Nadiya Hussain faces anxieties head on – BBC


  1. Can some one explain to me how i get connected to a group video chat we say when watching program and she was chatting with


  2. My family are the reason for my anxiety attacks with them around I suffer without them I have panic attacks!
    They just don’t want to acknowledge it
    Nadia words are exactly how I feel.

  3. Am I the only one sick of that guy? He just keeps going on like it's not going to help her process what's going on?

  4. It's stops me doing loads of things in life. I struggle to get a job because of it . It scares me to go out on my own specially when going in shops and that. It's an awful thing to have . Had it all my life. My social anxiety is the worst.

  5. I cried from the minute it started , it was like wartching myself shes such a brave woman, i now know im not alone , thankyou for making this documentary its a life changer xxx

  6. I filmed a response vlog praising the documentary and especially Nadiya.. Loved the program and please make more like this…

  7. Wow.she experiences anxiety in the same way I do with college.but it feels so much more worth it than normal when you keep accomplishing something your terrified of

  8. I’ve suffered from anxiety since I was young but being on T V like Nadiya would make me worse

  9. If ur anxiety is crippling as u describe it how do u do what u do? Tv shows etc etc ppl who have anxiety problems cant get up and go out and do a full tv shows and laugh and joke and be on tv etc etc

  10. I'm at end I just woke up today and I have a panic attack 👊 done I missed my exam because I think I can't pass it

  11. In her Asia journey, Nadiya was going round all kind of sketchy places on dangerous modes of transport

  12. I am really glad that she took this on i am british Muslim and it’s my generation before am 37 and if you can’t see the physical changes then your not I’ll you are acting.
    It’s veeg scary place to be as the generation before us was bought up in a different country where mental illness is never even acknowledged forget talking or treatment.
    Education is from home from grass level we should help someone even if just with a smile you make someone feel better. In my generation growing up we had each other back as neighbours community etc now we are so enclosed in this media world we have forgotten the signs of simple communication of face to face it pick up the phone.
    This programme should be also dubbed in other languages so to get to a better and wider audience.
    Every single person who is reading this regardless of race,colour,gender,sexual preferences or education status did me each person is beautiful awesome unique and talented in thier own way and remember life is to short to worry or please everyone else.onlh think about what you want and each day small things can make the bigger picture.never give up always walk through the storm and remember to speak if you feel necessary no matter how small best way ya to keep a journal a dairy to record all the thoughts because then you can look back and reflect.
    My best wishes to all reading this as you are the perfect one let’s start believing it. Fear is a healthy emotion but don’t let it overuse your life.

  13. Can’t take a train in public but can repeatedly do interviews sounding confident and extroverted on national tv. Really logical!
    BBC do you think I was born yesterday?

  14. I went to challenge boys and she went to the girls.colour was never an issue .I don't believe she was picked on because of her skin colour.because it is full of Asians.especially after they shut beech hill.and I would say the school would not stand for such a thing.she is lying

  15. Love you Nadia! I know anxiety can be debilitating at times,it is a constant battle every day! You are doing so well for facing your fears and even doing the Bake off! Weldone to you!Much love and keep thriving!.🤗♥️

  16. Anxiety is a weird one. I've never been an introverted person, always been quite outgoing and talkative so I don't think my anxiety is social in nature, but at random points I will just get this strange feeling that something either within me or around me doesn't feel right, and there is no way out of it. I remember it got to its worst when I was in lectures at university and had no immediate way of getting out of that room, on a number of occasions I would have panic attacks but have no idea why, that's what the worst thing about anxiety is for me, it's just so unpredictable in nature and can come about spontaneously.

  17. I couldn't watch the whole video…I'm sorry. I was starting to get anxious and panicky just watching but well done for making this video. You should be so proud of yourself.

  18. I have loved Nadiya and her amazing personality from day one and like the rest would never have picked up that she suffers in this way 😕 it just goes to show we should be kinder to each other as everyone is fighting some personal battle of their own. Great show highlighting the huge issues we have in this modern day society, we may be physically better off but emotionally we are suffering! My respect levels and admiration for Nadiya has gone up a level for being so brave and admitting to her daily struggles 😘 (P.S. May those bullies in her school who were so vile and evil in their racist actions to cause her so much trauma that it rippled throughout her life watch this and be ashamed!)😡

  19. So end result was…. Wait for it….

    Its those nasty nasty white people that bullied me when i was young!

    Conclusion: Nasty nasty racist white people!

    Now feeeel guilty!!!

    Classic BBC bullshit propaganda 😂

  20. This is not a mental problem, it’s a real physical illness caused by dysfunctional breathing. I know. I was in this situation thirty years ago. I was fortunate enough to be referred to the late Dr Claude Lum for treatment and haven’t had a panic attack in over thirty years. Dr Lum who pioneered research into panic attacks and other inexplicable symptoms plus the treatment to completely eliminate them. Please note, eliminate panic attacks, not just manage them. After my recovery,I studied this topic with Dr Lum and incorporated the treatment and elimination of panic attacks into my psychotherapy practice. I have written a book, shortly to be available on Amazon, called Your Panic Free Life.

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