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Well, I wasn’t expecting an industrial hall.
Didn’t you say something about a flat? Yes, it’s in there. Oh, you built the flat in here. Precisely. That’s so cool. In case you’re wondering what I’m doing here, I’ve come to Austria because Belinda invited me and because you and your team at Blum are responsible for all the innovations. Exactly. And today it’s all about hidden storage space, right? Yes. You’ll wear these glasses that will help you find the hidden storage space. I’ll watch you and we can talk to each other through the headphones. Sure, OK. So I’m inside, and you … Yeah, so you go inside. And you’ll guide me. Can you hear me? Yes. Have fun! Wow! Is this 22 m²? Yes, that’s right. It looks much bigger at first glance. That’s the idea. Good. There are lots of cabinets too, of course. I recognise them as yours. Yes. But I can’t see any hidden storage space yet, or anything with the glasses. Look a bit more closely.
Look out for orange squares. There’s something bright behind there. Here are the first orange squares. Well, try it out. Are there cabinets in there? Yes. Look, they even open by themselves. Of course. I thought you’d like that. But keep looking. OK, I’ll keep looking. Yes, go into the kitchen. Where? The kitchen? Yes. There’s something orange in the kitchen too. That’s the other side now, isn’t it? Yes, we’ve tried to use the storage space from both sides here. Oh, that’s so cool. So you saw it once in the living room, and now here in the kitchen. There’s something orange here too. OK, have a look and see what you can find. Here we’ve used the space around the sink and created
storage space for cleaning materials, sponges etc. Keep looking though, there must be more to find in the flat. OK. The bathroom is small but nice, and it even has a washing machine. And what do you need if you’ve got a washing machine? A hidden cabinet. And I’ve found one too. Somewhere to hang things up, right? Who comes up with all these ideas? It’s great, isn’t it! But come back out here. It’s got everything you need. I’ll come back to you. Yes, come back to me. I could move straight in here. I’m pleased to hear that. Hang on, there’s some more orange here. You’ve discovered something else. In the sofa? Yes, of course. You’re kidding. May I? Yes, of course. Wow, how amazing is that?! A bar in the sofa. You can simply lean back, put on a film and enjoy. Exactly. I think I need some time to digest everything I’ve just seen. You probably need to do that too. So we’d like to thank you for being here with us. We hope you’re feeling inspired, see you next time. Goodbye! I think it could work in there, you know. Really? With and without a director. Yeah. Thank you.


  1. Every time I see someone speaking about inspiration, I always reach out and say whats up. How long have you been designing videos?

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