Nahko and Medicine for the People – San Quentin (Official Music Video)


  1. So much Love for this band… the vibes they give out are just so beautiful, uplifting and help to see the light in so much confusion. And then there is Nahko…the voice, gaze and embrace of all that needs to be heard and felt. Can't wait to see them live againnnnn!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  2. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Im balling my eyes out.
    I think understand what this video is and what it means.
    You are forgiving your father for what he had done to your mother.
    Thats a hard life choice to do.
    And all i can say is… Wow…
    You are a very strong person. I would love to talk to you.
    I know you probably get that alot. People who have connected with your music and your messages in each song.
    This was all done so beautifully i cried the first time we watched this video.
    Me and my son both love your music we have been listenening to you since your album medicine for the people. The first song we heard of was budding trees and we have followed your music since. It feels like its been 4 years now maybe almost 5
    I must admit i need to go buy your new cds
    I love how your still true to your music.
    Your not changing for the industry.
    Your true to what messages your putting out their. I pray you continue to stay true to yourself brother and to your music and messages.
    From california sincerrly Amb's n El

  3. Nakho you are a saint everyone should listen to your music and if anyone fucks with you I'll break them in too that goes to the fucking government that doesnt want world peace I believe if everyone listens to you it will bring world peace we need to grow up and be better than ourselves and bring forth world peace

  4. This really somes.up the amazing strength of character that makes Nahko such an inspirational person. To embrace his own philosophy of forgiveness and unification to the extent of meeting & forgiving the man who murdered his father, says so much of this man's conviction in his own beliefs. So strong that even his father's killer said to Nahko, "an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life; & if ever I'm released I'll give mine to you & ur family."
    Wow. That's just so intense. Can't wait to see him at Bliesfest in april.
    Thanks for ur wonderful, powerful msg of Peace, Love & Unity. It's a msg this world sorely needs to hear.βœŒπŸ€™βœŠπŸ‘Š

  5. Profound thank you for helping me understand a deeper level of forgiveness. Ive been seeking a way to fully understand how to begin healing certain wounds. I see now. Im so grateful.

  6. Hey Nakho and the medicine for people. Is your music copyrighted? And would it be okay for twitch, mixer and other gaming platforms to play your music on their streams? Keep up the awesome music πŸ™‚

  7. I don't know what it is about nahko but when my baby won't settle, I'll put on a nahko song and she is happy or falls asleep. So thank you nahko!!!!! ❀❀✌🌼

  8. I've been going through some stuff with my twin brother and haven't got to see him In a few months you are his favorite artist so when I miss him I listen to your songs and it helps so thank you

  9. your soul is amazing…forgiveness is what is needed to heal…your words sing a tune that's not to far from my own, thank you! β™‘

  10. It is this song and knowing the meaning behind it that is helping me to forgive <3 it's not an easy task. Thank you for this song Nahko

  11. Really hoping to connect with Nahko Bear. I wish this was in person but i assure you the tobacco is in my grips as I type and ask: Saieko she'kon, Nahko Bear. Many blessings, brother. My name is OneniΓ‘shona~Yakohsa'tens (ROCK~Paint). I'm the drum keeper of Winds of Change and would be honored to have you join us on the drum. Whether it be at powwows, events, gathering or just a friend/family circle. We are a mixed Nation drum so we pray as such and do southern, northern and eastern style songs. IDK any other way to reach you so my apologies for the informal message on YouTube. I look forward to hearing from you soon. I'll place this tobacco on the drum with prayer. Thank you for your time and patience. A'ho. Aquene

  12. I love how clean these songs are. They have amazing intentions & are free from the curse word polluted mainstream music.

  13. Can't believe Nahko only has 62k subscribers, I know it's still quite alot but the amount of change he brings to the world and how powerful/wonderful his music and soul is needs to be experienced by everyone, again it is reflective of the current collective consciousness though and what % of the population are actually "woke" for want of a better phrase.

  14. nahko, the first time I saw you , you were on gondola session and I wanted your beard so bad!! ever since then I have been listening to your music, I showed your music to my family and they love it!!!

  15. nahko, the first time I saw you , you were on gondola session and I wanted your beard so bad!! ever since then I have been listening to your music, I showed your music to my family and they love it!!!

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