1. Most Informative and Fantastic Talk.
    I have a friend who has Parkinson's Disease.
    Dr. Blake's Methods will help people with autoimmune diseases.
    As a cancer survivor, I know that the plant based diet helps to stop and reverse cancer process.
    Plant based diet most certainly help clean blood affect all parts of the body.
    Thank you very much for Very Informative Presentation.
    This matters a lot to people who need to what to do next.
    Most Thankful from Canada

  2. My father has been organic plant based + low protein for nearly ten years and his Parkinson is developing rapidly, we're gonna try either keto and/or carnivore diet next because this obviously doesn't work for everyone (or it gets even worse, we'll see).

  3. Very informative and extremely hopeful for me who have suffered ten years.
    I want to have what’s mine – abundant life, have all that’s Christ have paid for.
    Thankful for timely encounter with Dr. Blake’s message.

  4. Listening to vegans talk about nutrition can be frustrating sometimes. They like to criticize meat while ignoring grass-fed animals and Wild game and raw dairy. If you don't want to consume it that's fine but don't pretend there isn't far healthier alternatives to industrialized food. That's like refusing to eat vegetables because they're covered in pesticides.

    Also he criticized supplements because the companies make them for profit? If the company is making them for a loss I don't think they would be making them for very long. There are great supplements out there you just need to do a few minutes of research.

    Great information though if you put his personal bias aside.

  5. What about using the remedy mucuna pruriens, classic herbal remedy from ayurvedic tradition that has been using this remedy for thousands of years? Even has formal studies and shows the same if not better results than the drug, but without the side effects.

  6. 45:38 Sulforaphane is in broccoli, but if you cut the cauliflower, Brussel's sprouts, or broccoli, and leave it on the cutting board, for at least 40 minutes, enzymes will make more sulforaphane, up to effective quantities. In fact all cabbage products produce it, but these three do it the best. Sulforaphane is also a good anti cancer agent.

  7. Awesome!
    Thanks again for your time and effort to make availability of
    latest information about health& diseases

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