New option for the recovery position 2019

– Hello, I’m Emma Hammett from First Aid for Life
and, and I wanted to let you know
about a new recovery position or a new option for the recovery position that’s been developed by
Professor Keith Porter, and makes it easier for
people who are helping someone when they suspect they
might or could possibly have a spinal injury and you’re a solo person or trying to help. So if you are on your own and you suspect that somebody could have a spinal injury but you still need to roll
them into the recovery position because you’re worried about their airway, this might well be a
great solution for you. We will attach a video
showing it in detail below and I’ll also attach a link to our blog, which explains far more about it. But in essence, what you are doing is you’re using their hand, and you’re sliding their
hand under their head, you’re minimising any
movement as you very carefully lift their head to slide
their hand underneath, and then when you roll them, you’re rolling them onto their arm which actually keeps their
head far more engaged, it’s a much easier way, I think. I’d love to know your
feeling about it as well. So you start by crossing
their far leg towards you, much easier to see in a proper video where we’re demonstrating, and then you are rolling
them onto their arm. So you’re sliding their head, which actually puts their head into a more neutral position anyway, just lifting it slightly off the floor. And then you’re avoiding that twist and protecting them as they go over. So personally I think it’s a
much easier and simpler version than you trying to roll them
into the recovery position the old way, it also
is a little bit easier to support their head, generally, and it means that you don’t
need a whole row of people. Now obviously, if you have
got the luxury of having a whole row of people
who are trained to do a proper, formal spinal recovery position then that will be more
stable and a better way of rolling them, but if you haven’t, please have a look and let
me know what you think. Thank you, Keith Porter. So please put your comments below, and if you think it’s useful,
share it with other people and they might benefit from it too. That’s Emma Hammett,
from First Aid for Life and


  1. It's a good video, I'll see if they mention this at my first aid course on weds, if not I will. It seems slightly quicker than the previous recovery position tbh 👍

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