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Nutrition is a foundational part of naturopathic medicine, and I’m always Sort of intrigued by the idea that we all know that you are what you eat, so virtually every ailment Can improve with some kind of nutritional changes when somebody comes in classic one would be Eczema say, could be very uncomfortable sometimes can keep people up at night, so they don’t sleep well So they’re tired cetera all kinds of long-term ramifications When we identify the food that they are allergic to Their symptoms go away Botanical medicine as it says, is using herbs medicinally, but it’s very very old medicine and it’s really the thing we’ve been using as medicine for the longest It’s a tool that lets me blend different herbs together for an individual patient, so it’s not just Everyone gets the same prescription and one of the principles of naturopathic medicine is to treat the individual and so for me It’s an incredibly powerful tool to do that Behavioral medicine is a term that from a naturopathic Medical perspective we always think of the patient as a whole being and that includes Mind-body the physical, the spiritual, the mental, the emotional and so forth if you think about it the brain Runs everything in our body it’s kind of the master computer so if you can figure out how to help somebody’s brain work better Everything else is going to work better. Homeopathy is practiced all over the world, so the idea is a patient comes in with Some kind of symptoms, and if we develop a symptom picture for that particular person That’s really unique to person then we can pick a remedy that has a similar Characteristic so that not only helps the symptoms it helps many other things like energy well-being, mental clarity, all kinds of things like that. As a clinician it’s always a real It’s a real treat to be able to, and an honor to be able to see people getting so much more than they actually Thought they were going to get when they follow up with us Physical medicine includes any sort of hands-on technique Like massage or stretching or joint manipulation, but also includes other modalities like hydrotherapy low-level laser therapy therapeutic ultrasound and many other things too. The most common benefit of physical medicine for patients is a reduction in pain and what’s nice is from a whole person perspective, when people can move without pain, then there’s downstream benefits. Basically their whole life could get better

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