National Institute for Emergency Medicine: emergency rooms.

My kid has a high fever and has fallen unconscious. Well, we’ll run tests in a minute, so
please have a seat and wait. Yes, ma’am. Statistics show 60 per cent of patients in emergency rooms are not people in urgent need. This means doctors and nurses have to work very hard. Moreover, limited medical equipment cannot meet the high demand. Please wait.
The doctor is busy with an emergency patient How long do we have to wait? My friend has a cut on the head – and we’ve been waiting for an hour!
– This hospital sucks! What are you doing? Isn’t this the emergency department? My kid is severely ill,
so why is there no doctor to look at him? We have to take care of the emergency patients first. I’m really sorry but we have one patient who needs urgent treatment. Hey, my kid is going to die! Isn’t that an emergency? I’m sorry. Excuse me, sir. You’re too busy
but you have time to play with your mobile phone! If you don’t want to cure people, then why did you become a doctor? The patient has low blood pressure and is not responding. People waiting in the emergency room
must acknowledge that the doctors and all staff are spending every minute saving the life of another patient. People without emergency conditions shouldn’t use the emergency room because every minute lost there could be
a matter of life or death for many others who are in more critical condition. If it’s no emergency, don’t use the emergency room.

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