NEET Counselling 2019 Complete Procedure| NEET 2019 Cut off Best Medical College Step of counselling

hello students and welcome back to the channel once again in today's video we will talk about need counseling process now guys meet examination may up Kidjo be marks appear oski recording app cope concert government college Monica AB Kokua government college milega be ma Malika what is depend cardiac a counseling / okay Abbie counseling Keota scanner case a logistical thing okay I am up nearly a government college kissy boo karate it's a big a body makeup course we do can that member tanja value step-by-step booty video goes through taking a step by step her each step a donkey or bill could be confusion many Yogi's video codec Nick about the immediate into here he came to Chile aperture ooh Kathy a good it's channel pork-belly bar a PB to the area Nikki hamari channel / up new way to please put a red color button DJ whose could the back of subscribers ie or could the Monica's sati apt aside mega belacan car button whose Casa Vega be called bothy important but an F whose button much about the buying key to up comedy notifications sorry videos key sub se pehle means hanging chili guys yeah Purim Shahrukh earthy subsidies unthinking India gender total medical college kidney so India gained the total medical college 453 gin may say Government College a logic deemed University a locking your private college I'll again Joe government college a who hit 234 colleges okay did Mickey seed said total thirty two thousand five hundred and ten seats deemed universities do a mujer 40 universities one may say total you see it's a weighs six thousand two hundred and eighty five seats private college oh eight who had total India key and that many key medical colleges giveth car you 168 Yannick a total private college Nasheed kidney we twenty three thousand two hundred and five seats he get a back open of competition for the about Cooper died kayako kiss college couple silicon I didna be a competition or Ivo in but pieces are sieve can you all right sorry but these are seen thirty two thousand five hundred ten seen in C its Kelly but J a cheesy at she ranked para data that you've got dream college Mills I have indicting hiccup naka explains by Tiger kipnuk urge erotica our government calls me bharata agar aapke private college Mota to insert key according MIT curriculum and ecology a private college school cover contain a good up pick private college my admission with you to other up government could have said mission logo to aapke photo 6 lakh but here catch a bad name alive whose give us other up management quota say admission lathe you to occupiers 10 safe 40 lakh per year catch awaiting up who Skiba other up NRI quota see admission death you go up cuz the total expense rating of ahead 20 to see 24 lakh per year per year ki baate sorry chharia sorry punch a pagar internship career haddad oh so sorry charge salga course another internship career laga car sorry pants alpha coast so sorry pants I'll kick owes me a big city by city obese luck a keeper here legging hip private college mother up ni ikou docility other up government could oscillate in the church a liqueur management quotas it does say Charlie's locked upper ear luxe at the head or sorry pants Alta is Co password multiplying although say it whose ki baat deemed universities Matheny deemed University miss both Atticus admission ogre ogre management management quota SIA Platini to 9c 25 lakh rupees per year up to percept ahead order up NRI quota say admission anything to up to $30,000 say $60,000 per year the perceptive TK expense per the cella actual think government college for the skinny Sabathia be later a government college made 10,000 10,000 G huh bill called 10,000 per year fees Bo thi Government College made or vasilica you fees one lakh rupees per year that be jockey hey you depend kurta hockey console government colleges okay album tells me he counseling kidney the ratio kg skinny appear we do abductee creo counseling cafe there a cutie a conflict eight types subset belly of the continuity in Turkey all India counseling deemed university counseling onyx state counseling all India counseling and the delta e TC V state key under pouring India se Co AV student occur is 15 percent seats me up Missy bukhara Zappa jana he did namely Government College from get her statement on May 15 percent receipts home hero all India cortically a book hungry Anna keep putting India Messick can he say me student except Jammu and Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir coach old ki Pauri India may seek is a big OB student in 15 percent seats Kelly a large a time in fifteen percent seats go bukhara septa TK in mr. könig Zbyszko a lot hos appear depending on the marks and cut-offs okay about nothing at deemed university ticket deemed university counseling conduct out there okay Tiffany we see it through thin just maybe say throaty voice of Castillo their beam University ski so Tiffany me see it so he deemed University scheme of mr. könig Sitapur lot caddy jayegi ot Sonata aapke State counseling Jana key Agora Delhi me that they had to 85 percent Kota up Cordell Iike up to stay and Iranian TK lagina gonna put delicate balcony admission Lena had so op o state K 15 percent co taki and their admission lay power with a different suit I 85 percent quota or 15 percent Kota main so state Catholic and their octopus for the 85 percent seat who state K and their dick Navy colleges subkey 85 percent see her ecology 85 percent seed his can the roti a state counseling and he OC state K but takeover seat Milegi or all seats did Navy private college okay whose particular state can that one Kisa BC its case Kelly OTA Lucy state K but Oconee Allstate counseling TK Bihar Kaiba TV has obtained private colleges Kelly escape added up in colleges made in counseling me con con up like a certain ticket cap apply car B sub pay an Inca City all India counseling me just to give me an amp Obadiah key hands tape cavity gossip a accept Jammu and Kashmir Jammu and Kashmir ki students all India counseling me nahi partly because of anything any kind of reason they gave was given are they beamed University now deemed University can there a PCB states a occur admission lasik pay in key seat space okay let's give out at the state counseling state counseling can the Paley bad though yeah Harper native student on a gigantic e OC state car student hona chahiye or a guru student OC state kahin like into the head you're a TKO 68 can but what the heck I already to encode domicile a Giga domicile stream kazakh or domicile a Perla Giga state of domicile ignite a mapper Plus app loco Coco hopper to admission Megawati category key accordingly milega sec hey HTC in general say o bcc Akko under reserved category may he managed agar aapko general category may he maja parade mission milega ticket other up Delamere edit it he came up here he ki ho domicile up Kalinka looking up coach time but Mumbai delegate or Philip college can Cathy delica College ie to Arco a grab a CCO HTC One m8 live near other up yeah Hassan belly sequel College Lena Tommy could have disabled on cardio to aku tester College Malaga domiciled Obispo College milling up ticket at code general category me college me nigga clear Amati all India counseling make history Casey apart place active man website Bieber tungee ticket the video collage tech guru dick Tarot All India counseling in the chat I put there he counseled about the online mode per se o TM online mood per our website page on out there they struck another feel constantly see it book and you ta todos it hit me with the all-india counseling me or linear counseling mclubbe har jagah key her state key Navy college it may be Government College a only 15% seats he case the total c2e 4875 seats round so they all India counseling Mukherjee got to now no take a yoga three rounds me or thing okay up to website age hamper jockey aapko register your legacy after need carousel Tyga who ski back up COO is website / Janna a or a dissipation man registration cup icon are our APIs for clicker key register Jose e-ticket apke registration ho jayega all-india counseling in the teen steps within most AP out there such a fella step the registration car 9kc turn a website but idea Niko's details Bernie only or after registration ho jayega was too hard steps aching ki aapke first round of counseling I got a BA caballo first round second round email Aggie Bethune di be optimist looki hotaki first round of company muga was candid up a plea choice a apni choice k college may exceed select karoge dojo hopper be a – he was according up silica okay I got proof maja / college mill Gepetto output second conflict at Johnny's Rodney lickin October 1st Ranma college niemals that do couch time he bother poop but I tell jaga result up Koopa that gel jaga other up who first consoling my name is that thought I have fear set in wrong TK this map up knee up fits it fits into bacio college isn't on me up me choice Phil Karthikeya boys college meseta if you ski according de cada their active max key according T October College malaria name in a guitarist Eric is a teens they put a registration then first round then second round Oscar Mohammed a deemed university now deemed University he counts Lincoln Lee both simplest of the pelagic a the registration can i company details bernie o ski bat second step every first-round snap company choice filter me then third step after second-round just may have company whopper Sagarika for some minimal a top second round part of your apnic choices filter oogie oogie bad is deemed university Conkling and then a core what just about four meals a day jokey Echota step mop a broom he kid you can mop up round yeah / be up with a core dada mocha military kept me agar aapko second on visit nahi me neo to up third round me philip carsonfp choices hotels time parakou comes to me means Ayaka dream college who's given at the schedule of all india counseling and deemed university counseling Yanagi Jeju Macario first round / second round ogum of a brown Duga yes up Camus game jabba participation card okay who's Kaiba Joong min first round oka July me second round ogre or August me up karmapa Brown Duga clear will go jelly aku accordingly ECT accordingly RK rounds me up who participate can I was Kiba that they stayed counseling / now stick up the Hornet deemed University if either maybe john leah happening all in the accounting cube our enemy john leah a big state he counseling Cassiopeia yet he consonant is both a TKO thing offline mode maybe or online mode BB total seats OTA state of the Holy ecstatic is he an the both sorry pass it Jagger medical college here so impasse such a medical colleges can the 85% seats won't even kiss kyoki his key unggi government college is key the key in Government College key 85% seeds really only state K but jogini agar you piggy bottle to you permitted the government college okay maja per on government colleges key 85% seats vahik a but chicken a yogi or 15% seeds all over India chemically we accept Jammu and Kashmir Oh Steve uh that they he 50% of ermine coat Ysidro teen youth Navy private college only a particular state made on private colleges key 50% seats kiss Quixote a government could have sued for the any key Joe students you Harper up Nick Archie marks a lot Kalki achieve oxen gang he was key according to a government quota me opposite they said they would give out that their management or NRI quota Zagreb seats lady a private college mate TK the phobia permit a good time to get the team P dkc hype when you're scared counseling with sheets means Athenian ski bad round kidney with a abut teen round authenticate depend get the hell like elegant clean rounds here but hotel I hope our kiss sorry doubts clear do you mean to get round care of the everybody gel gay round bell around Kabuto rock about 30 stock about that history Kasyapa counseling mr. canipe Iraq offers from many choices Phil cat me the second round mitosis because me orbit third round my choices Phil Kearney I gotta put nahi milta a college table up a ground a yogi or I got me data table done home ok so guys I hope many up Quesada queries sorry confusion could do cardio and then a BB at him and make will be doubt a related to counseling to Ahmed signature come in section may come in kaput sati Mayock is some equation cup or applet rikirangi can answer this Akoo Iraq use confusion Kobe naruto-kun if NASA thought NASA video company friends cases share carita ki AAG Abu confused a related to counseling detail to happen relief me label not be happy relaxed curse again so guys I hope applo comedy video person die you person died like and subscribe Korean shear Kerry thank you so much have a good day bye bye


  1. Then mam.. SC/ST Jo log hai ..unka caste certificate Fir valid kaisa hooga Jb unha Unha General laga too Q ki mam for example koi agar Maharashtra m..rehta hai .. from Up So Caste certificate of other State is not Valid ,so how can we take the advantage of it By Registration NEET exam in that state aasa hooga mam..

  2. Mem, mere 400 marks h nd m mp se hu, kya mje koi acha private mbbs mil skta h mp se bahar
    Because mp ka mmvy scheme ki vjh se 440+ cut off jata h mp m
    My contect no- 9144960882

  3. Mam unfortunately due to negative marking secured 381 marks in neet 2019. telangana state quota bcb category. .do I have chance to get mbbs seat or even verternery seat ..plz reply

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