New Era of Medical Education

rising high as downtown Richmond's freshest symbol of an educational powerhouse the new VCU school of medicine building is already inspiring and educating a new generation of medical students so one of the things you notice when you first walk in is that lots of light lots of energy and everything kind of feels new so I was very excited VCU has created a new kind of curriculum that better prepares students for the challenges they will face as they dive into their medical careers this new building provides the ultimate support structure for that curriculum it had to be matched perfectly and we had to think about the future of a long-term future of medical education and build a building it was flexible enough to work in 2013 but also to work in 2113 the new buildings learning studios and the large learning theatre are equipped with high-tech computer and communications systems that will allow students to work together to discover the paths toward the treatment of diseases and injuries teamwork in a medical environment is extremely important and I'm very excited that we'll be implementing that into the new curriculum earlier on because I think that that will translate very well too the hospital setting when we'll be working with physicians and nurses and the other health staff the innovation in our new curriculum is exemplified by the design of the space that we're standing in today a learning theatre not a lecture hall but a space where collaborative learning can take place just a couple of floors up from the learning theatre medical students can now simulate just about any type of procedure exam rooms will be identical to what these future doctors will see in the hospitals where they will work intensive care units and surgical suites will mirror their real-world experiences or being position experiences the name of the game I think we get excellent classroom training we have great textbooks great resources to explore but the experience and actually doing it is what's really makes a difference you read about so many topics you feel like you have an understanding of it and the second you're faced with it in real life with completely and I think being able to see it before you have to deal with the person actual patients use innovation that helps you be a better physician I really do think that the two simulation fours are gonna be just critical to everything the likeness of it to the hospital it is crazy you have your computer stations right outside of a standardized patient room just like you would see in a hospital that is that is what we'll see in the hospital that is what we're practicing with now those simulated experiences will all be recorded so students can review their performance and constantly refine the way they practice the art of medicine it'll be a really critical new quote tool to be able to watch where specifically you might slip up in an interview or physical exam and to be able to learn from others who you're not in the same room with or maybe a different floor VCU's rich history of producing tens of thousands of medical professionals for more than 175 years is depicted in a mural that was restored in time for the opening of this new building today VCU and its supporters are building on that successful history to know that people are investing in our future the way that they are what an opportunity for new students to come in and experience this from the get-go and it's only going to get better as time progresses and and we learn how to best use the space that we have right now this transformation in medical education begins right here right now you

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