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what's up guys sadly I'm today I'm coming out with a Q&A / life update / let's just spill all my secrets hitting but seriously guys I just wanna tell you just thing real quick I'm gonna try to make it seem like it's not the case but I'm kind of about to die right now i ah I feel like I'm running on no sleep I worked ten-hour day and then I had to go to the mall to see you I didn't have to do this but that's where I wanted them all to see if I could find some jeans I couldn't and then had to get packages and then go to run errands and now we're here and I put my makeup on 14 hours no 15 hours ago I have not touched it up except for lipstick since what was that since I also cut my hair in case you're wondering and I'm not hating it but I'm not loving it basically I did not even mean for it to be this short it feels pretty short right now I mean not compared to what it's been in the past but my hair was previously the longest that's been in my reporting career and as a reporter everyone was asking like do you have to have a short hairs on a thing cuz you see a lot of reporters and yeah like they have short hair and it's not no one has ever said to me you need to cut your hair actually my mom had so that's a lie and my mom always tells me to cut it keep it professional looking but none of my boss is the percent anything like that and you will see a lot of girls especially more now than say a decade ago rocking the long hair but the reason a lot of women do I'm short hair in the news it's just it looks more professional it looks more clean-cut I actually knew of a woman when I I'm a previous internship who was pretty prominent shouldn't've getting fiery and one of the things that I heard on the DL like from I'm not gonna say who but first from people who worked there was her hair was a little hurt about her hair her hair was really wild or something like that and I looked at it it was just long and curly maybe it was a little frizzy I don't know but anyway that always stuck with me you know like chopper her job the drop in chocolate but no I honestly didn't mean buzz that happened I went to the hairdresser and said just a little trim some angles and layers and then before I knew it I was like oh my gosh please stop cutting what are you doing but of course I didn't say that I said thank you so much I love it we're gonna get R into the Q&A and there's been a lot of questions I know I've had a lot of changes in my life recently and I seriously have been exhausted today but I made it my goal I'm like you're gonna go home you're gonna film I miss you guys I missed connecting with you guys on here if you have been you know kind of like where's Clancy been follow me on social media because even when I go a lot of little hiatus on YouTube and things get busy I'm always on there so my Instagram my Twitter my facebook will all be linked it down below that you can follow and then you can get in on these and next time so let's go to these questions and see what you guys want to know I'm scared first question what is it like living with Zagat's your favorite part and what's your least favorite part which if you guys don't know I mean yeah the most even living at her rock yes Zach my boyfriend and I moved in together hence where I am right now away from the video on it so if you want to check that out but why does it been like living together personally it has been amazing my biggest fear with moving in with a boyfriend in general like I've thought about this for years is I like to be have my own a long time I'd like to do my own things I'm pretty independent like that I don't know I'm just I don't know but because of the way my schedule is the fact that I work these weird hours right now at 4:00 p.m. I'm sitting here and no one's here it allows me to still get my alone time I don't know I mean I feel like you moved in with someone because you like them you like spending time with them if you don't that weird I mean it's seriously been amazing and a big thing is people are asking like I already saw in here sleep schedules how has it been like what the heck because I go to bed at like 6 7 p.m. whereas he's a normal human he goes to bed at 10 11 so I wake up is it hard and I don't like I see this I say goodnight he talks me into bed be safe by I don't hear him I've been having sleepwalking issues Mel lately where he has been witnessing me sleepwalk I let just last night I've to ask him what I did because it's like I remember part of it but not all of it and I think I said something about I thought people were in the bathroom I don't know all to ask I'll check in on that get back with you guys but yeah no I mean that is not an issue at all and he says when my alarm goes off in the morning so I actually hit it pretty quickly which we'll talk about a second this is kind of going along with something else but he says he doesn't even wake up so that's amazing and yeah no seriously it's been awesome zach is like a very clean neat person he's not like a you know it was like it was my brother my brother will just eat like a candy bar and then just throw the wrapper on the counter against his AK occasionally leaves dishes in this thing but it doesn't bother me because he puts him away going into this I knew that he wasn't messy and that's the first thing everyone kept asking either one is he mess or you know oh my gosh she was messing her and seriously I feel like we're like dead even except I'm in different ways and then to my friend Carly was like please tell me there are two bathrooms there aren't it's fine we're all gonna live and I guess maybe my music her part is it's kind of hard to go to sleep sometimes when I normally would like normally I'd be getting into bed closer just somewhere in the fives and then calming myself down but Zack doesn't get home until like 5:30 most nights so I want to stay up and talk to him so that's it hard maybe I'm getting enough sleep but I don't know it's worth it and then my favorite part obviously is you're spending more time together but yes I mean check in with me in a couple months we could be in a different ball getting out getting but um but no so far it's been amazing what is the most stressful thing about your job so obviously I'm sure you guys all know TV news reporter just moved to Cincinnati and the most stressful thing is being quick but accurate so for example today I was at a shooting for our noon broadcast and at 11:51 I got through at like 11:30 I still have not confirmed anything I just hope it's hearing a bunch of things from people who were around but you cannot just report you need to confirm things or like you hear stuff on the scanners that's how you get sad you hear that I'm saying like oh we have like a suspect volleyball you can't report that it's not always accurate but if they not always I mean a lot of the time it's raw so at 11:51 still have nothing confirmed and I have to be live doing a full report at noon oh I missed you too still nothing what am I gonna do like it's stressful you're not getting information but you gotta get out there and just talk and not only just blabber like have some things to say just how quick paced it is and then having it be right at the same time it's hard but being almost two years into this by now it's like it used to be like oh my gosh type thing and now it's like a yes like I love that I love the adrenaline of that like I live for that that's what I always think like if I were to do another job let's say let's say I wanted to leave TV news I don't want to be a reporter forever I'm not saying that's the case I'm saying let's say I decide that it would be very very difficult to find a job that matches that like I need that adrenaline that it would just be so hard to sit in an office all day not saying that's a bad thing like trust me you guys like what I'm running around in mud we're in the pouring rain or in the freezing cold I'm jealous of you guys but I no at the same time it's just like I'm like would that fulfill me would that be enough so yeah III know stressful work but it's also one of the parts I love the most do you miss College and how would you describe your college experience in one word no I don't miss college like sometimes like I look back on it and I can see the memories pop up on Facebook and I miss it in the sense where I'm like oh my god that was so much fun but I like life after college for me I've just been loving it like I've just been loving me like a real adult paying my own bills living on my own technically not anymore but you guys know what I mean having a job and I've just like I just love it like I don't think I want to go back I think that was awesome something if I could describe it in one word I guess it'd be transformative I literally feel like I was a different human every year of college and just growing more and more like freshman year plan C just talking about your plans who did junior year to senior here like different humans it's weird but I literally feel that way and now I feel like I'm even a different human I just feel like a girl lot in college I had a lot of fun no like I'm I for those of you who were in college thinking oh my gosh I'm about to graduate what do I do life sucks no like it doesn't have to you like life after college has been freaking amazing if you didn't go into being a TV news reporter what would you have done that's a good freaking question basically in high school I was considering two things one this whole journalism thing – the one that really stuck was law I've always been kind of intrigued by law the only thing about law is I feel like it's not as interesting as you think like yeah you learn all this stuff and it seems cool but a lot of it's been just looking at paperwork and doing paperwork and I just know it's not like the freaking you know law and order again it's not like that and even now some of my favorite things to report on are just like court cases and stuff like that and I just love like deciphering it and giving you old sides I don't know I don't know I just I don't know when do you find time to socialize slash date since you work mornings fellow reporter here first of all hey girl what it's hard I mean this is a hard one especially working mornings you go to bed when most people are just chilling out and just getting out of work you are on a different schedule and not to mention you're busy not to mention you're in a different state than you've ever been in your entire life at least for my case so it's not easy but honestly my job okay so obviously have a wife for now but back in the day when I was single my job actually like made me probably date more than what happened fight wasn't it's just so easy to meet people with my job just constantly meeting new humans and then being introduced to new humans and then this and that and then that and then this and so yeah I kind of feel like I it's like a weird advantage at the same time but yeah like it's hard with this morning schedule not to mention you have to be with someone if you found a boyfriend or whatever who can accept it and can understand it what Zach definitely does I knew he was a keeper when we first started talking it was like 3 o'clock p.m. so that's my evening which no one understands like no one can get it in our hide that I go to bed at 6:00 or 7:00 so 3:30 to me it's like night time and he asked me how my night was and I was like yes yeah you got to find something understands because not everyone well yeah you make time for what you want to do so with dating and kind of just you know being young from your picture I can't click on it but from your picture you look young you'll pick you're in your 20s if that's a priority to you you know being young I mean your twenties II go out there and meet people it I always say just takes one person you just gotta meet one person and then you made their friends and then you meet their front like it's just such a domino effect they're just heaps you putting yourself out there and not to mention having some sleepless nights having some nights we're not getting that much sleep because for example I would stay up on Friday nights until forever o'clock what felt like for me just to be able to go out and be a normal human and pretend like I wasn't up since 2:00 in the morning this one I got a million times how's your new job been and it's been amazing it's been definitely a huge learning curve like all new stations are the same in some ways like you literally realized you're like wow no matter where I go we're all just doing the same thing but they're different in so many others the things you cover the way you cover it I've gotten directly like from what my old boss like what what he wanted and Dayton is different than what people are telling me in Cincinnati like it's just different opinions and it's not easy to get used to getting used to different like software on my computer different humans just being surrounded by different humans it's weird if weird being the new person then literally not knowing anyone but I have loved it I'm still in that weird new person phase but it's really cool it's really cool learning experience and the people I've met have been seriously amazing and it's gonna take a little bit for me to get entirely comfortable with everything and actually fun back so I haven't walked in a while and then I started this new job I have been sleepwalking like almost every night not every night but a lot and I know what it is I third sleepwalking when an experienced change and when I'm a little bit stressed out and so I guess like it's even more subconscious than it's not like I'm like physically like thinking about this all day but subconsciously like yeah I guess this is kind of stressful like it's a big change like I'm in a new city about a new apartment so I've been having a little bit of stress subconsciously clearly I wake up fifty times a night seriously um just checking my phone thinking oh my gosh did I miss my alarm and it's like I'm half asleep and I can't understand that I get in and then I'm like it's 11:00 p.m. like what did that mean did am I supposed to get work so that's kind of been annoying so yeah there's like a little bit of anxiety involved and not like literal anxiety like I used up inside a back in the day as a lot of you guys know and it's nothing like that I'm not having anxiety attacks it's not getting in the way of my life it's just something on the back burner where I'm like okay I just need to get the hang of things more get used to things get more comfortable I'm the type of person I can't explain it it takes a while for me to warm up to people so yeah I'm nice I'm friendly but I don't call someone a friend for a while if that makes sense like I don't just like you saw my connection with people and date like I don't just I don't know it doesn't just happen for me like it takes time it takes time for me to know someone like I understand them so yeah it's gonna take a lot of time for me to get comfortable to stop sleepwalking but no I'm really loving it so far and I feel so happy what's been the biggest change you've noticed in Cincinnati versus date and so for those of you who do not know I moved from Dayton Ohio to Cincinnati about a 45-minute Drive so it's like not far at all and there are very similar budgets in Cincinnati there's so much more to do there's just so much more to see like when I'm driving around and my for my stories and whatnot here just in a couple of weeks I've been here my eyes are like wide open and I'm like oh my gosh there's so much like there's this that they're like in David just didn't have that and it was a little bit harder to find things to do I just forget about Cincinnati do you have a glam team it slash makeup hair person at this job no I had a glam team I would not look like this right now uh no no no basically for how it works with TN TV news yes there are people who do get hair and makeup teams but that's not gonna be in market number 35 is where I am right now it's gonna be in marc-antoine New York possibly markets two three four like basically the smaller you get the more it's like that's not gonna happen it'll only happens in the big ones and the big ones it's really I'm pretty sure just the anchor it's not the reporters who get it we do ever get a clothing allowance and a hair and makeup allowance you do spend money trying to upkeep your sole external look presentable on TV so it's like give me some help so that really does help a lot okay the last thing I'm gonna answer is someone has how do you say some positive and happy your life seems perfect any advice I want to tell you guys again and again and again and again forever and ever my life is not perfect I'm not always positive and I'm not always happy I think that I do make a concerted effort and a choice to be as positive and happy as I can be at any given moment that's not to say I'm perfect that's not say it always happens but when things go wrong when things aren't really you know panning out the way you like which yes happens to me you do have a choice you have a choice to either sit around and cry there's sometimes you know you might want to do that for a little bit but you also have a choice to figure self back up think all right you know what how are we gonna make the situation okay and learn from it so I don't want you to think my life is perfect everything's amazing because it's not but I don't want you guys to think oh okay great she's just another victim what's all the victims like no Erin Talley should always just be how can I be as happy and positive as possible and it is possible but I'm gonna go because I need to take all of this disgusting crap off my face okay makeup love it and I need a shower and I need to like just relax this has been a long day but I love you guys and I wanted to film the video and yay so yeah I'm gonna go but like I said if you're not already following me on social media be sure to check the mountings and down below for the very latest yeah that's pretty much it so thank you so much for watching if you stuck around this long and I'll talk to you later let me know what you guys want to see in this channel by the way I mean let me know let me know alright bye


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