NEIEP’s CPR & First Aid Training Program

NEIEP has teamed up with the American
Heart Association to provide instructor training for NEIEP instructors
to be able to teach CPR, first aid, and AED to NEIEP apprentices and continuing
education students across the country. The class has been very organized. The
instructor that they sent was prepared has given us all of our materials and we followed through a course outline. On the first day we learned a lot about CPR, the benefits, how to apply it, breaths versus compressions, the sequencing, how to assesse the situation, and how to
protect yourself as well as a the victim. It gives you an insight as to the proper procedures in administering CPR. It’s not just a matter of compressions and breaths and that there is specifics about it. We’ve done both the adult and child CPR as well as infant CPR. By using the dummies learning how to
give compressions, to do mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. We’ve also covered a lot of basic first aid so we’ve learned how to apply dressings, stop bleeding, to use an epi pen for people who are suffering from allergic reaction The second day has been a hands-on training experience. Each group of two instructors has taught their own portion of the class. The AHA instructors kinda taken a back seat to observe us as we are teaching the class as we would when we get back to our classrooms. About 45 NEIEP instructors from across the country have taken the training so far. Each those instructors will be supported
in their Local classroom with all the materials that they need to to do the training for CPR, first aid, and the use of the AED. I think it’s a great thing I think it’s going to get a great response. I’ve already told a few people in the Local about it, from mechanics to apprentices alike. Everybody seems to want to get involved
so it should be a good turnout. This is something that can help anyone
of us in the trade either someone you’re working with, someone else on a job site, someone at home, or just in your normal everyday life.

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