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good evening friends this is so much Khandelwal I welcome you all and this very important webinar that with the topic of NEET 2018 seed distribution and ambiguous admission strategies for government medical colleges across India this is this webinar is becoming very popular and that's why today we are doing it in all English language because last webinar which we have done last week on the same topic that was in a mixed language so this webinar especially we are doing for students and parents across India who are more more more fine with English so I welcome you all in the online seminar to know more on the topic which is giving many sleepless nights to students and parents you must be watching and listening on computer laptop mobile and sitting at your home so I hope you are very comfortable right now today in next 45 minutes or so we will be discussing about what after neat 2018 result how would be the admission process in MBBS and BDS Medical C's distribution break up and that is also with categories what can be neat 2018 admissions and their cut-offs what we can learn from neat 2017 results we also go through with the whole admission procedure which you will supposed to follow from next month we will also discuss which all are the places your needs score can get you a medical seat after this webinar you will also get invitation to join another webinar in next 3-4 days on topic related your MBBS admission and its strategy whose link also we will share with you and you can share with your friends who also gave meat this year so yours truly so much Khandelwal i'm director and co-founder booked my admission our tagline is choose the career you love and we always help you to choose what you love book my admission is an initiative of meander which is initiated at in 2004 so it is our tenure of experience and observations which we are going to share with you and every year we are doing the same practice and help students and parents to realize their supreme dream of becoming doctor guys medicine is very noble profession and I can say that nothing nothing can be better if you are a doctor because that is not a profession which you are doing for earning your livelihood but you are doing serving your nation your society and I human being also so today we are going to discuss state so that you can have your justification with all your hard work which you are doing from the last two years first you have done your hard work for eleventh and twelfth and then you have gave your exam for need that is national eligibility national entrance ineligible test which is a gateway for MBBS in India so to bring all medical aspirants of India under one ambit nationally Supreme Court of India has made meat mandatory for all admissions to MBBS and dental courses previously it was very painful economically and mentally also for a student to appear for different admission tests of various colleges but now neat is the only exam to be considered for the admission process to all the MBBS and BDS seats within and outside India so first of all I would like to in government health ministry of India a Medical Council of India and because they have formulated a bundle entrance exam for medical admissions because earlier this was very much painful for parents and students even though parents have to take break a leave from their profession from their job from their businesses for 2-3 months just to get a mission in medicine because they have to go different different states of India and give different different exams and different cut-offs different dates different fees different forms so it is very hectic process before NEET era but but this government has done a tremendous job to launch wonderful exam one nation one exam for all this medical and dental seats in India so that save a lot of money a lot of time of students and parents and they are able a deserving his students are able to get seeds according to their merit and rank we are going ahead with that there are around 400 medical colleges are in India having 65,000 aprox seats in total in around 40 lakh students aspiring for becoming a doctor or dentist and writes neat I will also share a very big good news with your a few you might have doesn't know yet because today only it has been announced that 2,000 new seats had been launched there are seven eight new medical colleges private and government colleges has been launched in India you can see in our youtube channel also we have already uploaded a video on that about 2,000 new seats in India in various states and which includes new colleges and also includes additional seats increase of seats in existing old medical colleges so that is also a very good news now in India we'd have around 67,000 seats not 65,000 seats and that all for you only me it is an only way now for an Indian student to do MBBS program in India or abroad aims and chief ma exam are required for taking in tuition in their purview colleges meet is not applicable there only now qualifying need is also mandatory for joining any foreign medical university also every year around 25,000 Indian students also going abroad for studying MBBS so now needed draw the spoon need to go abroad who were eligible and required to give meet internationals non-resident Indians overseas citizen of India for sons with Indian origin foreign nationals are eligible to appear in each ug to 2018 now what does it mean it means that either Indian students wants to do knee wants to do MBBS program either in India or abroad any corner of the world he or she has to qualified means okay one thing second and is any person in world either he's a American or Canadian all British ER or Australian all the Indian who is living outside India if wants to do medical education in India then he or she has to qualify need exam okay so it means that deed is a starting point of your medical education expiration right so this webinar is also on the same topic so this webinar is very important and you can share this link of the webinar with your friends so they will also appreciate your your help and they will also get benefitted by this information what are the types of medical colleges we are need through admissions are possible all state government colleges yeah they don't have any management quota they don't have any NRI cuca even they have very very low fees so those admissions are also done through neat cell finance colleges they have management quota the hemin arakata even though those admissions are also through neat cell finance colleges are of three types public-private partnership run by trust and run by private bodies what is the thesis of MBBS in different colleges approximately in government medical colleges fees ranging to forty five hundred a year to fifteen thousand rupees per year so you can surprised to know that Indian government is investing a lot to make good quality doctor same way in public-private partnership it goes around three lakh and in trust run colleges it goes around three point seven five to six point ninety and indeed University it would be 50 lat to 25 lakh per year so that is why everybody wants to pick admission in government seats it does not mean that Dean University or trust run or private partnership colleges are not good they are very good they're in strength first structure is also good their faculties are also good because all colleges are regulated by Medical Council of India and for all colleges there is same norms either they are government or private the norm surrounded colleges are same the only difference is fees because government colleges are funded by government so they don't have book charge from this food and private colleges need to charge from the students because they are not getting admission they are not getting point from the moment so this is the basic difference yes there are some colleges in India where a very good patient flow very good infrastructure but there are some medical colleges India which may have lacking of patients flow or mainly let good infrastructure but it happens everywhere what is the eligibility to go ahead in this career for an Indian student needs national eligibility and entrance test marks not less than 50th percentile for general category 40th percentile for reserved category and for benchmark disability as provides a person with disability at 2016 the minimum mark shall be at 40th percentile for general category candidate and 40th percentile for SC ST OBC candidate so if our student is incomes in general category 50th percentile is qualified mark if it's a reserved category 40th percentile is qualified mark if the student is physically handicapped and general then 45th is the minimum qualifying math and if OBC category reserved category and physically handicapped then it is 40th percentile and in 12th standard one student must fast individually biology or biotechnology whatever they have and chemistry and physics and English individually they have to pass and the aggregate must be not less than 50th percentage for general category and 40th percentage for reserved category students and for physically handicapped it is for general it is 45 percentage and for reserved it is 40 percentage one more thing neat result applicable for the current year only like if you have given your need in 2018 then you have to take admission in medicine either in India either in abroad in this year only this mean will be valid till next week next need only if you want if you does not get admission this year then in and you aspire for next year then you need to give meat next year okay and your age minimum 17 year of age as on the current calendar year 31st December it means that you must have minimum at 17 year of age before the end of this year either you there is no problem in joining medicine this year if you have not completed your 17 year but it still till 31 December you should complete so this medical fraternity things that anatomy physiology is so large a kind of subjects a student must be mature which all places your needs score can get you a medical seat anything in India Government Medical Colleges Dean universities private medical college grant-in-aid Medical College and foreign medical college and everywhere you will get admission to meet admissions to all seats of MBBS BDS will be done through need there are following Cota seats available All India Kota seeds State Government Kota seeds central institution University steam universities state management an Alaia Kota seeds in private medical and to colleges or any private university and central kolkata seats also students yeah but there is exception that students from state of J&K are not eligible for 15% of all India Kota seeds as a state of J&K has opted out of all india scheme since its inception it means that students of J&K cannot take parts fate in all india kuta and same thing they are also not giving their 15% seats okay I am seeing a lot of students from Tamil Nadu and Karnataka I've seen from Kerala also from Greece also from rostra so guys I better come you again and you all can always ask me questions over there you will see a comment box in down the line you can ask questions and I will try to answer otherwise I will you can call us on our toll free numbers all you can also comment and then I will reply afterwards okay so the seed side / Olli Dakota 15 percent of all the government colleges and all the states except J&K but respective states remaining 85% in the state government colleges this is not applicable for SFI which has 15% colleges they need to give to all India putas him University also doesn't need to give in on India puta and the seat provision for SFI 15% NRI and 10% management seeds the seeds for deemed University are 15% as Enel a total die petitions are available like if in India one college has 100 seats for example hundred seats so out of that hundred seven seats will be given to schedule caste student 13 seats given to school trying a solid schedule tribe student and 27 seats will be given to socially economically backward class there will be 3% seeds will be given to physically handicapped student but is this this reservation will not apply in management and this tour fit number you can call for any quality regarding your MBBS so the most important position today is where do I stand and how are my chances to get admission in India in a government seats so let's check category wise need 2017 cutoff marks knowing the CBSE need cutoff 2017 is like a blueprint for experience appearing in 2018 session the candidates can shoot for the stars with the previous year's category by his marks it will help them to set their goal for the desired cutoff marks CBSE was responsible for the conduct of exam along with deciding neat resulted and declaration of cutoff months in desert the admission process in medical college comes under the hack of MCC Medical Council committee so after giving result CPSC will have no rights and no role in allotting the seats CPSC is the body who just administered the NEET exam and give the merit list ranking list to all India quota and state so this is very interesting tally it is scat coincided this category meet qualifying marks in 2017 need cutoff in 2017 marks range and number of qualified candidates so in others category means general category the qualifying marks was obviously 50th percentile and the students who got this 50th Perceval 58th percentile are minimum for got 131 and highest they got six nine seven and those general category student last year worth five lakh forty three thousand four seventy three same time LBC candidates whose the minimum requirement was fortieth percentile they have the range of one 32100 those kind of students worth forty seven thousand three hundred and eighty two as he candidates for around fourteen thousand five hundred st candidates but around six thousand and general category physically handicapped student for the round 67 only and OBC ph category but only 152 students for their last year were eligible and for ph category SC pH they were 38 an ST pH was also 38 so out of the highest mark 720 the mini maximum mark 720 the highest is cold bath was 697 now we see that all India are ranking with 6.11 6.11 lakh candidates clearing the result of need ug 2017 the overall success rate was fifty three point six zero percent let's check out the another analysis below for example now because on sixth me you already got you give your exam and maybe by evening or day after you got the keys also okay so in that case you must know now that how much marks you got so in front of you you were seeing that how much marks you are getting you got and where you your rank can be can come like for example you can read out read and see that if you have a six hundred marks then your rank can be 172 to 246 if your marks are around 500 then your line can be 6,000 to 7,000 600 if your marks around 400 then your rank can be 33,000 794 to 37 thousand 770 okay same if you have a ray of marks of around 400 then sorry 450 then your friend can be around 16,000 to 18,000 if your marks are around 300 then your rank will go around 1 lakh if your marks are around 250 then your rank would be around 1 lakh 54,000 to 165 so it's like that you just see right so this is very interesting and my activity of sharing this with you because when after this result declare you will be get about unity to fill your choices and the choices will be a logical choices that you have to fill only those colleges there actually you asked you are able to get the seat according to your marks according to your rank and according to you draw character the real category wise neat 2017 cutoff for government colleges if you want to get the admission in government manual colleges in India under need then you must know the need 2017 cutoff for government colleges it will help you to choose the government medical colleges as per the rank during the counseling process meet ug program has two courses one is MBBS and second is VDS here are the opening and closing meat cutoff rank for government medical colleges category general opening rank one losing rank five thousand five hundred and seventy nine okay what does that mean that a student who got a government seat from general category as a rank was five thousand five hundred and seventy nine so a student in general category who got five thousand five hundred and seventy nine has got a division through all India Kota in a government seat okay so only such students have got till fifty five hundred and seventy nine in OBC the students who have closing rank five nine twenty twenty twenty two has got sealed in all India Kota SC student if he has thirty eight thousand six hundred and sixty got admission in all india kota st student if they have sixty two thousand six hundred and four also then also they got admission in all india kota if a student who is physically challenged physically handicapped and in general category and even if he has a three like twenty five ranked 25,000 3:22 rank then also he got admission in all india quota OBC with pH means OBC student who was physically handicapped – if he has to like fourteen thousand 943 rank then also he got admission in all Indian food SC student if he has fine flag fifty one thousand and st student physically handicapped also five flex at eighty thousand if they have that much of the rain then also they got admission in all india Kota okay so this is the thing by which you can take hell and wear em that your time will come to fill the form for choice you can use this information there is very interesting one thing which I would like to mention here the inter see merit of candidate for tiebreaking for example the situation arises that there are hundred students who have 500 marks now you can you can imagine that when 1314 lakh students are giving exam then same marks will be there is a lot of probability that at same marks there will be thousands of students will be on same marks like for five hundred month maybe around one thousand students will be have five hundred marks then this is committee how this committee will decide the ranking so this is the formula that Kat first from first process is this that they will see what the candidate obtained in math in biology then how many of the students have got higher marks in biology and after the same category how many students have got less marks in biology in compared to others so they decide this students ranking according to biology marks if biology marks are also equal then they consider chemistry marks if chemistry marks are also equal then they will say that which student have done least wrong answers and which student have done most of the wrong wrong answers in among this category so they will give ranked according to wrong answers if that is also equal then they will see the age of the student if the age of the student is higher those are the the other ones will get higher ranking the younger ones will get lower ranking so this is very interesting but I must say my friends and students and parents that Indian government has made everything in under their consideration and to create a zero controversy program at zero controversy administration of world's largest entrance exam I can say that this is a world largest entrance exam for medicine I have visited many countries I have seen many admissions entrance exam but not of this much of the size Indian government Health Ministry Medical Council of India CPSC MCC all I deserve the appreciation from everybody of us because they have done a tremendous job yes unless starting of this when is last year and before that there are some eating problems but you know that this year so far so good everything is going perfect there is even though the paper is not lead then no student has any kind of in any schooler and his student or any center has any kind of controversial things so it's going good and Rijo and we played it to God that everything will be going good and all the students who deserve medicine studying medicine get to them do that so I would like to also mention here introduce you top 25 students of last year need mr. Nam deep singh from punjab god highest mark 697 he stood fast a chick gupta that's too late marks less 695 came second manish mutual Nani came third even though he has seen 695 marks maybe some other reasons he got third rank which is which I mentioned in the just before Sanskrit Sadananda 692 got fourth rank so these are list of 25 topper students highest physics 97 and lowest is 681 this is the list of top 25 students across India I must say I'm AI hope that the students who are watching this webinar right now there are many students who would be came in top 25 or top 50 out of 5 there is a student who has asked me right now that does the ranking depend on the number of candidates obviously it is not a ranking is depend on number of the candidate quality of the candidates toughness of the exam and and categories so yes you are right you have asked me that does the ranking depend on the number of candidates yes the ranking depends on the number of candidates because it is not a percentage we have to see percentile and percentile is a collaboration of percentage and ranking so more the student more that I was ranking now let's see and the last phase of this webinar state wise total government medical seats available this year we have not added the new 2,000 seats which today only announced this is yesterday's information so we have sharing with you only you please see boo on YouTube and see our another webinar on the good news which I am sharing knew right away Ingles our BG American it is 250 in Delhi Manasa the disproof MPD when long medical college and seeing lot of students sitting right now from Karnataka they have also 250 so this is the list you please go through with this so this is the list of the universe Roman University is their seats you see that there are colleges having 50 seats only there are colleges who have 250 so the difference is because of their infrastructure their teaching infrastructure their factories their hospital attached with so Medical Council of India very cautiously allowed the seats and that they see that either the college is able to deliver good quality education to the students now category wise I just share an exam bill because students are sitting from South India's out part of the India right now so for example Bangalore so last year that closing rank for Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute was eighteen hundred and thirty five fortune doll category and it is 22 thousand 382 for SC category and 49 thousand for 39 for St category and for physically handicapped general category it was – like 69000 575 okay so this style right have the cut-offs this is individual medical college cutoff of last year and that to materialize in this first line you will see general category in second line you will see SC third line St and fourth line general physically handicapped students rank okay so this is a list of categories of the government colleges now what to do after need result declaration remember that the resulting addition is not the end of medical entrance exam it's a beginning of another phase of very interesting phase guides after the declaration of read result 2018 cutoff marks the counseling process is start there will be total three rounds namely down one and two an additional mop of brown and will be conducted through film wicked medical ug seeds through need counseling what will be the procedure for admission there are two procedures first it will be all India quota and then there will be an estate after the result the DGA chest finalize the dates of online admissions for all India Kota DM University and Central Universities this foreigners need to register online and pay fees online in all the categories aiq bean if applicable an array also it depends on your situation your ranking Yama's you can fill all category or maybe but not to continue all the declared days the you are required to fill choices of colleges with no bar on number of choices you can choose each and every college but the logical is this that you see that you use you choose according to your marks and drinks and category most of the states have online system now and they will also follow the same process which aiq management will follow neat rank letter is required at the time of field counseling so the candidates must carry drain card along with other important documents when they will be called for the counseling process so please don't forget to paint your neat rank card with your other document is still quite foreign usual so I would like to close this session now and we have our career advisor Andy in every state and I am going to give you mark their phone number in in the next slide so I would like to close this session now this is first part of that story of you becoming doctor and it's nice sharing and discussing this data with all of you hope this will help you to make your MBBS admission strategies and help you to realize your dream we I booked my admission wish all the best for your own future and develops distances we will be always be compatible for any of your parties related to career in health science India and globally booked my admission toll-free 103 double 0 to 1 2 to 0 for 4 we from South India we have we knew we knew sir his phone number is 7 to 6 5 double 0 5 triple 1 and millionth his number is 7 2 6 5 double 0 3 triple 1 so book my admission is the still is to assist students and parents for choosing and enrolling in the educational program which fits completely for them and finally help them achieving the desired career which leads to a wonderful and contented life for that it is a digital initiative of Mentor supported by career advisors spread over the world trusted through work since 2004 as a career advisor and official admission facilitator working together with most appreciated avenues of learning Institute's colleges and universities move my admission / phenom r1 interval 0 to 1 2 to 0 for 4 there is one student who have asked the fees details which was shared is it common all over India yes it is ranged we have shared a range for government it is 4,000 to 15,000 for private it is 3 lakh to 8 lakh and for the university it is 15 lakh to 35 lakh per year so it depends so guys we are going to upload this video on YouTube and you can again see this and share with your friends thank you very much I appreciate that you have chosen the best one of the best career in this world Addison you


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  2. Sir if I am from OBC category and my marks for the 1st attempt in neet is 337 will I get admission . plz help sir

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