Natural Remedies & Cleanses : How to Do a Pancreas Cleanse

So for some reason you think you need a pancreas
cleanse. Hi, my name is Mark Brinson, Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Physical Medicine and
Human Performance Specialist. I want to talk to you just briefly about the pancreas and
some things that you can do for pancreatic health. The pancreas is an organ of digestion.
It produces insulin and many enzymes that are going to help you to metabolize your food
better and convert glucose into usable, usable blood sugar and back and forth with working
with the liver. The pancreas isn’t something that necessarily needs to be cleansed but
it does need to be cared for. Limiting the amounts of very, very sugary foods that you’re
going to eat or doing them in very small dose is it’s going to help with that and also limiting
the quantity of the meal that you eat. All those things can make the pancreas produce
too much insulin that’s going to end up throwing it into a little bit of imbalance, essentially
abusing the pancreas. So what the pancreas likes to do is it likes to store insulin for
production so it can convert glucose and slowly release it when it’s needed throughout the
day, instead of releasing it in this huge burst. So the best thing that you can do for
is make sure that you eat often. So say about every three hours you get something in. Limit
really simple sugars or really simple carbohydrates and also, as well as with anything else, drinking
plenty of water, it’s going to help the digestive system as well. My name is Mark Brinson, Doctor
of Oriental Medicine, Physical Medicine and Human Performance Specialist.


  1. "how to do a pancreas cleanse"<— title

    "Pancreas doesnt necessarily need to be cleansed" <—direct quote

    Wtf man. Waste my time more.

    Limit sugar, drink water. Whoop dee do.

  2. I like simplicity and you bring it home just right. It made me feel comfortable hearing your advice! Thanks so much!

  3. So if you're careful, you can still eat anything… IF you're careful. Like… salads and wheat bread turkey sandwitches all week… then ONE big mac?

  4. Well sir, I would have to say your terminology is on point and you are well spoken/simple/ and professionally understanding. Thanks for this short clip.

  5. Could you please explain your hypothesis behind the reason why you'd want to eat every few hours? In theory, Couldn't this constantly keep glucose levels raised, therefor raising our over all A1c score? It seems like if I eat every few hours then I hardly ever give my glucose levels a chance to drop below 120, and if the doc sees it averaging over 120, he's going to yell at me a call me a diabetic. :

  6. U don't know how to clean pancreas duct……….u should change your title….jack off all trades master at none

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