Nanotechnology vs. cancer: How tiny particles sniff out the deadly disease | Susan Hockfield


  1. Start off with a nano-particle, and masquerade it as something that a cancer enzyme will "cut." Snippets of these nano-particles then get filtered into urine, which we can test easily for the early stages of cancer. Sangeeta Bhatia is the genius behind this, and the company she co-founded is Glympse Bio.

  2. A Keto diet not only prevents cancer but also reverses it.
    Cancer cells ABSOLUTELY CANNOT utilise ketones, only glucose.
    Going keto (Google it) – that is eliminating all carbs from your diet, thereby eliminating almost all glucose from your body, and restoring good healthy fats to your diet – simply starves all cancerous cells to death.
    Problem solved.

  3. Overall this is awesome, but I'd like to provide one note of caution. I think we will find that cancers are occurring randomly in all human bodies but that mainly the body's evolved defence systems seek out and destroy the cancerous cells before they become a problem. We had cancer and now we don't. Maybe this occurs several times in everyone's life but we never detect the fact that we had cancer. It is only when a cancer evades these defence systems long enough to become able to establish a sufficient stronghold that a metastasizing cancer now exists and we overtly detect its existence. So it could be that this test will detect cancers in people who are already handling it and won't need intervention. I worry that there will be a penchant to intervene once we detect the peptides.

  4. Doesn't say or cover most obvious question. If the larger drug molecule cannot be normally broken down by the body without cancer it will necessarily have to be stored by the body. Liver is a good guess. The Diagnostic tool might itself cause cancer.

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  6. GcMaf has had great results for cancer patients, David Noakes applied for a license to make GcMaf, they actually put him in Jail

  7. Information space diagnostics ICD ( has developed a composition of plant-safe products (Omega-ICD), which are an additive and not a medicine, but they allow to treat all types of cancer, AIDS, influenza, measles, herpes, infectious diseases. For healing, it is enough to take one teaspoonful of such a product for 3 days in a row and cancer cells, benign tumor cells, inflamed cells, and infection are suppressed in the patient's body. The product is stored for more than 3 years and can be used for regular prophylaxis against various infections, diseases, removal of radionuclides, tumors, slags …

  8. I'm sick of hearing about cures for cancer, it's become a joke now. We'll be hearing the same stuff for years to come and nothing will change.

  9. Nanobots will definitely be the future; searching your body of diseases and foreign bodies and killing them. Doing the job of the immune system, but much better than even nature.

  10. lets hope they dont invent nanotech to sniff out bullshit, this channel would be in real trouble!!

  11. Does anyone have a comment on eating 3 almonds a day and high doses of Vitamin C supplements as preventive measures ?

  12. They already had the cure to cancer 70 years ago and then big phara suppressed it!! Enough with your lies!

  13. doo people drinck enough, doo they eat natural food, do they eat les than they nead, doo theytray too understand what a cave man might eat, are you looking what wild animas eat (they eat what they fil wseful)
    you say prevencion is key but your focused on healing because its profiteble

  14. She says of this piss test that it is "non-invasive", yet you still have to inject the patient with nanoparticles, which I take has to be very precise – i.e., you have to have reason to suspect you have cancer in a specific part of the body beforehand, or simply inject into the bloodstream to determine if you have [blank] cancer. I really don't see this being useful as a standalone early diagnostic method (maybe you inject a cocktail of different biomarkers?) – she could've elaborated on that, instead of making it sound like a simple over-the-counter preggo test