New Medicine From The Goddess

For this video. I am going to do something very interesting,
not only for you, but also for me, more for me than for you, and because it’s my life’s
interest. My life’s interest among, there are so many
interests I have, is to revive the ancient herbal medicine. I have talked about it in a few videos before. I want to take time, a few minutes to talk
about the herbal medicine as it is practiced in India. particularly in the tradition of Ayurveda
and Siddha Medicine. Plants are just not treated simply as just
plants, vegetation, but as Beings going even beyond the chemicals that are found in the
plants. And also their response to sound waves, how
sound waves affect the chemicals as well as the Being or the Angel or the God or the Goddess
behind these plants. And there are ever so many views and angles
from which you can look at a plant within the Siddha and Ayurvedic Tradition. And it’s not possible for me to go into
everything. So, let me just confine myself to how the
God or Goddess works that’s very important — the God and Goddess for the plant. And when they come alive, which is what I
call as Chronopharmacology. The plant comes alive when the Goddess comes
alive or the God comes alive. And then they come alive in response to sound
waves in association with the time, space components, meaning that they become alive
at a certain hour, a certain constellation or Nakshatras they are called, or Hora which
is a smaller unit. So, it is so sophisticated. So, I just started Nambu Botanicals in the
United States. And I just only introduced the response of
the sound component which I call as Phonemes in
enhancing the medicinal healing aspect of this particular extract or powder or whatever
form you consume it in. And that is the first step. But within the Western tradition there is
not much room, so I decided that I have also a pharmaceutical, a Herbal pharmaceutical
Company in India where there is more possibility, because the tradition is still vibrant here,
although discontinued to a large extent. In India, the most important component that
I want to bring to light because of the strong religious, theological tradition is to focus
on the deity, God or a Goddess behind the herbal medicine. So, here I am going to introduce you to Beth
who is taking care of both the Western and the Indian operation. And I told her that you have to be involved
in the tradition and particularly the deity component. So, here she is in India now and working on
a herbal medicine for Psoriasis. And it has been very helpful in dealing with
Psoriasis. And that’s one success story that will soon
be out. But now she is going to talk to us about her
own journey, particularly with the Goddess who is primarily responsible for the group
of saints called Siddhas and who are the custodians of the herbs and herbal medicine, particularly
in dealing with the Gods and Goddesses. Now, she is going to talk about her experience
working with the Goddess by name Angali and it’s a form of Kali, a Goddess, and whose
temple she visits. And it’s very interesting that the temple,
the Kali, Angali is alive, and she brought her the necessary PR. The PR person actually got interested in her
in an Angali temple and then she had exposure to the [news] media in Tamil Nadu, all because
of the Goddess. So, she was talking to me about the Goddess
yesterday. And I said it was worthwhile a thought to
present her to you and then to share with you her ideas and experiences and so forth. So, you are not restricted to whatever you
want to say, but this is the general framework of the Siddha Medicine. So, you can talk about your experience now. So, you are not restricted by any constraints. [Beth:>>]Thank you Dr. Pillai for that wonderful
introduction and also giving a little bit of information about Goddess Angali and how
the Goddess works. About 45 days ago, Dr. Pillai instructed me
to go to this particular Angali Temple and walk around the sanctum sanctorum, walk basically
around Her statue for a 108 times a day twice a day. And I wasn’t sure why he had instructed
this, but at the time I felt through that I needed some healing, some therapeutic help
all the way around — emotionally, psychologically, spiritually. So, I figured that this must be why Dr. Pillai,
he had seen this and he had asked me to go and get the Goddess’ help. And each time I have gone around this Goddess
Angali, and I walked this 108 times which takes about almost an hour each time, there
is a new revelation that comes. Some of them are personal; some are spiritual;
some are even professional. She has given amazing guidance with the blessing
of Dr. Pillai —amazing guidance on what direction to take certain things. And it’s usually She will interact with
me when I have a problem, when I am worried about something, and I will be just thinking
about that problem as I walk around Her. And then somehow, She will give me a chain
of ideas, thoughts and insights that helped me solve that problem in a very practical
way. Like I said, some spiritual and some is actually
quite practical – different steps to take. So, today was the day where She gave quite
a bit of information around the secrets to healing, the secrets to preventing disease. And this, I didn’t actually expect this. I was more, thinking more about the company
that Dr. Pillai owns, Nambu Botanicals. And [I was] thinking about how we can help
that company go forward and bring out more healing to our customers. But what She gave was, first a glimpse and
insight on how with the technology that we have here in the Siddha Culture and acoustics,
particularly the acoustics that Dr. Pillai spent 25 years researching on — these sounds
– how these two combined can actually give a New Gene Expression. That gene expression could possibly prevent
a lot of diseases such as Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimer’s, even aging. So, the way Angali works is She gives the
overall idea and concept. And then She leaves it seems to be to the
human mind to go ahead and put all the pieces and place and bring the right people, the
people who have the domain in Science and the domain in the areas that She has instructed
in. So, after this revelation today, I called
Baba, – I called Dr._Pillai, Babaji we call him, and I mentioned that this very high vision
that could possibly solve disease in the world was given and that this Goddess and many of
the Goddesses, some of the other Goddesses too, particularly in this lineage, have this
ability to give us the secrets that can help humankind in revealing our suffering and releasing
that. And today, he asked me to share my story with
my relationship and my experience with Goddess Angali. [Dr. Pillai:>>] I don’t want this video
to be too long. So, but I wanted to conclude by adding a few
things that I thought would be valuable to you. When you interact with the plants, you interact
with the God or Goddess. And I am in communication with even ordinary
plants, you know. Just as I was walking upstairs in my office
here in India, there are a lot of Vinca plants, Vinca Rosea. And Vinca Rosea, as I have mentioned few times
in previous videos, is a very common plant here, but then the Chemotherapy medicine Vinblastine
comes from Vinca Rosea. And She keeps talking to me, “It’s not
that I can only help with Cancer cells, destroy them, but I also will help cells to stay young
forever. I know how to not to be affected by the movement
of Time. So, I can arrest Time and keep the cells young
forever.” And there is literature available where it
talks about that Vinca Rosea. In Sanskrit, it’s called Nithyakalyani. There are other names in other parts of India
for this plant called Vinca Rosea. I have done quite a bit of research on that. So, the future of medicine is going to be
understanding more about the Goddesses that govern the plants. And then, they live in the plant; they are
sustained by the plant, and they are willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of human
beings. The Goddess will die for you. But the plant when you harvest the plant,
the Goddess really doesn’t die literally, but She will just will give Her body. The plant is a body for the Goddess – She
will give the plant — Her body — to you, for your own healing or cure. So, this is very interesting. That is going to be the future medicine. Now we are willing to go and look into the
invisible world. We are already into nuclear medicine. So the future is going to be looking at the
Beings that govern our existence, whether they are plants, they are minerals or other
things. So, that’s all I wanted to say for this
program. So, we probably will talk more later on. I don’t know when, but I hope soon. God Bless.


  1. This is extremely meaningful! The testimony is incredible. This idea of healing the body with sound and herbs sounds like the future of humanity.

  2. Many Powerful Blessings being revealed now 2017. So grateful for your continued outpouring of healing, love and light. Peace.

  3. Jai gurudeo dr pillia i am egineer n trays to go in given mantra for peace in life blessing me!!!..same time activity of rain fall on earth studys deeply for guiding from centre or i wishe to joning …

  4. Thank you Every one. I live in Northern Ontario Canada. I know what has been said here is The truth, because I have seen the light body of a cedar tree and the cedar tree dialoged with me. We are all spiritual light body beings having a human experience. It is wake up time now. Love and light to each.  I am vey new at all tis, abut 3 weeks now.  It is like I am reviewing what I already know.  I have much to remember yet.  Thanks every one. I know I am surrounded by g=Gods and Goddesses. we are one.

  5. I want to know the name of the goddess which lives on Turmeric .In one of the videos Guru ji says SHREEM BREEZEE GODDESS LIVES IN THE TUMERIC..

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