runny stuffy nose and just getting over an earache. We haven’t left the house today 😭

  24. Shanae, YOU ARE AN AMAZING *MAMMA**!!!!! And you are ABSOLUTELY right!!!! WE ALL HAVE THESE **BAD MORNINGS, AFTERNOONS, EVENINGS, AND EVEN AN ENTIRE DAY* that we feel ""inadequate""…..BUT WE AREN'T!!!!! My son, Tristan, is 16yrs old and a Junior in High School, AND THERE ARE DAYS THAT I STILL FEEL AS IF IT WAS A *FAILING DAY**!!!! WE AREN'T THE KARDASHIANS!!!!!! And neither of us (or all your friends and all my friends) should feel the SAME WAY!!!!! They all live their lives the way they want to, & leave it up to the """TEN NANNIES PER CHILD""" to do EVERYTHING for them!!!!!! Being WELL KNOWN that these Nannies are on-call 24/7!!!!! AND HAVE TO SIGN DOCUMENTS THAT THE KARDASHIAN/JENNER children ARE MORE IMPORTANT than the nannies OWN CHILDREN!!!!!! That's TERRIBLE!!!!!! SO….. You & i, Shanae, WE ARE THE **BEST* MOMS!!!! We want to experience the "ups & downs"….. the "good & bad days"….. WE ARE THE MOMS THAT KICK ASS!!!!! And we should be MORE PROUD OF OURSELVES THAN ANYONE ELSE for being the
    💜💜💜💜💜 MOMS 💜💜💜💜💜
    THAT WE ARE!!!!! Love you, girl!!😘😘

  25. I’m not a mom yet, but I love watching your videos about motherhood bc you’re so real and honest about everything. Someday when I do become a mom, I’ll have to come back & watch these videos bc you are an inspiration ♥️

  26. you should do a what my baby eats in a day! i'm very interested! and some ideas on what to feed your baby! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  27. I’m not a mom yet but I can not wait! I know it’s not going to be easy, especially that I suffer from mental illness, but I’m so excited to actually have someone else to focus on and help them through tough times. I’m excited for the challenge that it’s going to be and your videos just get me more and more excited everytime ♥️

  28. This is a wonderful video, I'm not a mom but I appreciate your bravery. People say they're being "real" all the time on social media but this one actually felt that way. Thanks for sharing!!

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