New findings highlight promise of chimeric organisms for science and medicine

– [Juan Carlos] Stem cells are
unique cells in our body. A human body is composed of
about 250 different cell types, and all these cell types
are coming initially and derived from these unique stem cells. ♪ [music] ♪ – [Jun] The arrival of the stem cell has
basically revolutionized the biology and medicine. The reason for that is that they
can give us animated materials for different tissues of different cells, and
also have given us the models to study disease, to perform drug screens, to find new drugs to cure human diseases. – These cells can help a major
problem we have in our society, the lack of organs for transplantation. Today, just in the U.S., there is a need for organ and tissues,
and right now the demand is about four times the supply. And for many years, we
scientists all over the world, we have tried to generate
cells in the laboratory. The problem is that this is a difficult experiment. Trying to imitate
nature is not that easy. And what we want to propose here is that
an alternative way to provide that environment that nature normally provides
for growing cells, and this is the animal. – So we started this project using two
very closely related species, rat and mice. So we use the stem
cells derived from the rat and we inject them into the mouse embryos. – We could see that rat cells, stem cells from the rat, could
be introduced into a mouse. And there, they are allocated to become organs, organs that are
composed mainly of rat cells. This is the first proof of
principle that we could recreate that environment that allows cells to grow
into another animal inside another animal. And with those first results is when
we attempted to replicate them, but in this case using human cells into
a larger animal, the cow or the pig. What we’re doing is putting
these human stem cells in a natural environment,
inside a living animal. In this natural environment, they can
grow, they can differentiate. In simple words, they can be
allocated to become a heart, a liver, or a pancreas cell type. And this is something
very exciting because for the first time, we can see how human
cells can grow inside an animal. The implication of these results are vast. – The ultimate goal for this type of
research is to…whether we can use this technology to generate
human tissue and organs. But before we do that, we need to understand how the human cells
and pig cells interact during this process and to increase the survival of the
human cells in the environment, that’s going to give us
a lot of unique insight into something that
we don’t know before. And those information will be… …will probably be very important for discovering new phenomena, new biology,
new drugs, new treatment, understanding diseases, to alleviate
many sufferings of human diseases. – The possibility of growing human cells and tissues inside animal is an exciting first step for the dream of generating
tissues and organ for transplantation into humans. We are still far away. We still
need to do and work in the laboratory to understand the interaction
between donor and host cells. And we try to be really careful,
meticulous, so that our research, our work, in the end help people, help alleviate human diseases. And this may take many,
many years from now. We could dream of using this technology for creating human organs. Human organs that could
be used for transplantation, back into patients that need them. ♪ [music] ♪


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  6. the promise is to great. to harvest your organ from a pig is the only thing i can think of. all of this in years of people who did not have to die.

  7. I can't deny, If this was available for me, or the NHS, I wouldn't hesitate for treatment. A cure would be just unfathomable.

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