National Drug Take back day

millions of Americans had the chance to get rid of unwanted or expired prescriptions today law enforcement officers around the country put out collection boxes as part of national drug take back day an effort aimed at reducing the number of medications that are just sitting in medicine cabinets according to the American addiction Center’s website about 52 million people have used prescription medicine recreationally experts say it’s a big contributor to the ongoing opioid epidemic hundreds of people in our area took part in today’s event to combat that 10news reporter Patricia Martin Lahti talked with local officers about what this day can do for the drug problem in our region from the minute the Roanoke County Sheriff’s Office put out these boxes at fire station one community members started lining up to drop off all their unwanted medications this is the first 12 minutes we’re here we already filled up one big trash bag of medications the goal of the event is to help reduce prescription drug abuse and theft and to keep drugs out of the environment I had a a lot of medications prescription filled and I had no way to get rid of them so I was glad we had this pick up today to save people from overdosing on them are getting them in a water supply some people didn’t even get out of their car to drop off medications Roanoke County deputy Glen Sikh explains why you don’t want to keep medicine you don’t need around your home any medications are sitting around people’s houses or whatnot instead of falling into the wrong hands especially as bad as the opioid epidemic is right now at least with this program it’s collected up and properly disposed of well it just grows if people don’t properly dispose of their drugs and some people flush them down the commode and that’s contamination for our water supply my hope for the future is for everybody to be able not to be dependent on the opioids or any other illicit drugs or anything and go out there and not be afraid to ask for help once the medication is collected it will be turned over to federal agents for destruction in Roanoke County Patricia Martin Lodi 10 News working for you

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