Natural Remedies for Lyme Disease

hi dr. Berg here in this short video we're going to talk about Lyme disease and what to do naturally for this condition personally I had limes limes disease at one time and it was weird because I wasn't outside I didn't see any tick but I did consume I always like to test things out detox things I have this remedy that patient patients give me and I always test it on myself so I took this remedy and it detox that heck out of me I felt so sick after and the next thing you know it I basically started getting these red patches around my body and like I had severe arthritis that would not go away no matter what I went to get tested it was limes so it must have somehow stirred up something that was already in my body I don't know but it was weird I did go and I do recommend that you go to the doctor and get to the antibiotic because it's a nasty nasty nasty infection that can create a lot of long-term effects because these microbes their spirit cuts dig holes in your tissue and then you start developing autoimmune problems and whatnot so it's your own immune system that ends up destroying your body later in life so I did get it you want to get it in time so get it quick take it and then it but here's the thing that knowing very few people do they don't support the immune system as they kill off the line where they put a remission whatever they don't build up to tissue why not do both the amount impression doesn't show you what to do to help salvage your immune system I did this and it seemed to work out very well so here's some things that I took I took massive doses of garlic I actually went to the health of store and I bought garlic in tablets and I had probably six to nine a day I smell like a pizzeria and then I ate with garlic and onions I had a lot of onions cook with them every day so these two are very very very good to help naturally and then there's another remedy I got from health a store called olive leaf extra this is also really good for the immune system alright so I took that and then chlorella which is a kind of an LG that has a lot of healing properties with chlorophyll and detoxification properties so I took some of that and then colloidal silver which is also good for the immune system this is the combination that I did and I took it for eight weeks after the infection and I my immune system pulled right out of it and I did fine after that so I just wanted to point out to give you some things that you can do if you have a Lyme as a natural source I'll see you next video


  1. How much colloidal silver and what ppms? @DrBerg Pls say how much of each thing you took, and maybe make a more detailed video about keto, fasting and supplements to cure lyme

  2. First thing in the morning and at night before you take your supplements, drink a glass of 4 oz water with half lemon squeezed in it. Then take the following: Oreganol p73, tons of garlic, massive does of vitamin c, olive leaf extract, milk thistle, glutathione, coconut oil, MSM, and go in the sauna twice a day. Diet is important as well. NO sugar (it feeds disease), low carbohydrates and lots of greens and salad. I'm doing all of this and I can walk now, I wasn't able to walk for a few months because of chronic Lyme.

  3. It really stinks that I am highly allergic to garlic and onions. 🙁 Ugh!!! The thing that would help me the most I can't take. 🙁 That makes me want to cry. I suffer so much from this Lyme Disease and I also have H. Pylori and Hashimoto's and other things. 🙁 Oh how I wish I could take garlic and onions because I love them so much. But they make my face swell and my neck swell like I stepped into a beehive and got stung.

  4. Part of having Lyme disease is having compromised digestion. The supplements listed are fine to take if it can be digested. But it's a mistake to assume that this will work for those who actively struggle with Lyme disease.

  5. Yes, please do more videos on Lyme. How did you know it was gone after 8 weeks? Some people have to stay on it for 9 mos.?

  6. Also get a Hulda Clark type zapper and zap every day as well as take the colloidal silver. The electric current will kill these little monsters! Google Indian JOnes Actress Lymes and Zapping and listen to the interview!

  7. Hi- I appreciate your video. This issue with Lyme is that Borrelia hides from the immune system. It was engineered to morph when exposed to various antibiotics. Zapping and colloidal silver is good. The garlic good to help kill the co infections as well as the olive leaf. But keep looking at the blood under the microscope to see if the spirochetes are still in it. They can also be in cocoon like cyst formations or granular- so they may be hard to detect. I think Dr. Coden has a pretty good protocol too!

  8. Doc, lyme is an epidemic can you do more videos on it? And what is your opinion on bio resonance analysis of health

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