National Academy of Medicine Grand Challenges Longevity Initiative

it's time for us to kind of aim for the stars I think it's all about time now is the time of great promise now is the moment in time we had an inflection point and that inflection point says to us if we can do the right thing we can make huge defaces every day I ask myself and I know my colleagues at the am as how can we make a difference the mission of the National Academy of Medicine is to accelerate the progress of science medicine health and policy we are the most trusted independent evidence advisor with the first organization that says we should sequence the human genome and believe or not we were the organization that pointed out that AIDS is an epidemic so we've always in the forefront addressing the issue and that's why we're so excited about taking on longevity and aging it is the grand challenge of the time longevity is quite possibly the most compelling challenge that we face as a society today we need a healthcare revolution how do we actually make that person well for their whole life and for a much longer life that is the revolution we need we need revolutions on many levels and I think that this is a a goal and one of the few goals that is really worthy of the best of our community what is more valuable than being able to have a healthy aging rather than people dying of cancer and dying of aging and dying of heart attack like people will keep living and contributing and growing and the potentials of science today are breathtaking you know in the end this won't be a story about old age this is gonna be a story about long life and it's ours too right you know we really have to make sure that we work to make it happen we do it now we can't be complacent at this juncture we really now I think can extend life in very meaningful ways and I think that the bigger interest really is in how we can live a very long life but be healthy the idea is to live healthy being functional being productive and being free of disease well now is the time because scientists are making so many discoveries all the time that really hard problems are going to be cracked we're living in a day and age where we have the potential right now to crack the code longevity science seems to be really poised for a revolution so the goal is to really do something that be willing to be that first volunteer that first person that jumps out and says hey let's try this touch the boundaries of our current thinking and the last look at the world upside down which may be the right view of a complex problem there's so much waiting for us if we get this big around I'm dying to see what's behind the door that's currently occluding our view what if the system we have right now is the second best idea we ever came with we may be stuck in one of these adaptive alleys to use an evolutionary term where we can't see over the hills so we can't see that there's a much better system out there cool can help us solve this who can help humanity solve these key issues I think that this search to overcome any and all of our boundaries is the human spirit at its best that will be I think our ultimate triumph this is now the national kind of medicine that's getting involved at taking a leadership role and helping reshape everything we know about longevity so this is definitely the time to push new

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