New Medical Campus Facilities a Game-Changer

♪ [music] ♪ – [Woman] You want to count his
respiratory rate, right? So you can listen to his lung sounds. – I’m going to lift up your shirt a little
bit higher, okay? – [Stephanie] Miami Dade College unveiled
a new state-of-the-art facility at its medical campus that is sure to be a
game-changer for the region. – [Eduardo] And as a matter of fact,
today I will tell you with great certainty that this simulation and innovation center
is really second-to-none, but it’s probably one of the most advanced
among all the medical centers around the nation. – Located in the heart of Miami’s health
district, the medical campus is home to cutting edge facilities and more than
20 educational options, including Bachelor and Associate degrees,
as well as certificate programs. – Three, two, one. – But the new Center for Learning,
Innovation, and Simulation raises the bar, providing students with the training
needed to excel in today’s fast-changing healthcare industry. – [Lenore] We’re extremely proud of this
new facility, especially for the experience that we’re bringing
to our students. We always try to design these new
buildings with them in mind, and I think this is going to be a
first-class experience for them like no other. – The five-story building contains
amenities comparable to any cutting edge hospital, including 15 hi-fidelity
patient rooms, a simulated ambulance, a home health apartment,
and 10 examination rooms, to name a few. – [Oscar] This facility,
specifically the floor that we’re on, which is the simulation floor,
is going to be an incredible asset for our students. We currently have simulation,
but not to the level that we have here. So what this is going to do is when
students graduate, they’re going to be ready to go
into the workforce being able to handle
real-life scenarios that they’ve seen here. So, it won’t catch them by surprise. They’ll know exactly how to respond. – An entire floor is dedicated to an
advanced medical simulation environment that mimics real-world clinical settings. Here, students will recreate various
medical scenarios, helping reduce errors, improve safety, and elevate the quality of
patient care. – [Man] Good morning, buddy. How are you doing today? How are you feeling? – [Boy] I feel really sick. – Oh, what’s wrong? What’s happening to you? – I feel dizzy. – You feel dizzy? – [Jessica] It’s definitely going to a
game-changer because now they have more possibilities of doing many clinical
hours, not only on-site but also here in a more controlled environment and a more
safer environment. – [Rafel] The simulation is amazing. I mean, it’s the closest
I’ve seen to reality. – It’s going to be really quick. – Ouch. – Oh, I’m so sorry. – Sorry buddy, but you did great. I know, I know. – In a simulation, mannequins cry. You can do intravenous access,
push meds. – [Mary] It’s definitely going to be
preparing the students for real-life scenarios because again,
they have the time to think. As a brand-new nurse, because I was there,
it’s very chaotic, so this definitely gives you, like, a nice foundation of what
to look forward to when you’re out in the real world. – The building also houses fully equipped
medical labs for nursing, respiratory care, physician assistant,
histology, and other programs. This one-of-a-kind health training venue
even rivals those at top medical schools around the nation. – …see nowadays at surgical centers. So if you look, you will see that the
chest is rising and falling, and you feel that he has a heartbeat. – The new facilities will allow the
expansion of some of the college’s most in-demand programs, including emergency
medical services, nuclear medicine technology, nursing,
and physician assistant, as well as make room for new programs. For MDC in focus,
I’m Stephanie Saint Comb.

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