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Welcome to NEETLab – A free online coaching
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NEET cutoff marks to get Karnataka state government quota seat along with fees structure and total
MBBS seat details. At the end of the video, I am going to tell
you how to get guidance during Karnataka state medical counselling so that you can pick the
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now to receive important updates regarding NEET exam and MBBS counselling. Before getting into the specifics of Karnataka
state medical admission, let me first tell you that Karnataka is the pioneering state
when it comes to medical education. It has 39 private medical colleges and 18
govt colleges. Karnataka state students compete for close
to 5000 govt quota seats in these medical colleges. Apart from this Karnataka has the highest
number of private medical colleges, with close to 6000 mbbs seats. The fees in government medical colleges in
Karnataka is fixed at Rs 16700 per year. There is state govt quota in private medical
colleges where tuition fees ranges from Rs 70000/year to Rs 6.3 Lakhs/year. For management quota seat in private colleges,
tuition fees ranges between 22 lakhs to 40 lakhs/year. As I told earlier, there are 2700 seats from
govt colleges and another 2500 seats approximately from private colleges which comes under Karnataka
state govt quota under the subsidized fees. For these 5000 seats, close to 1 lakh students
are competing this year. Now lets move on to category based reservations
in Karnataka mbbs admission. 50% of the seats are reserved for Open category. OBC reservation is 32% of the total seats. SC candidates get 15% reservation whereas
ST candidates get 3% reservation in medical admission. The subcategory splitup for OBC category is
shown here. OBC is further subdivided into 5 subcategories
based on the caste. Most of the OBC candidates in Karnataka fall
under Category 2A so it has 15% reservation. Karnataka state has one of the complex reservation
system in India. Apart from caste based reservation, it provides
reservation based on the locality of the student and medium of instruction. Kannada medium students get 5% horizontal
reservation under each category reservation. Students who belong to rural region gets 15%
reservation. Apart from this there is special reservation
for students in hyderabad karnataka region. This includes Students from ditricts of Bidar,
Gulbarga, Yadgir, Raichur, Koppal and Bellary. Students from these regions get 70% reservation
for medical colleges located within that region and 30% reservation in other region medical
colleges. Now comes the interesting data on the NEET
cutoff marks for Karnataka state govt quota seats based on the reservation. Let us first see cutoff for category based
reservation. Last year cutoff for open category was 410
for the least preferred medical college in Karnataka. For SC it was 280 and for ST it was 340. Here we are seeing the neet cutoff for candidates
who belong to rural region. The cutoff seems to be little lesser than
the general category reservations. the cutoff decreases by 10-20 marks. This page shows neet cutoff for the Kannada
medium students. Cutoff is less by 20-30 marks compared to
general category reservation. We have created Whatsapp Group for students
participating in Karnataka MBBS Admission counselling, To join this group you have to
send JOINKAC request to the group admin specifying your name, neet roll no, dateofbirth, city
to Whatsapp No 7010 253 788 For example,
If Manjunath from Tumkur who is born on 20/10/2001 want to join Karnataka Medical counselling
group, he will send join request as shown here. If you liked this video, please cheer us by
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  1. Sir I am from karnataka obc category and also kannada medium student for me what will be the cutoff to get government college in neet 2019 please reply sir

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    Plz reply sir…….

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  4. hi sir..I'm belong to obc Hyderabad Karnataka region…is it sufficint 440 marks to get govt medical clge ??

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  6. Sir Kannada medium schools student how can they write neet entrance because neet is only for CBSE students ..

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