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rich deep filters a Native American owned corporation the earth is here forever but it will only be exactly like this on one day today there's a saying in Indian country don't get sick after June the sad cold facts are that many Indian Health Service hospitals just run out of money and can no longer offer the services necessary to care for Indians even emergency needs the IHS is not a welfare service it's an obligation by treaty of the federal government to the Native Americans for land ceded in so many treaties over the last several hundred years the obligations have never been met in full and the health of American Indians is at an all-time low and continues to diminish if dependency on the federal government so doggone good how come things are so bad on reservations we don't need to live this way and we shouldn't live this way with the treaty obligations that the federal government has and when are they going to start adhering to them it's been many many years 1868 when that treaty was first sign you know they say we go up to the Washington and and we beg for money no we're not begging we're asking what is what for what is rightfully ours under the treaties


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