New Frontiers Through Digital Medicine

how do we help people live disease-free lives how do we identify illness before it strikes how do we help people recover more quickly from illness digital technologies are giving us a hope to solve problems that were viewed as unsolvable we are absolutely entering a new era in medicine digital medicine creates the promise of our ability to actually go to the patient and not just when they're acutely ill and not just for appointments but really 24/7 we're making it easier for patients to get the health care they need we found that there was a critical need of patience in rural communities that didn't have access to expert providers for hepatitis C we're developing an app for both patients who are infected with Hep C as well as their providers who are taking care of them by using digital medicine we can help bridge that Geographic divide we are one of the only few innovation labs in the country which are totally inside medical center so this allows us to test new technologies very fast integrate that and help to improve patient outcomes what we are doing in this new medicine that sauna has not been done before bringing digital technology into the operating room now allows me as a surgeon to plan my operation I'm suddenly able to solve a problem that for many many years in my career I was not able to solve we are simulating almost every case before surgery now going over the approaches in three dimensions reviewing the different options as if we were doing the surgery we have brought together a collection of many of the brightest minds in digital medicine digital medicine is revolutionizing the way we conduct our clinical study digital medicine is the interaction of technology and medicine can the experience of a patient seeing a doctor be improved through the use of a smartphone or mobile devices we've created an app that allows doctors to look at local resources whether it's for the department clinic or community and make the best possible decision by having simply all the information in front of them while they're talking to the patient Mount Sinai and partnership with Apple has developed the asthma health app enabling us to collect an unprecedented amount of data and helping us to understand that causes and triggers of this deadly disease our leadership has challenged us to be bold to provide new solutions to address problems that are intractable and to use new technologies and enrich the care and lives of our patients and communities by never taking no for an answer Mount Sinai is a health system and not just a hospital and when you layer on the promise of digital medicine on top of that we have the potential to transform how health care is delivered in this region you

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