Neem oil, the best medicine for your plants//नीम का तेल, आपके पौधे की सबसे अच्छी दवा

Namaskar friends! i’m your host, Brahmdeo. Friends! You all know how dangerous it is to use chemical pesticides. It not only pollutes our environment, but also cause a serious bad effect on our health and may also cause Cancer like dangerous disease. Still, there is no control over commercial farming. But, whoever among from us, either personally or by hobby, do gardening at home on the terrace, outdoor, or indoor will never like to use over their plants, these dangerous chemical pesticides. Then what is the substitute for this? Is there any herbal solution using which most of the disease of the plants can be controlled? So friends! The answer is “yes”. “Neem-oil”, i.e. Neem-oil is such a herbal solution that if used in a proper way over the plants, most of their disease can be controlled effectively. So, next we’ll see that how the neem-oil can be used effectively over the plants. For this, you should purchase pure neem oil from the market. You see, this 50 ml bottle of neem oil is in my hand which costs about rs. 50.00 only You can get this from either a grocery store or from an ayurvedic medical store. We’re well familiar with its medicinal velues. Our ancestors have already been using it for centuries over many kind of human diseases. But its use is as useful for the plants as it is for the human. If it is sprayed over the plants at regular intervals for some days then it can save plants from at least 200 types of pest infestation Even If the plant is already affected, a regular use of neem-oil will cure it and the most amazing thing of using it is that there is no any harmful effect on our ecosystem. So friends! let us see how the spray of this highly safe herbal medicine is prepared. Neem oil is a very sticky oil which cannot be filled directly in a sprayer to spray over the plants. If it is 100 percent pure, then at room temperature too it is very sticky. In winter, it freezes in the bottle. The very first thing you should do is to take some hot water and place into it the bottle containing neem oil only for two minutes…. Meanwhile open its lid so that it doesn’t burst out due to the pressure caused by heating. Due to the heat, neem-oil gets melted and then can easily flow. In the next step, the things that we require are, a spray bottle,…… The second is dish-washer liquid soap, or a handwash liquid soap or any mild soap can be taken. And the third is, the medium, i.e. the thing in which we prepare the solution So, as a medium we’ve to take luke warm water i.e., lightly heated water. To prepare 1 ltr of spray, take one litre of luke warm water. Now, out of 1 litre luke warm water, pour 1/2 ltr into the spray bottle. Now add into it the liquid soap in amount of only 1 to 2 ml, a very little. Now shake it well so that lather is produced.


  1. Excellent video presentation with befitting explanation, all to the point. Thanks a lot for making this talk educative as well enjoyable. With regards, Dr. D.B. Misra

  2. Thanks a lot for such a valuable information for we gardeners and thanks for such a beautifull message to society especially those who use chemical pesticides.wake up guys there are alternatives to chemical pesticides.wake up before its too late.Thanks sir

  3. Hamare yaha (Ahmedabad, Gujarat) me garmiyo me paudho ka kese dhyan rakhe wo bataye,yaha tapman 45 degree tak pahoch jata he, please

  4. पौधे पर नीम ऑयल का स्प्रे कब से स्टार्ट कर देना चाहिए अगर पौधा बहुत छोटा है क्या तब भी उस पर नीम ऑयल का स्प्रे हम कर सकते हैं ताकि आने वाली बीमारियों से उसे बचा सके

  5. Kya gau mutra bhi pesticides ka kaam krti hai.?? Jaise patanjali ki gau mutra. Agar ha to uski bidhi bhi bataye.. thanks

  6. Aapke plants 🌱 kafi healthy hai

    Sir apne bahut ache se samjhaya … main ye janna chahti hun ki maine bahut se flower 💐 fruits aur vegetables ugai hui hai unke taste par fark to nahi padega jaisa ki hum sab jante hai ki neem kadwa hota
    Eg –
    fruits— cherry 🍒 tomatoes, tomato 🍅, papayas, banana 🍌, keenu, etc
    Vegetables 🌶, pumpkins 🎃, bottle gaurd, mint, dhaniya, garlic, ginger etc

    In sabhi par ye daal sakte hai

  7. Sir… Mene abi kuch din phele ye lemon plant nursery se lagaya h… Please iski care k liye tips n tricks btaye

  8. Thank u for this beautiful video. Can u please tell me what is the spray bottle called or where can I get it

  9. Excellent information and presentation, very interesting to hear your detailed explanation. Best regards from Pakistan.

  10. क्या नीम स्प्रे ज्यादा मात्रा में बना कर स्टोर कर सकते हैं

  11. Sir mere pas nimbu ka plant hai par usmai ab tak nimbu nahi aye hai plz bataye mai kya karu or ha mirch ka plant hai usmai bhi yahi problem hai

  12. aapke plants very healthy.👌or lemon tree ko to dekhker to surprise hu ki pot m etna achha grow kr rha h.kese lpz eski jankari de.neem oil ki jankari excellent.🌻

  13. Sir mere gulab ke podhe ki mitti me bahot kide lag Gaye hai
    Iska use soil me kese Kar sakte hai?sir please reply Dena
    Kuki kido ki matra bahot jyada hai

  14. I bought neem oil from Amazon. The seller name is Turning point. Is it Good? Maine dekha k appki neem oil jam gaya hai but Mera neem oil liquid hai?

  15. मेरे पोदे पे नींबू आते है लेकिन ग्रोथ नही हो रही
    क्या करे

  16. How to kill insects in soil
    Is there any think which can kill insects and give imp nutrients to soil

  17. hamary han sy neem oil nai milta or mairy plants par mealybugs ka attack howa howa hy mujhy kea krna chaheay?

  18. Sir my lemon plant got attacked by canker(bectarial desiage). I'm using neem oil but it's not able to cure canker. What should I do sir?

  19. मिर्ची और बेंगन में फूल बनते पर फल नहीं आते….क्या करें

  20. Mai lemon ka plant laai thi tab usme ek lemon laga 1 month ho gaya ek hi laga hai abhi tak jab ki mai paani compost sab dalti hoon ghar ki bani hui compost ,bahut bura lagta dhoop bhi lagti hai ,kya karen

  21. Thanks for the info, helped alot. Would like to suggest not to use dettol as it contains harmful chemicals. I can suggest u a substitute that is organic if u want . Connect with me??
    Abhay Pratap 8218733970

  22. VERY good photography +Very good listenao voice and very good healthy plants. Thanks for good informative and knowledgeable video.

  23. Milebuds ya koi kide na hone per bhi hum ise use ker sakty hey bachav ke tuer per please sir reply zarur dena

  24. सर जमीन में दीमक ह
    उसका कोई उपाय हो तो प्लीज

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